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Tips for buying and giving a mobile device this holiday season

A few days ago we held a T-Mobile Holiday Mixer here in Atlanta. Many people came out to meet the Atlanta T-Mobile crew and learn more about the products and services they offer.

They had some really great tips for all party attendees on buying mobile devices for really anyone.

Tips to keep in mind when buying a device for yourself or as a gift:

  • Switching to a new phone doesn’t mean you will lose all the information on your old phone.  T-Mobile retail associates can use a device to seamlessly move your information from one phone to another.
  • If you make calls to people outside of the country consider a pre-paid plan to control your costs.  T-Mobile offers a variety of pre-paid international plans.
  • Do you need to figure out what data plan is best for you?  T-Mobile offers a data calculator so you can figure out the best plan for you.
  • Smartphones have come far in the last few years.  They have so many advanced features and often serve multiple purposes.  T-Mobile has smartphones with advanced cameras that can be an alternative to standard point and shoot cameras.  They also work as mobile hotspots (my personal fave), music players, and GPS navigators.  Consider what features you would use the most when making your decision.

Tips for buying and giving a mobile device this holiday season

  • A smartphone or tablet is a gift with a personal touch that can help people stay connected long after the holiday season.
  • Shopping for one doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. Selecting the right device is simply a matter of knowing how to decipher the person’s mobile style, asking the right questions and talking to the experts! T-Mobile has a wide array of 4G smartphones and tablets this holiday season – so there’s something for every type of user.
  • Here are some key questions to arm yourself with before your purchase and make sure to review with any sales associate:

– What does my rate plan cover?
– What kind of speeds/data am I getting?
– How much will my monthly payments be and/or other charges?
– What’s the exchange/return policy?
– Is my/my recipient’s home and workplace covered by your network?
– What are roaming charges?
– What are your warranty/insurance policies?


Disclosure: I was compensated by T-Mobile for posting this blog post, running a giveaway and hosting an Atlanta event.


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