Saving Big at Disneyland in California
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Saving Big at Disneyland

DisneylandSaving Big at Disneyland in California

Just thinking about the outrageous expense of a Disneyland vacation is enough to stop all plans in their tracks. Try on some of these tips to make your trip Disneyland trip magical, and budget friendly.

Plan your day around your kid’s schedule. Staying on track with naps, meals, and routines will prevent stressful meltdowns. Make sure everyone eats before going to the park to avoid hungry tummies inside the gate. One way to save on meal expenses is to reserve a hotel room with a kitchen.

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Although it is a wonderful experience to stay in a Disney Hotel, it comes with a hefty price tag. There are several neighborhood hotels within a close distance to the park that are very accommodating. Combine that with the conveniently located grocery store and you have the potential to save hundreds of dollars on food. You could prepare everything from a simple pot of spaghetti to packing sandwiches for tomorrow’s adventures.

Check the availability of a shuttle with your hotel. Parking costs $15 per day. That can add up very quickly- especially if you are planning on visiting the parks for a couple of days. Hotels usually provide a FREE shuttle service throughout the day and have specific pick-up and drop off times and locations.

One of the biggest, frivolous expenses you will encounter is for souvenirs. Unless you have an endless supply of money in the bank, you are also guaranteed the constant fight with “Pleeeeaaaasssseeeee! I have to have it!” from your kids. Prepare them, even if they are young. Explain to them that they are going to see so many things that they will want to take home with them, or eat. Tell them that they will be able to have a few treats, but that they cannot have them all.

Most kids will be very cooperative if you take the time to explain what is going to happen. You will need to decide on a budget for the extras and stick to it. Buying an extra something here and there can add up. Mainly because the cost of items are higher than store prices. An amazing way to curb this expense is to buy your souvenirs ahead of your vacation. Pack them in a suitcase and give one to your child at the end of each day. Take advantage of the time to unwind and spend a few calm minutes with your kiddos. You could also use this time to reflect on how they behaved.

If you apply these few tips the next time you visit Disneyland, your vacation won’t break the bank. What is your best tip for surviving Disneyland on a budget?


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