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Rosacea doesn’t have to be all about the red

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Galderma Laboratories, L.P., the maker of Soolantra® Cream.

For me, living with rosacea just seems to be a fact of life. I am fair skinned and began to see red patches popping up in my early 20’s. They would go away but as I got older, I noticed that these patches would stay around a little longer.

On my first visit to my dermatologist in my early 30’s, I learned that those red patches were not acne but instead they were rosacea. I had absolutely no idea what that was.

Did you know that rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition estimated to affect approximately 1 in 20 Americans? In fact, rosacea causes many sufferers to have low self-esteem (75%) and feel embarrassed (70%). I know that I have times where I am definitely feeling a little embarrassed and I just want to stay home because my face is red.

Because bumps and pimples are among the most common symptoms of rosacea, it is not surprising that nearly half (49%) of sufferers think they have acne before being correctly diagnosed with rosacea by a doctor. This is exactly what happened with me.

I began to notice that the redness and bumps would also appear at certain times. If I ate or drank certain things. Sun exposure. Heat. Stress. Exercise. All of those things could trigger rosacea and I really wanted to figure out how I could treat it.

Have you heard of Soolantra® (ivermectin) Cream, 1%?



Soolantra Cream, which is FDA-approved for the once-daily, topical treatment of the bumps and pimples of rosacea, is a powerful tool to fight this challenging condition. It is such a relief to know that products like this exist.

Soolantra Cream features the active ingredient ivermectin and this ingredient has been reported to have anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (something I use every single day) is a dermatologist-recommended, award-winning product that is non-irritating and fragrance-free and this was also the basis for the vehicle.


If you want to find out more about Soolantra Cream and get a savings card for your prescription, visit their website.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Galderma Laboratories, L.P., the maker of Soolantra® Cream.

Important Safety Information

Indication: SOOLANTRA® (ivermectin) Cream, 1% is indicated for the treatment of inflammatory lesions of rosacea. Adverse Events: In clinical trials with SOOLANTRA Cream, the most common adverse reactions (incidence ≤ 1 %) included skin burning sensation and skin irritation. Warnings/Precautions: Not for oral, ophthalmic or intravaginal use.

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit WWW.FDA.GOV/MEDWATCH or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I have rosey cheeks, but I am not sure if its anything diagnosable. I am happy with a little color, though 🙂

  2. Pam

    I have never heard of this treatment for rosacea before. I bet it is very helpful for people who have it!

  3. I can see how a lot of people would go through life not knowing what they have is rosacea. It’s good to get some more information out there along with a solution!

  4. I had no idea rosacea was so common! It’s great to know there is a topical solution for those that suffer.

  5. I did not know much about rosacea. Thanks for sharing and helping us to understand their is a difference between it and acne.

  6. It is nice to know that so many people out there can have a product that can help them. I know rosacea affects so many people.

  7. I don’t have Rosacea but I know some that do. This sounds like a great treatment option.

  8. This sounds like a great option for those that suffer from Rosacea. I like that it offers a solution to help with the redness.

  9. I have a dear friend who has rosacea. I know that it is such a struggle for her to keep it under control. Thank you for sharing this. You look beautiful.

  10. Wow I didnt know about this condition thanks for educating me on this. I see this product worked well for you!

  11. This cream dounds like a great treatment for those suffering from Rosacea. Hoping it helps!

  12. Rachelle

    So glad to hear that there is another treat option out there for people with rosacea!

  13. Glad to hear that those with Rosacea can get some relief. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Didn’t know so many people had to cope with rosacea. Glad there’s relief available with Soolantra and their dermatologist.

  15. I could imagine how difficult it could be to manage when you are fair skinned. Glad you found a product that cares about your skin

  16. My friend suffers with rosacea. I will have to share this post with her. She is always looking for ways to treat it.

  17. My sil has rosacea. I’ll pass this on to her.

  18. A friend of mine has rosacea. I will share this post with her

  19. Rosey

    Someone I’ve known 20+ years just told me she has rosacea. How could I have not known??? Crazy, right. 🙂 She does have olive skin though, so thta’s probably a part of it. I’m so pasty white everyone would know in an instant. 🙂

  20. My older sister has rosacea. I believe she sues this product already, but am going to share this with her.

  21. I have a friend with rosacea and she had no idea what it was until her 30’s. It’s great to know there is more education about it and medical solutions.

  22. Crystal

    It sounds like a wonderful option for people suffering with rosacea. It’s crazy how long people can go without the right diagnosis. Glad you didn’t have to wait decades!

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