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Wordless Wednesday – Seconds on Desssert

These pictures were recently taken and I keep coming back to this series of them. There is something so beautifully childlike about enjoying a good ice cream cone. How often do we get to do that as adults? Truly take the time to just enjoy something so simple as an ice cream cone.

If it is me and we go out for ice cream, I don't enjoy nuthin.' I am running back to the window to get napkins to try to clean up after the two year old who didn't even make it to the bench less than ten feet away before she spills her entire cup of ice cream and then proceeds to wail loudly the rest of the time before finally dissolving into those sniveling sniffy things that kids do when they have finally started to calm down. Sound fun right?

Next it is on to the four year old who has now decided that “this isn't what I wanted…I asked for mint ice cream…not this” with the sweetest look on her face for the first few seconds until she realizes it's not working and then switches to that  FYI – it is what she freakin' ordered but she tries this every time to convince us that we misheard her. Then the meltdown ensues where I frequently alternate between buying her something else (I know, bad mommy but damn, it's the ice cream place. Every freakin' person in the world should be smiling just to be in the ice cream place) and sometimes making her share with me which just means that I get whatever Pink Bubble Gum Cotton Candy Superman I Threw Up in My Mouth ice cream that she didn't want. WIN-LOSE. Mommy loses.

So as I sit there enjoying my cup of what appears to be frozen snot complete with cheerful little sprinkles, the six year old is finally standing by my side because he ate his $5 sundae with brownies and hot fudge that the little creep wouldn't even give me a stinkin' bite of and he has decided that he needs another treat because he is still hungry. SAY WHAT? ***in high pitched voice, say it again but that way*** SAY WHAT? Oh yeah, my kid thinks he should get seconds on dessert. Seriously? On what planet do kids get seconds on dessert? Especially a $5 dessert.

So I say to him, kind of tauntingly “Hey Hunt? Who gets seconds on dessert that you know of? Someone at school?” Yep, that's right, I fired the first shot. Lemme see what you got kid! He looks up at me with these angelic eyes while at the same time drawing on the ground with his shoe, acting all shy and says “Me, Mommy?” He may have even batted a darn eyelash on me.

So as I am whipping out my money for seconds on dessert, I lean back and have a few bites of the snot thinking to myself “I should do this more often.” Such a glutton… WIN-WIN It was worth it just to see the joy on his face followed by annoyance seeing me trying to capture it.

Here is my boy enjoying his seconds:


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  1. overthetopapros

    Your little guy is soooo cute. I am very partial to little boys ,…. I have too grown sons; they are still a delight.

  2. hi there what wonderful pictures of your son. you must have a very nice camera. i only wish my son would hold still for me to get a nice clear pic. doesnt happen to often well just stoppin by from the 1000 comments challenge. hope you are havin a good friday!

  3. Ana

    I love the feeling that is carried in these photographs, by your son. Eating ice cream seems to be secondary, as his eyes are the foci of the picture. Beautifully expressed.

  4. Cute pictures!! Stopping by from Harriets Comment Challenge!

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