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Wordless Wednesday – Jackass, The Driver

Dent on Car from Hit and Run Driver

I took the kids to the park yesterday. I promised myself that I would do it more and we get there at least two times a week. I plan to try for more visits.

However, yesterday some jerk hit my car, left a huge dent along with a six inch scratch and left. That's right he left. I know who it was and I even heard the crash but I never imagined that it was him hitting my car.

I took this picture last night, under my carport and in the rain. You can barely see it, in the dark.

What a jerk. What a coward. What a pain because I cannot afford to get it fixed.

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  1. That stinks! What a jerk…what is wrong with people?? Glad you didn’t make this entirely wordless because I had no clue what it was, lol.

  2. The picture is really interesting, but I’m so sorry you had this happen. Someone keyed my daughters car yesterday. Some people are incredibly thoughtless and careless with others hard earned possessions. Malice with out passion. How just plain dumb and hurtful.

  3. This is the second story I read of someone getting hit by another car!!

  4. How awful. THat is just wrong. Hope you can find out who it was. Hugs

  5. Rob

    That sucks. People are so selfish and have no regard for other peoples property. Sorry this happened to you.

  6. I can’t believe you heard it. I hope you can prove who did it.

  7. That stinks! I hope the person who did it gets caught ๐Ÿ™

  8. That’s the pits. Have you confronted him about it?

  9. That is horrible Stacie! I have had that happen before and you feel so violated!

  10. I’m not quite sure what that pic is of but I have had TWO hit and runs in two weeks, the most recent being yesterday while I was in Ross’! I’m still mad! So I feel your pain!

    On a positive note, Happy WW!!!


  11. Maggie

    That is so awful! First way to go for taking your kids to the park! Second- sorry some people are jerks, may today be better!! (HUGS!!)


  12. What an ass. I despise people who do that.

  13. What a jerk is right! Sorry to hear about your car. I hope today is better.

  14. That’s a terrible feeling, I’ve had it happen to me twice!

  15. Oh, that is terrible. Why do people have to be so bad sometimes?

  16. I would turn him in to the insurance company, or fill out a police report name the hit and run person. they can get into a great deal of trouble for that.

  17. Oh that sucks! I’d be livid! Hope you can get it fixed. Happy WW!

  18. Miranda

    That really sucks! I’d be so ticked off. People can be such idiots sometimes! I hope he gets in a huge deal of trouble and your car is able to get fixed.

  19. Deborah

    So sorry hun. I don’t know why people have to be that way.

  20. Sorry to hear that. That’s so terrible especially given that it’s someone you know.

  21. What a jerk! I hope you can catch the person who did it.

  22. Mayhem & Moxie

    So, so terrible! People suck, plain and simple. I just have to believe what goes around, comes around.

    Hopefully karma will be a real bitch for whoever did this.

  23. What goes around, comes around. Try not to dwell on the idiocy of the hitter and enjoy the fact that you took your kids to the park and spent quality time. Hope it all works out.

  24. Wow, I can’t believe someone you know would just do that. I’d be all up in his grill checking his car for paint from mine then reporting it (my ex sil got caught that way).

  25. oh man…what an a@@! people can be real jerks sometimes…

    I know you wish you’d never had a reason to take the picture, but I must say that it is a cool shot! : )

  26. I hope karma comes and kicks him in his butt!

  27. If you know him, he should be the one paying!

  28. Thats the worst ever!!!!!!!! Ive never hit anyone but everyone seems to hit me and I cant afford it either sucks!
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  29. Staci at Just Bloggled

    If you know who it was, you could always report him to the police. Then he would get charged with leaving the scene of an accident, on top of the car accident. Plus, his insurance would have to pay up, assuming the police could find him. I’m sure they could match the paint on your car to his. Then again I watch too much CSI and don’t know if they actually do that kind of thing a lot in real life (the paint matches, not leaving the scene; that I know they do do thanks to my stint as a law clerk).

  30. Geez, looks like the idiot who braked in front of us went on over and hit you! Some people are rotten. ๐Ÿ™ I agree with someone up above… karma!

  31. ellen

    If you knew who it was, or could perhaps have some other people at the park say it was him it would help alot.
    Hopefully this is a dent that will pop out.
    Our neighbors teenage sons backed into my car & left a huge dent- what made it worse was it was my Moms car I had bought from the bank after Mom passed away (Mom didnt have alot but I bought her old car) The neighbors Mother instead of paying for repairs traded the car that did it in the same day & told me to ‘prove they did it’ and I couldn’t even though I saw the boy driving off right after it happened ๐Ÿ™

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