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Small Talk Six – 6 Things That the Father of My Children Deserves to Have

I have decided to keep this clean although there are a few things that should make this list {wiggles eyebrows}. Instead, here are the things that I am sharing with the world. These are the six things that the father of my children deserves:

1. A freakin' awesome Nerf dart gun. My son recently got a Nerf dart gun to test and this is the ONLY thing that he wants to get his daddy for Father's Day. So we are going out to buy one Saturday morning. I know that my husband will enjoy it just as much as my son does.

2. A day to relax and just do nothing. Maybe watch some movies with the kids and just hang out. No cell phones. No computers. Just the family.

3. A perfect meal. PLEASE, not from me but at one of his favorite restaurants. My husband, a former chef, now a restaurateur is a certified foodie. The guy can look at a steak and tell you the exact temperature of it. I would absolutely love to take him to one of the many amazing restaurants in Atlanta. The kind that serve sweetbreads. 😉 {gagging at the thought of sweetbreads}

4. An all expenses paid vacation to the place of his choosing.. One that we don't have to worry about the bills afterwards.

5. Someone that likes to clean house and really makes an effort to keep it clean. That is so not me so maybe that would be a housekeeper?

6. Unlimited slobbery kisses and the throw-yourself-at-your-daddy kind of hugs that our children love to give. A parent can never get too many of those.

This man, the father of my children, deserves so much more than he ever gets. However, he definitely has the undying love and adoration of his entire family. Happy Father's Day, Jason! We all love you.

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  1. Yaya

    The nerf gun is essential.

  2. 3 cheers for Alice (housekeeper). I’m with ya.

    Happy Father’s Day!

  3. I got housecleaners for my Mothers Day Gift and I loved it!!! We let the housecleaners go while my husband was laid off from his job, so it was a real treat to have a professionally cleaned home.

  4. Maria@Conversations with Moms

    I am with you on number 5. I have the same issue.

  5. ellen

    #6 is the one he will treasure most… there is something about those small hands touching your face and throwing thier arms around you that is pure bliss. It passes so quickly !

    Happy Fathers Day, and I hope all his wishes came true!

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