Prevent Text Neck with ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach

Prevent Text Neck with ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Prevent Text Neck with ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach

Prevent Text Neck with ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach

I have to admit that I don't exactly always have the best posture. This is something that I am concerned about because I know that I spend way too long looking down at my phone or looking down at my computer keyboard to type. I know that this isn't good for but I do it anyway. Often times I will get some pain in my neck or my back from the way I sit when typing or texting. Now we will share how to Prevent Text Neck with ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach.

Do you know about text neck? I am raising three children who I am confident will spend a lot of time looking at their phones during their teenage years. Don't all kids do that? Text neck is when you spend so much time looking down at your device that you actually develop a slight curve in your neck or pain from looking down for so long. Sounds scary, right?

There is something that you can do about that. You can work on your posture. Raise your phone up to eye level. Sit up straight. Spend some time without that device. Get the ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach. Have you heard of ALEX?Prevent Text Neck with ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach

ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach

ALEX is this really cool device that you wear on the back of your neck and it attaches to both ears to keep it in place. ALEX helps you beat neck and back pain. ALEX accurately measures the angle of your neck as well as the position of your head to help you maintain the correct posture.

The ALEX device is sleek and comfortable plus extremely easy to wear. I have forgotten several times that I was even wearing it. ALEX is discreet and sits comfortably right at the back of your neck.

How does ALEX work?

Once you put ALEX on, if you are exhibiting poor posture, the device gently vibrates which then coaches you toward perfect pain-free posture. SImply download the mobile app to monitor your posture in real time and to track your progress.

One of the great things about ALEX is that because of the longer battery life, you can go seven days without recharging. 7 days on one charge! The app is very easy to set up and ALEX is extremely easy to use. Charge it up, put it on and you are much closer to the perfect posture.

Prevent Text Neck with ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and CoachI use ALEX every single day because I tend to work a lot on my computer. As a result, I tend to keep all of my stress in my beck and shoulders. With ALEX, I have found that once I finish my work day, I feel much more relaxed and that is because my posture is so much better. I have been using ALEX for a few weeks now. I have noticed that I no longer experience back and neck pain like I used to from looking down at my devices.

Win an ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach here!

One lucky reader of Divine Lifestyle will get the chance to improve their posture just like I have. To enter, just use the widget below. We hope your learned how to Prevent Text Neck with ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach. Good luck!

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40 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. That is a great tool.  Too many people today are being affected by poor posture due to texting or computer work. I love tha it provides feedback so you learn to correct yourself

  2. Wow, now that is really interesting! I’m going to look into this for my teenager b/c I definitely feel like his posture could use some help!

  3. I am sure my posture is absolutely awful! I like that this device can guide you to the correct position. I am sure that’s why I have neck spasms from time to time. I need to look into getting this posture tracker!

  4. This looks like a great device. I probably need one of these myself. I tend to look at my phone quite a bit too.

  5. With the popularity of texting, etc I think this can be a very viable tool for assisting our youth especially. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Nicole Etolen

    Wow, this is a must-have for all of us! I will check additional info regarding this.

  7. Ann Bacciaglia

    My neck has been so sore from all the typing I do. I would love to give this a try. It is a great idea.

  8. With my husband’s job working on the phone, I think he could totally use something like this. He often comes home with a neck ache.

  9. Pam

    This is a really interesting device. I have poor posture and have since I was younger. It wasn’t text neck back then though- it was whatever the book equivalent is, lol.

  10. I have never heard of such a device. Pretty interesting. I don’t stare at my phone all too much. My issue of poor posture is more sitting at my desk on the PC for countless hours.

  11. Meagan

    I don’t know how to feel about the fact that this is necessary.

  12. This is probably something I need. I get sore necks all the time.

  13. Catherine Sargent

    This looks like an interesting device. I am sure it could help me, my posture isn’t the greatest.

  14. I had no idea that text neck was a thing, but it totally makes sense. My daughter often struggles with proper posture, so a device that can assist would be extremely beneficial.

  15. That’s such an interesting product. I’m sure my posture needs some improvement.

  16. What a clever little device. I’m definitely curious about my posture. I don’t want to end up with back and neck problems.

  17. Okay, so I totally need this. I alway find myself looking down and I can feel my neck beginning to hurt just thinking about it…. I too, like Meagan don’t know how to feel about the fact this is necessary, but then again, I’m just going to shut up and give this company my money because… #INEEDDIS Ha!

  18. This is very cool! Such a great tool and app to help you keep a good posture! I think this might be a cool gift idea too!

  19. This looks like a product that I definitely need to try. I will definitely be getting one of these. Thanks for the info.

  20. Niw this is something I need to help my posture . I love how creative and smart people come up with stuff like this.

  21. Crystal

    For people who spend a lot of their day at a desk or working on a computer, this seems like such a great way to keep yourself pain-free. I find I’m more productive when I’m sitting properly so this should help there too.

  22. This is great because I too look down at my phone and computer a lot, and my neck and shoulders start to hurt. I can work longer if it wasn’t in pain with this great product.

  23. That sounds really useful. I catch myself sometimes looking down at my phone so I move my hands up instead.

  24. Very cool! I know what will be on the Christmas List

  25. I have heard of this product but had not read up on it. This would be perfect for my daughter. She is always texting.

  26. Jeanine

    How cool is this? I think this would come in plenty handy. It would be a perfect gift to give too I know so many chronic texters!

  27. I have to admit, my posture is pretty hideous. I could probably use this to help me out. I have a lot of aches and pains and I am sure that bad posture is a very big part of it.

  28. Rosey

    I don’t want to get that little hunch older women seem to get. I wonder if posture has anythign to do with it.

  29. I’ve never heard of this before! Super nifty item to have around!

  30. I could definitely use this when on a plane. I play games on my phone to help pass the time on the flights. always get a kinked neck!

  31. mary

    I have never heard of text neck. But this makes total sense!!

  32. I’m always on my computer so I suffer from text neck constantly. This posture tracker would be a pretty handy item to have.

  33. I have to get this for my youngest son. He tends to slouch a lot. It started as a habit at first because he was the tallest in his class and he just wanted to “fit in” with the others. I don’t want him to develop back problems later in life so I guess this text neck posture tracker/coach would be good for him.

  34. This is a great tool on tracking posture. I know at times I have horrid posture and Im sure it will help people with back problems.

  35. Christina Aliperti

    My bad posture causes neck and back pain every day. I need this in my life!! I didn’t even know it existed but now I need it.

  36. That is the weirdest contraption I’ve ever seen. I don’t know that I’d ever use it.

  37. I definitely need this in my life right now, I totally have a case of ‘device neck’! And when I was younger it was school bag neck because I would carry my books on the same side and my shoulder on that side started to droop! LOL

  38. Shirley

    My neck is ALWAYS aching from bring on my phone or sometimes even email.

  39. haha such a cool device! I guess everyone who owns a phone will need this! 

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