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Best Buy Tech Home in Atlanta Georgia

best-buy-tech-home-3Best Buy Tech Home in Atlanta Georgia

Imagine a home where the front door unlocks itself for your child. A home where everything from the lighting, music, and temperature can all be changed with the push of a single button…or better yet, without pushing any button at all. A home where literally everything from a nightlight to the kitchen stove is smart.

That is the promise of the Best Buy Tech Home. And the best part? All of this can be built into your home today, without the need to tear into a single wall. The backbone of this technology is two devices. The Netgear Orbi wireless network and the Samsung SmartThings hub which are both things that I have now added to my list of our home “Must Haves.”

best-buy-tech-home-14 best-buy-tech-home-10Netgear Orbi Wireless Network

The Netgear Orbi sets up something called a mesh network within your home. In practical terms, this is a fast wireless network that will actually cover your entire home. That is important because the smart home of the future uses your local wifi network to control everything.

best-buy-tech-home-4Samsung SmartThings Hub

The Samsung SmartThings hub is just a small, unassuming box that connects to your Orbi (or other router). The box is capable of controlling devices from a huge number of manufacturers. It of course can control Samsung products. But it also intergrates with things like the Phillips Hue lighting system, smart thermostats, sound systems, and more. It allows you to set up routines.

As an example, you could set it so that if a your child wakes in the middle of the night, that lighting…dimmed…turns on along the path to the bathroom. Or, you could set it up as an alarm clock, slowly bringing up lighting and music to peacefully awaken you from slumber. The possibilities are for the most part only limited by your imagination.

best-buy-tech-home-1Getting the most of your In-Home Advisor visit

Now you can get the most out of your home with an In-Home Advisor visit from Best Buy. Your advisor will meet with you free of charge to discuss your needs.  This expert visits your home to find out about what you want to accomplish and is available to answer questions plus to help add to and optimize your home’s tech setup.

  • I am already writing down questions to ask our IHA like:
  • how long will installation take?
  • will the walls or brick need to be cut into?
  • how much will my project cost?
  • who buys the materials needed?

Your IHA will develop a personalized plan for your home and be your main point of contact for your current and future needs. From consultation through installation, your Advisor will be there to guide you no matter what size project. That is the promise of the Best Buy Tech Home. A smart home that you can have today without the need for major (or even minor) renovation.

best-buy-tech-home-2best-buy-tech-home-in-atlanta-georgiaA few of our favorite things

Here are some items we are adding to our home improvements list:

best-buy-tech-home-12best-buy-tech-home-17 best-buy-tech-home-16 best-buy-tech-home-15 best-buy-tech-home-13 best-buy-tech-home-12 best-buy-tech-home-11 best-buy-tech-home-9 best-buy-tech-home-8 best-buy-tech-home-7 best-buy-tech-home-6 best-buy-tech-home-5 best-buy-tech-home-4

The Tech Home made me reimagine what my home could be. It had never occured to me that my home could be “smart”. The In Home Advisor had an incredible amount of knowledge.  Their understanding of how all of the different technologies work together allows them to offer unique solutions to specific scenarios. Learn more about the Best Buy Tech Home.

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  1. That. Is fully awesome. I love everything tech, and I really want my home to be a super smarty pants one.

  2. It’s like the Jetsons come to life! I’d love to have all this technology in my home.

  3. I bet this was a fun experience! That bedroom is completely tech’d out!

  4. Reesa Lewandowski

    I want this home! I love the door lock and the kitchen features!

  5. The technology is fascinating and exciting. Best Buy is my go to store for tech. I would absolutely adore having the Samsung – Family Hub 4-Door Flex Smart French Door and I’d also love to have the Samsung Powerbot Turbo, Smart Lock and the Video Doorbell. I mean I could literally list every thing, it’s all so exciting to think I could have this in my home. I love it!

  6. I love Best Buy! And the tech things in this home look amazing. I cannot even believe some of the amazing technology that is developed! So awesome!

  7. Pam

    We loved the Best Buy Tech Home when we visited. The Samsung Smart Fridge is on my kitchen wishlist now!

  8. I’m loving the new technology that can make home life easier. All of the wireless connectivity is great!

  9. kristi

    So many great options to add to our home. Not sure what I would choose first…. the doorbell or the thermostat I think.

  10. It is like the Jestsens. lol I would love to have a house all done up

  11. I want these for my home! Love how technology is making our life easier! Such great inventions!

  12. Ourfamilyworld

    Wow, these are so nice for our home. The technology is so great, love it!

  13. Jeanine

    Love Best Buy! Heading there next week actually! So this is great. They have some really great stuff I can’t wait to check it all out. This would be cool to have! 

  14. Man I wish I could of gone I must of been out of the country. This was a nice event I actually seen some other people post about it also and Best Buys did a great job informing you ladies of the newest in-home technologies!

  15. Rosey

    Technology has come such a long way, even from when I was a kid. It’s amazing to see the advances, and wonder how much more even so things will be when my kids are grown.

  16. That Orbi would be super useful at this point. My wifi doesn’t reach to the entire house and it’s annoying.

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