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Preparations for the Kalso Earth Day $1000 Community Grant

You may have seen my previous posts about the $1000 grant for Earth from Kalso shoes (the makers of Earth Footwear). I am the lucky recipient of one of the grants and we are conducting an Earth Day Scout Service Project designed to improve the local elementary school that my children attend. Click below to check out the posts:

Project Earth Day from @kalsoearthshoes #KALSOPROJECTEARTH

Kalso Earth Day $1000 Community Grant #KALSOPROJECTEARTH

We are still in planning stages but I just completed the invite and sent it to the person helping me for approval. Check it out:

Please note I blocked out the name of the person working with me and my phone number.

I previously said:

“The kids will be assisting with the shopping, planting, cleaning and doing whatever we needs. The kids are ages 5-12 so this is the perfect thing for them to do.”

The Scouts are very excited to be taking part in this project. They are planning and preparing to make certain that we get the most value for our money. We are very excited about this project and hope that you will continue to follow along.

A special thanks to Kalso Earth Shoes for making this project possible with a $1000 grant. Please follow them on Twitter and check them out on Facebook

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  1. ellen

    I think the kids will learn alot from this- from the management of the resources to completing the project. Can’t wait to see the final result!

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