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Popular Places For Outdoor Kitchens

Popular Places For Outdoor Kitchens

With so many people quarantining from home, outdoor space has been increasingly popular. It provides some fresh air along with an extension of indoor space. Having an outdoor kitchen is a popular feature in many people’s backyards. As the temperature goes down, fire pits and outdoor stoves are used to roast marshmallows but also to keep warm during those chilly evenings. People want to extend the outdoor season for as long as possible and entertain their guests with some yummy food. However, because of the climate differences in each region of the US, there are more popular places for an outdoor kitchen. 

Popular Places For Outdoor Kitchens

Popular Places For Outdoor Kitchens


Arizona is one of the most popular places for pools and outdoor kitchens. Since Arizona has no beach and bodies of water are scarce, there is more demand for cooling down in your very own backyard. Arizona is known for pool parties and golf courses, so it is no wonder there is a need for outdoor kitchens in Arizona. Finding an outdoor kitchen that has a shaded patio may be important for that region as the sun can be very bright and drying. Entertaining in your own home could be vital for having a functioning social life in Arizona. 

Southern California  

Southern California is all about beaches and water sports. With the weather not straying too far from 70 degrees in each season, it is more than logical to have a backyard to entertain guests and family. Southern California is indeed a hot spot for outdoor kitchens. Most kitchens follow the “California Coastal” vibe which emphasizes a chic, beachy look.

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Although not all parts of Florida are the same, regions like Sarasota, Florida are perfect for a backyard dream. Florida’s cultural coast is known for its beaches, downtown theatres, and art galleries. The home-style there is typically Mediterranean mansions to cottages. Most homes are designed for maximum outdoor recreation. Of course, swimming pools are a no-brainer– as half the area’s homes have one, but outdoor kitchens are growing increasingly popular in the region too. Who wouldn’t want a breezy fresco dinner in their Florida backyard?

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is known for its humid subtropical climate with long hot summers and more mild winters. Texas is also known for loving its beer and football. This calls for more parties drinking beer and watching the games– but make it outside. Unlike other regions of Texas, Austin has a climate that allows for outdoor living more year-round and also features a young population, with universities like Texas A&M or the University of Texas at Austin. With more college students comes more partying outdoors. You can cater to all those college students by having a backyard kitchen to host a BBQ with some juicy burgers and beers. 

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Straying away from the sunny beach vibe of some of the other regions we have mentioned we have to give credit to Virginia for being so beautiful. In particular, Charlottesville, Virginia which offers an escape from the hectic city life. Luxurious country homes dot the rolling hills that surround downtown, which often sit at more than half an acre lot. This gives plenty of space for fresh air and great cooking. Of course, everyone knows Southern BBQ is best enjoyed outdoors with a built-in grill in the backyard. Few things say backyard parties like baby back ribs, cornbread, and a local glass of pinot. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

This artsy and bohemian new Mexican city is gifted with more than 9 months of sunshine. So you won’t have to worry about it raining at your backyard party. To deal with the desert heat, most homes feature thick walls and a sheltered courtyard or patio. Sometimes with an adobe-style outdoor fireplace too. This particular architecture speaks to a tradition of incorporating the outdoors into relaxing activities. Ranch-style haciendas mean cooking tortillas for taco Tuesday nights along with your salsa verde and tequila.

Cape Cod

Everyone is familiar with Cape Cod and its popularity as a summer destination. Located in Massachusetts, landlocked northeastern urbanites look for it as a place to get some sun. Whether you are a family who craves something more laid back, or a young person looking to get some party time, Cape Cod has it all. Most of the area’s homes set aside room for backyard living. An open-air deck and firepit are the perfect place to unwind after a long day out in the water. Don’t forget the designated grill master!

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