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Plenti and Chili’s – Get points for eating out

Plenti and Chili's - Get points for eating outThis is a sponsored post with Plenti for American Express.

Plenti and Chili's – Get points for eating out

If you read this blog, then you know that I am big fan of Plenti. Recently, my family and I headed into our local Chili’s ® Bar & Grill. We love eating at Chili's and go there about once a month, but this time I went in as a Plenti member. Maybe you aren’t sure of what being a Plenti member entails, but it’s a pretty exciting way to build up loyalty points at the places you shop at every day.

Get Plenti points at Chili's

I have been a Plenti member for a few years now and I love it. Using this at my local Chili’s ® Bar & Grill, I can now enjoy savings and earn rewards. The beautiful part of being a Plenti member is that you can save money without even trying. You can use their ziosk's (small tv) on each table to register your reward, to order something, to play games and even to pay your bill.

Plenti and Chili's - Get points for eating outPay, Earn & Go at Chili's

Each ziosk is linked to your specific table so you only have to enter your info, swipe your card and you are finished. I love the convenience of not having to wait for the processing my credit card for payment. When my kids were ready to go, we paid and left. We earned 533 points because you could get extra points for dining on the day we went in. I also redeemed 3400 points on our bill.

Redeeming Plenti Points

We eat at Chili’s ® Bar & Grill anyways, so I’m earning points for enjoying something I already love doing and Chili's makes it very easy to use your Plenti card. I am even more excited to use Plenti now that I can get points at Chili's. I redeemed some of my points for our check at the restaurant.

I have also earned a points bonus for buying sunglasses at Macy's. In addition to the points, I was given a 1000 points bonus for that purchase. There are almost always points bonuses for Rite Aid and they are on the things I buy there so it really works out for me. I redeem a lot of my points at Rite Aid because I am there so much.

Plenti and Chili's - Get points for eating outEnjoying the program is a breeze.

Whether you’re eating out or buying household products or shopping at your favorite store, being a Plenti member is super easy. Earning points is easy, you just scan your card and start collecting the points. When you want to use the points, you just select the option to use your points, it’s that simple.

Plenti and Chili's - Get points for eating outUse it everywhere.

We were thrilled to see that Chili's is now part of the Plenti network so that we can earn and use points for every single visit we make. We love the food at Chili’s and now earning Plenti points for everyday dining is another added bonus.

Getting rewarded for shopping is another great reason to shop! Plenti lets you earn loyalty points in one place and redeem them at another. Plenti brings some of my favorite stores and businesses together to give you fabulous savings plus convenience all in one place. Consumers can earn points quickly and use them with Plenti partners.

Plenti and Chili's - Get points for eating outEvery company wants you to join “their club” these days. What I love about Plenti is that I don’t have to be a member of a million different places. I just use my Plenti card wherever I go. Here are some of the places you can catch me using my Plenti card.

  • AT&T
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Macy’s
  • Nationwide
  • Rite Aid
  • Harveys Supermarket
  • Expedia
  • Direct Energy
  • Enterprise / National / Alamo car rentals
  • Hulu
  • Chili’s® Grill & Bar

Plenti and Chili's - Get points for eating out

Plenti and Chili's - Get points for eating outMore on Plenti

Plenti was launched in 2015. It’s a rewards program that allows people like you and I to shop and earn points. For example, points earned from filling your gas tank at Exxon or Mobil could help you save the next time you dine at Chili’s or buy a new dress at Macy’s.

Plenti and Chili's - Get points for eating outWhat are you waiting for? Enroll in Plenti today.



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  1. My Teen Guide

    Those foods are tempting and loooks delicious! I wanna grab them from my screen!

  2. Earning points and enjoying savings are part of the reason why we choose to stay being a Plenti member. I like the convenience the card brings.

  3. I haven’t used Plenti yet. We love eating at Chili’s and getting bonus points makes it even better. I need to sign up for Plenti asap.

  4. Ann Bacciaglia

    We like to treat ourselves to Chili’s Bar & Grill at least once a month. The food is always so delicious. I would love to earn rewards for eating there.

  5. That is awesome! We’re members of a rewards program too and have been enjoying rewards for the points that we’ve earned from shopping. We’ve got to check Plenti. Sounds great!

  6. Very cool to know that you can use Plenti points at Chili’s. I’ll have to remember that.

  7. I have a Plenti card and I am noticing so many more places are accepting it. That works out well for me. Got to love earning points and things.

  8. Well, this is just about the best thing ever. We love to eat out, and we’re already members of Plenti. I guess we’ll just have to eat out more!

  9. Well this is a fantastic program isn’t it? I have never heard of Plenti but am definitely going to check it out. Will be interested to see what is available in our area.

  10. Pam

    Man, I haven’t been to Chili’s in forever. I love the idea of earning points for eating out.

  11. We love dining at Chilis. I need to get Plenti so I can start to get rewarded for dining at Chilis and shopping at my favorite retailers!

  12. What a great sounding programme it is always amazing to be able to collect points on things you are buying any way and then get to treat yourself in the long run!

  13. i have been a member of Plenti for a while too and its  such a great way to earn points! I had no idea Chilli’s was apart of this now, i can’t wait to earn more points while dining there. 

  14. This is great for me! I already use the Plenti card at Rite Aid and at the Exxon and my husband and I love eating at Chili’s! 

  15. The Plenti system looks great.
    I like that it uses simple principles.

  16. I didn’t know this existed! We love Chili’s as well. Great to know!

  17. ellen beck

    We just had a Chili’s come to town. We havent eaten there yet, but they sound like a great place. I always like earning rewards for things I already do. Sounds like a good program.

  18. Brianne

    What a great program! I love getting points when we dine out! 

  19. Booyah! If anything were ever made for me, it’s this. I hate to cook. HATE. If I can order out and get points for it, I am SO there!

  20. Meagan

    I have never heard of Plenti. It looks like a great option.

  21. Awesome! I eat all the time, so getting points for it will be amazing! lol. Thanks for the info.

  22. It;’s awesome when your favorite store has a reward system like this! I wish there’s a Plenti store near us.

  23. Chili’s is one of our favorite restaurants. I’ve been getting emails about how they now use Plenti, so I will be getting points through there for sure!

  24. Kristi

    I love reward programs, especially when I can get rewarded for places I am already going to.

  25. Jeanine

    Sounds really great. I love when places I frequent have reward programs set up. Its an extra little bonus!

  26. Asmo

    You know you have to spend a 1000 dollars at chilis to get 5 bucks off. Every 2 dollars is 1 plenti point and you need 500 to get a 5 bucks I been to Chilis twice now and only earned 40 points.

  27. I am already a member of the Plenti rewards program, I don’t have a chili’s near me so I have never tried one but it’s great to know they are a part of the network!

  28. Now you made me hungry for Chilis thanks! Also I never heard of Plenti, never heard of the reward program until your blog. This definitely sounds like you get great perks!

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