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Frozen Food: How Fresh Stays Fresh

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We are a busy family. The kids are in all sorts of activities that keep us on the go every single day of the week. We are also distracted but we don't want to sacrifice quality or taste when it comes to meal planning.

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There are many benefits of frozen foods. We use frozen foods for a lot of our meals. If you open our freezer, you will see brands like Heinz, Kellogg’s, Nestle, ConAgra Foods, General Mills, Hillshire, Schwan’s and Pinnacle.

How Fresh Stays Fresh ~ Did you know that freezing is how fresh food stays fresh? It's true. Freezing your food “naturally pauses inspired recipes made with fresh, quality ingredients and suspends them there until the moment you’re ready to enjoy them, locking in freshness, flavor and nutrients.

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fresh vs frozen ~ Frozen food is real food made with real ingredients and from real recipes. Frozen is how fresh stays fresh – locking in the flavor and nutrients of the foods you love. What is great about frozen foods is that they offer a ton of variety when it comes to choices and easy-to-make options. This makes frozen food perfect for any lifestyle and palate. 

Macaroni and Cheese photo a9d19283-e7ae-4010-9d37-31027705f346_zps703409d9.jpg

Freezing foods in seconds at temperatures well below zero degrees immediately locks in nutrients and flavors until your food is ready to be enjoyed. We no longer have to sacrifice quality ingredients in order to have a quick meal. In fact, in the coldest aisles of the grocery store, you will find the most variety and best tasting options.

Frozen foods are ready when you are and they can fit into every family’s lifestyle without compromising taste or nutrition. Frozen foods also allow today’s busy families to spend lmore time enjoying wholesome, tasty meals around the dinner which means less time apart. This is how we make smart choices.

Ravioli photo cab2c118-eb6e-41d4-903a-ae6c7be8e219_zps4fa18a17.jpg

Now customizing dishes with frozen foods is easier than ever. Look at how we customized our chicken with tomato sauce by adding frozen veggies from Green Giant. We just tossed in the vegetables and our meal was complete.

I feel good when feeding my family because I know that I can prepare a restaurant-inspired meal at home. I even love that frozen foods offer the portions and packaging that help us control serving sizes while leaving nothing to waste.

Here is one of our other favorite foods that my kids have almost every single day:

Tell me what frozen food you love!
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45 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Anna Pry

    that green giant veggie blend is one of the few that my hubby will eat, i pack them in his lunches sometimes and he heats them up at work

  2. ellen beck

    We eat alot of frozen foods especially in the winter. I garden and tend to freeze tomato pastes and other tomato sauces I have made as well as beans and peppers. I also buy the things like grussel sprouts cauliflower and such and we love them. Frozen is very convenient.

  3. Sherrie C.

    Were actually in the process of buying a deep freezer to store more frozen foods in. My family and I eat a lot of frozen veggies, popsicles, and ice cream and several other items (too many to list). My granddaughter is a big fan of Eggo waffles for breakfast which we top with either strawberries, blueberries or bananas although were are not to big on frozen pizza. Mainly because we make our own.

  4. saminder gumer

    i love waffles and burritos. they are my favorite frozen foods.

  5. We harvest and freeze most of our produce. I did not realize there is a science to freezing and locking in the nutrients. However, most frozen produce is packed with nutrition b/c it is picked a peak ripeness.

  6. That steamers blend looks amazing. We were actually reading that it’s better to buy frozen fruits and vegetables that are frozen at the peak of their season then buying off season.

  7. I love the green giant cauliflower yum. And my kids eat frozen pancakes EVERY MORNING – EVERY morning! lol

  8. I normally make too much of a meal with the purpose of freezing some for another night. The one thing I can’t get behind is frozen broccoli- it just never reheats well for me.

  9. We tend to cook meals at a weekend and divide them all up and freeze them all for the week ahead,saves a lot of time during the week when we can be too busy to cook from scratch.

  10. I have never tried the Green Giant Steamers – they look like they are tasty! I will be checking them out at the market!

  11. When I was a kid, my mom froze EVERYTHING. In fact, she usually made double or triple portions of things and froze what we weren’t going to eat that day!

  12. We are big frozen users. I love being able to get better tasting veggies when they are out of season!

  13. I love using fresh frozen foods. Vegetables are so tasty.

  14. I am really loving frozen veggies right now. It’s amazing how great they taste!

  15. Michelle Christopher

    Frozen food is so convenient (especially for a very busy family). I don’t eat many prepared foods but I enjoy making and freezing foods so that we can enjoy them at a later time. It’s a great time saver.

  16. We keep a lot of frozen vegetables on hand – especially during the winter when I can’t go outside and pick my own! They’re so handy and generally healthy!

  17. We’ve actually been trying to eat more frozen vegetables and less canned vegetables. Not only are they fresher but they taste a lot better!

  18. OMG that pasta dish look amazing!

  19. I love all the pictures. Thanks for the info on this! All this food is making me hungry! LOL

  20. I definitely love stocking up on Frozen Veggies. Money and time saver

  21. Tiffany @DaydreamingRealist

    Your photos are beautiful! I love using frozen food because it stays fresh a long time. I tend to buy a lot of produce at once and it goes bad before I can get to all of it (disadvantage to living in a tiny town and having to drive out of town for “good” groceries). I also like that you can buy frozen organic veggies/fruit/meals, too 🙂

  22. My freezer is always PACKED with frozen foods. I rely on it for quick lunches and easy dinners often!

  23. My kids have frozen waffles almost every day. I love stocking frozen veggies to have on hand when we need. We don’t have to worry about them going bad.

  24. I LOVE eating frozen waffles! We also eat a lot of frozen veggies, in fact, my freezer is full of them right now 🙂

  25. Just like you we love Eggos in my house. I also like to freeze a lot of veggies so they are fresh for dinner.

  26. Angela S

    I live quite a ways from the city and only shop once a week, so I buy a lot of frozen fruits and veggies. They are great!

  27. Candace Hagerty

    I had no idea that freezing your foods kept your food fresh. Great tip!

  28. We eat frozen foods too. I’ve always wondered if the nutrition content is as high as fresh, good to know that is is!

  29. The broccoli and peppers mix looks awesome! We use a lot of frozen broccoli because I read it is still good for you.

  30. We are huge frozen veggie fans in this house. Quick, easy, and healthy!

  31. veronica

    Looks like some quick and easy meal ides. Moms will love that

  32. We always have frozen foods on hand. I like their convenience. Favorites include pierogies, raavioli and vegetables amongst many others.

  33. nicole dz

    I use a lot of frozen veggie mixes to add to my dish recipes, like my chicken, stir fry, and many others. Birds eye is one of my favorties for mixed veggies.

  34. I love frozen soup/chili. It sounds silly but by the nature of soup, freezing and reheating never causes texture issues.

  35. We use frozen foods for quick, easy meals. The kids are able to heat up their own breakfasts, which is great considering that my daughter wakes up at the crack of dawn. Lol

  36. Great tips! I am always looking for easy meals for my family that I can make quickly!

  37. We tend to buy a lot of frozen foods. meats, waffles, veggies. They definitely keep better.

  38. I try to make everything fresh, but we go to frozen a lot too. I’m careful with what I choose to purchase frozen, just because of preservatives, but great frozen alternatives do exist!

  39. Denise Taylor-Dennis

    I regularly eat Lean Cuisines for lunch there are several varieties that I love to eat. It really helps save money over eating out every day.

  40. I keep frozen veggies in the house for when I cannot get fresh because the frozen maintains texture and taste better than canned.

  41. Robin Wilson

    We eat frozen foods all of the time. We definitely prefer frozen fruits and veggies over canned any day although we use canned as well. I freeze foods I prepare all of the time. I’ll make an extra anything, casserole, etc. and then freeze it for later!

  42. We love frozen vegetables. It’s super easy to warm them up as a side.

  43. Dina

    I love the green giant antioxident blend. It’s my favorite frozen veggies.

  44. Tammy S

    We grow blueberries, raspberries and apples during the summer and freeze them so we have fresh fruit all year. I love making meals and freezing them in portion sizes so the kids can grab something quick and healthy. One of our favorite frozen foods besides ice cream would be corn on the cob. Some nights that’s all we have for dinner.

  45. Sarah Elyce

    I love frozen veggies. They help me reduce my waste of fresh vegetables if I don’t get around to using them before they start to turn.

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