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OREO Thins make cookie time even better

OREO Thins make cookie time even better #oreothinsmultipack #oreothins

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OREO Thins make cookie time even better

For years, I have been a cookie lover. I grew up eating OREO cookies because my dad loves them. I loved introducing OREO cookies to my children as they got older. You really could say that my entire family are huge fans of the OREO brand. OREO Thins make cookie time even better.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I learned about OREO. I really love OREO cookies. As I have gotten older, I find that I really prefer more of the crunchy goodness of the cookie. I still loved the creme but…I wasn’t sure what was missing. Until OREO Thins. OREO Thins make cookie time even better.


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OREO Thins make cookie time even better

About OREO Thins

OREO Thins are a new, sophisticated twist on the classic OREO cookie. This new, crisp cookie is perfect for people who are looking for something a little more…grown up. They’re not just for eating with milk… they pair deliciously with an afternoon latte, cup of tea or an evening glass of wine.

OREO Thins have truly balanced the crunch of cookie versus filling and honestly, it’s perfection in a cookie. Exactly what I was looking for. My entire family loves OREO Thins as much as I do. In fact, my mother had to go out and buy her own.


OREO Thins make cookie time even better

OREO Thins make cookie time even betterWhy OREO Thins?

OREO Thins are the sophisticated cousin of the beloved OREO cookie. These cookies are sleek, modern in design and fit perfectly in your hand. They look and taste delicious, are thin, crisp & delicate plus they have easily become my new favorite cookie.

OREO Thins are the OREO cookies you love, only thinner. I am already planning a few more recipes with the cookies even though I love them just as a cookie. These OREO Thins Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches really are good. We brought some over to our neighbors and they liked them as well. Just one bite and you will be in love!

PRO TIP: Try our fun recipe for a truly decadent OREO Thins treat.

OREO Thins mini ice cream sandwiches OREO Thins make cookie time even better OREO Thins mini ice cream sandwiches OREO Thins make cookie time even better OREO Thins Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

These amazing ice cream sandwiches are the perfect decadent treat when you want something sweet. I love their mini size. It feels like the perfect serving to me and they are easy to make.

First, crush two OREO Thins in a plastic baggie (two cookies can coat three sandwiches) and then pour onto plate. Freeze for about 10 minutes.

Add one tablespoon of your favorite vanilla ice cream onto one OREO Thin and then top with another OREO Thin. Flatten out and smooth the sides. Freeze for 20 minutes until semi-hard. Remove from freezer and roll the sides into crushed OREO Thins.

Wrap with foil to enjoy later or serve and enjoy! Freshest flavor is within two days.

OREO Thins mini ice cream sandwiches OREO Thins make cookie time even better

OREO Thins mini ice cream sandwiches OREO Thins make cookie time even better

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Now that you know OREO Thins make cookie time even better. Which flavor would you like to try?

I was selected for this opportunity by Meredith Parents Network and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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  1. Well, these look absolutely delicious! What a fun idea for a little treat! I’d make the sandwich with the golden oreos and roll them in the chocolate crumbs. Because I want it all 🙂

  2. I love Oreos!! I had not seen that they came out with the new Oreos like this, I am giong to have to pick some up!

  3. Angela Harris

    This looks tasty. My kids would love a treat like this during the summer time.

  4. Who doesn’t like a nice Oreo treat?! We are big fans here in our home too. I am happy the thin version is out because it still delivers the same satisfaction but with a crisp!

  5. Gabriel

    Is there a mint chocolate one yet? That would be right up my alley. I’ve always like the cookie part more than the filling.

  6. I love the idea of making my own ice cream sandwiches woth these cookies. I love Oreos and it would pair with mint chocolate chip ice cream too.

  7. We love Oreos, but we’ve never tried making ice cream sandwiches out of it. What a delicious idea!

  8. Kathy

    I love the Oreo Thins more. I was never a huge fan of them to begin with, but the thinner ones are much nicer. I love getting those ones.

  9. I love Oreos so I need to try Oreo thins. I love how you transformed them into mini ice cream sandwiches.

  10. I LOVE Oreos, but my favorite part is the filling so the thins i would need to eat extra of 😉

  11. Wow! This looks so delicious that I wish I could have one right now. I’d want to try both the chocolate and vanilla flavors and maybe even mix them together with the ice cream. I know this is a treat the kids will be so excited about! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. AHHH! Best ice cream sandwiches ever! I love that you used the OREOs to make tiny little bites of deliciousness.

  13. Those ice cream sandwiches are too cute! I love Oreos but I don’t know if the thins would have enough filling for me but I’ll have to try them sometime!

  14. Definitely the chocolate ones. We loooove oreos, I can’t wait for the thins to come to South Africa.

  15. Those ice cream sandwiches look perfect! We love Oreos in the house and this will surely be a hit!

  16. I’m a huge fan of Oreos and have been wanting to try Oreo Thins. They look fantastic!

  17. Meagan

    That ice cream sandwich looks like a bit of Heaven on Earth.

  18. I really have to try out those thins. I wouldn’t mind giving those ice cream sandwiches a shot either!

  19. You had me at OREO. It has always been one of my must have cookie indulgences I always like to eat the cream first and then dunk the cookies in almond milk! And your recipe for ice cream sandwiches looks DELISH!

  20. You had me at Oreo cookies! I love to eat the cream first and then dip the cookie into almond milk and that cookie sandwich recipe you shared looks DELECTABLE!

  21. It’s always a good time for Oreo’s! I haven’t seen these new thins yet, but I’ll be on the look out for them. They’ll make a great addition to my hidden snack stash 😉

  22. I have to admit that I love the double stuffed, but the thin sounds like a crispier option. I love crispy!

  23. Oh my goodness! Your Oreo thins makes my mouth watering! I’ll have to try this.

  24. Nikki Wayne

    Wow! Oreo is the best! I want to try this recipe. Looks so tempting!

  25. Kristin

    We like Oreos, they’re so great for a treat. I like that they’ve made these with less calories too.

  26. Rosey

    I have seen them but I haven’t picked up a pack yet. I’m def. going to be giving them a go.

  27. I have always wanted Oreo thins!! I’m not a huge fan of frosting so I was hoping these would come true!

  28. These seem like they would be better for dunking in milk. Either way, I bet they’re delicious, it’s Oreos!

  29. Thanks a lot! I just drooled all over my computer! These Oreo Thins Ice Cream sandwiches look absolutely amazing!!!!

  30. mary

    We love the new OREO thins. They are delicious. Although I tend to not eat just ONE pack. Maybe adding in the ice cream will keep it to just 2 cookies. ha

  31. When they came out with these I wondered why anyone would buy them but ice cream sandwiches does sound pretty good. Thanks.

  32. Oreo cookie ice cream sandwiches will blow my son’s mind. They’re two of his favorite foods!

  33. I will tell you no lies I am eating the Golden Oreo thins now as we speak! Wow and now I want to take my oreos and make my own mini ice cream sandwiches thanks for the tip!

  34. adriana

    These look SO GOOD! I love oreo thins they’re amazing! They’re actually better than regular Oreos  I think. LOVE them! 

  35. Dana Rodriguez

    That looks so good! I have tried the Oreo Thins and they are nice and crisp.

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