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Neighborhood Toy Store Day is November 8

collection of old wood children toys with teddy bear

My kids are avid players. They play with every single toy they have almost constantly. They like to pick different toys that you might not find everywhere.

I love shopping at our local toy stores which include Beanhead Toys and Learning Express. I love the quality of the toys and the very personalized assistance that we get when shopping. In fact, these stores are our go-to places whenever we need presents.

Did you know that shopping local really helps your community?


The 5th annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day will be held on Saturday, November 8th to help kick off the holiday shopping season! Neighborhood Toy Store Day introduces families to the fun of shopping locally and celebrates each local toy store’s commitment to the community

Participating stores will host local in-store events for families such as face painting, magic shows, craft projects, live performances and special discounts.  To find a local event near you, visit Shopping at the local toy store isn’t just fun; shopping locally fosters a sense of community and provides the following benefits:

  • Economic stability by providing local jobs and tax dollars
  • Reduced environmental impact due to less travel, traffic and carbon usage for consumers
  • A diverse product selection


Founded in 1992, the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting creative and open ended playtime for children.  With over 1,300 members, ASTRA brings together specialty toy manufactures, independent toy stores and toy buyers to help encourage “smart” play and local toy shopping.  As the largest association serving the specialty toy industry, ASTRA members include independent toy and children’s product retailers, specialty toy manufacturers and industry affiliates.  For more information on ASTRA, please visit


Independent toy stores carry the unique toys and specialty brands that you can’t always find at national chain stores. The new “Best Toys for Kids 2014” list from non-profit organization ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailer Association) helps make toy shopping even easier by providing parents with a go-to list of the year’s best new toys

Winners were selected by a pool of 700 experts and honors toys that promote hours of active, open-ended and creative play. This year, the list includes 20 toys for kids of all ages.  Picks include pipSquigz (age 6 months+), the HABA Doorway Pupet Theater (age 1+), Robot Turtles (age 4+), Architetrix Constructor Set (age 4+), Simon (age 7+), KEVA Brain Builders (age 7+) and many more.

To see  the entire list of winners, visit

ASTRA Teeter Popper by Fat Brain Toy Co


ASTRA Teeter Popper by Fat Brain Toy Co 1

Teeter Popper by Fat Brain Toy Co. (also pictured above with my daughter)

Arouse curiosity, stimulate the senses and engage the imagination with the new Teeter Popper!  This unique toy improves core strength, balance, coordination and gross-motor skills all in one. Play with Teeter Popper by rocking it, rolling it, sitting in it, or standing on it for endless fun.  3+ years, $36.99

All three of my children love this and so do the neighbor kids.

ASTRA SimonSimon by Basic Fun

This classic electronic memory game from the 1980’s has made a comeback with a new, sleeker design and enhanced features. Simon challenges one or more players to memorize the LCD light and sound sequences. 7+ years, $24.99

This was my favorite as a kid and I was so excited to be able to introduce it to my children. The problem is that they like it so much they don't let me play with it. ASTRA Remote Control Machines DLX by Thames & Kosmos

Remote Control Machines DLX by Thames & Kosmos

Build and control your very own motorized machines while enhancing engineering knowledge, creative thinking skills and hand-eye coordination.  The new Remote Control Machines DLX by Thames & Kosmos kit includes three motors, a remote control unit, a battery holder, 155 building pieces and a 128-page instruction book. 8+ years, $124.99

ASTRA LoopDeLoom Weaving Loom Kit by Ann WilliamsLoopDeLoom Weaving Loom Kit by Ann Williams

Weaving is fast and simple with this new loom design! Children can weave almost anything, from cell phone cases to scarves, thanks to spinning pegs that speed up the weaving process. Items can be weaved at any length and up to seven inches wide using one loom. The LoopDeLoom Weaving Loom Kit by Ann Williams includes one loom and 120 yards of yarn. 8+ years, $29.99

My daughter broke this out of the box the moment we got it and she has made two purses so far. She has already asked for more supplies.

ASTRA Royal Princess Playhouse by International PlaythingsRoyal Princess Playhouse by International Playthings

Bring your princess fantasy to life with the new Royal Princess Playhouse by International Playthings! Easy to assemble, this castle fits two or more children for hours of magical fun. 3+ years, $29.99

My youngest has claimed this as her new clubhouse. She will only let the dog in to play!

ASTRA Snap Circuits Motion by ELENCOSnap Circuits Motion by ELENCO

Discover the science of energy through physics and electronics with this all-new construction Snap Circuits Motion by ELENCO kit.  Includes an easy-to-assemble circuit board that invites you to build over 165 projects, including a motion detector and mini car!  8+ years, $84.99

My son loves this. He and my husband are currently building their motion detector so he can place this right outside of his room.

ASTRA Glowing Chemistry by Thames & KosmosGlowing Chemistry by Thames & Kosmos

Explore real world chemical reactions and discover the luminous mysteries of the natural world with the Glowing Chemistry kit by Thames & Kosmos.  Includes a 48-page color manual that guides you through 22 different experiments. 10+ years, $34.99

My son and husband have done about 4-5 experiments and have several more planned for this weekend.


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As a blogger ambassador for ASTRA, we received toys and compensation for this post however all experiences and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. My son just recently got into Thomas the Train. In fact, he told me last night that I would have to go to the store and get him new trains when he was sleeping. 🙂

  2. My boys are starting to outgrow toys sadly now. All they pretty much care about are video games. That Simon game sounds fun!

  3. Daisy

    That Teeter Popper looks like fun. My son could use some science kits too!

  4. Chemistry sets are the coolest. I haven’t seen one of those in a long time.

  5. The playhouse is really neat. I’d totally hang out in there with the kids. I also STILL love Simon!

  6. Oh my goodness, I haven’t seen SIMON in ages! We loved that game!
    We love shopping locally whenever possible. We just moved so I need to see if we have a local toy store in this new town.

  7. I had no idea this day even existed but I fully support. Thanks for the great gift ideas, I’ll look into them for my kids. Suggestions are always most welcome!

  8. Wow. Simon. That brings back some memories. I had a Simon when I was a kid.

  9. I try to buy local whenever I can, but it’s very difficult for certain things. I can’t think of one toy store in my area that isn’t a big box.

  10. I love technology as much as the next girl, but I really think we need more old school toys in the world. I love what ASTRA is promoting.

  11. Sounds like a great bunch of toys! My kids want one of everything!

  12. Simon was so much fun when I was a kid. I would totally play with that again if I had one. 🙂

  13. deb

    So many great toy ideas! I always try to shop local as much as I can.

  14. Wow what great toys! My kids would love them all I’m sure!

  15. Ann Bacciaglia

    These are all great toys. I like the bracelet making set. These would all be great gifts.

  16. Shauna

    One of my girls is the artist and the other is the one who loves puzzles… HA! Thanks for sharing, all of these are great ideas.

  17. Those all look like wonderful selections. All of them my children would enjoy i am sure!

  18. Pleasant memories of the family playing Simon during camping trips made me smile. This is indeed one of the best toys for any kid (and as it turned out, any adult).

  19. Pauline C.

    My niece is crazy for that Loopdedoo… I’ll probably buy one for Christmas.

  20. I used to love Simon when I was little! I bet my kids would love it too!

  21. Dandi D

    I just love wooden toys! They look so neat and my son really enjoys them to.

  22. These are some great toys. Make awesome gifts.

  23. I love the idea of a toy store day. I know my sons needs more toys, they have a huge two totes full of items that they don’t play with but if I remove them, they know they are missing. I want to start over with toys for them, seriously. You have shared some fabulous toy ideas for Christmas!

  24. I think the Teeter Popper looks like fun. I think I would have fun playing with it myself.

  25. We have a local toy store where I live and we can always find some cool and unique toys!

  26. I love the unique things we find at our local toy store. We get lost in there for hours, just looking!

  27. I forgot about Simon. My son is the perfect age for that!! I’m going to pick one up for him for Christmas.

  28. I love that you have classic and newer toys in there. That teeter popper would be for my son!

  29. I want to get kiddo a chemistry set or a microscope set this year. She is having trouble in her studies and hubs and I thought maybe something fun like that might help her want to learn more. Lord knows she has enough toys. I used to love playing Simon!

  30. I have SImon on my list for the kids this year. That was one of my favorite games growing up.

  31. I love getting my boys toys that can’t be found in every single store out there. I prefer local, specialty shops for things like blocks, cars, trains, and anything else my kiddos would like.

  32. I love the small, local toy shops. They always have unique products that the big name stores don’t.

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