Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything

Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything

Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything

While buying gifts is fun and exciting, it can also be somewhat stressful, too. You want to find the perfect gift, you want the recipient to love it, and you want to put some thought into it. Compound that with buying gifts for the men in your life and this can feel like an impossible task. What do you buy for the guy who either has everything or never tells you what he wants? With the holidays coming in just a couple of months, it’s time to start thinking about it. Check out this gift-buying guide to discover some excellent gifts for all of the men in your life. Moreover, whether you're looking for something unique or something practical, you can explore more gift ideas here. We hope that this Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything post inspires you. 

Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything

Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything

Sports Tickets

Does your guy love sports? Instead of buying him a material thing, why not gift him an experience? You can pair it with a jersey from his favorite team and give a gift that he’ll brag about to all his friends. Tickets can be as affordable as $50 and higher than $500 or more. Choose a game in your budget and at a time of year when you know the man in your life will be able to take time off to enjoy. Just make sure you don’t accidentally give him tickets to a game for the rival team.


There are so many different things you can gift your guy from the tech world, ranging from anything like smartwatches to cameras to drones and more. Think about the types of things he likes to do and find a piece of smart technology to fit into that. The best gifts are the ones that already fit into someone’s lifestyle and interests. For instance, you could give a GoPro to the thrill-seeking guy in your life and a new smart TV to the movie-loving man.


It may sound strange, but a bottle of good liquor can go a long way to win a man’s heart. You can gift beer from a swanky local brewery or a bottle of aged rum. When you add in some fun glasses to go with it, you’ll have a complete gift.


When you get something high-end like men’s designer t-shirts or a designer button-up, you’ll more likely make a big win with your man. Contrary to popular belief, many men do care about what they wear. They want to look good and they want the clothes to feel good on their skin. Designer clothes are typically made out of fabrics that feel more luxurious on the skin, fit better, and help a man look their best. Conversely, you can buy high-quality men’s outdoor clothing. Something to help the snowboarders and cyclists in your life.

Monthly Subscription

When in doubt about what to get a man, subscriptions are the go-to thing. You can subscribe to movies, shipping, health drinks, and so much more. Subscription boxes are also popular, and men’s boxes are rising in acceptance. It’s no surprise with boxes that include meat, cheese, beer, and more. You can get boxes for health-conscious men, ones for adventurers, ones for fashion-forward men — there’s something for everyone, and the sky's the limit. It makes a great gift, especially because they’ll keep getting something they love all year long.


Handy guys love tools. Find something big they’ve been longing for when you want to give the perfect gift. While it may seem like he has all the things, there is probably a saw or tool he needs but hasn’t picked up yet. If it’s too pricey for your budget, get his other friends and family to go in on the gift whether it’s for a birthday or the holidays. Gifting good-quality tools that will last for years to come is always a thoughtful option.

Hobby Gifts

Maybe your guy plays D&D with his buddies on the weekend, is into cosplay, plays golf, or has a thing for painting model cars. Hobby gifts are a fun option because they show that you care about his interests. Pay attention to the little things and ask questions when you can. Take notes and you’ll be able to find just the right gift when the need arises.

While there may be no such thing as the perfect gift for men, there are amazing gifts for men. Think outside the box, and you’ll be sure to find fantastic gifts for any man in your life. We hope that this Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything post inspires you. Happy shopping!

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