National Diabetes Month: Get to Know Fifty50 Foods Divine Lifestyle

National Diabetes Month Get to Know Fifty50 Foods

National Diabetes Month: Get to Know Fifty50 Foods #Fifty50Foods4DiabetesThis National Diabetes Month Get to Know Fifty50 Foods blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and Fifty50 Foods blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

National Diabetes Month Get to Know Fifty50 Foods

There have been many people in my life who have been affected by diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that runs in my family, and is also something that I feel will become a part of my life as I get older. My great grandmother had it, so did both my grandmothers, my dad is pre-diabetic and so is my mother. You could say that my likelihood of developing diabetes is pretty high.

This is something I take into consideration every single day when I make choices about what to eat. One of the first things I did was to choose foods with less sugar or no sugar. I have cut my sugar consumption in half during the past two years, but I feel like I need to be doing more. This month is National Diabetes Month, so I have been thinking about this a lot.

Fifty50 Foods offers a full line of products for people diagnosed with diabetes and pre-diabetes. And, they donate half of all profits to support diabetes research! From candies and chocolates to peanut butter and syrup, the Fifty50 Foods line is specially formulated to help people with diabetes manage their blood glucose levels; it’s also great for those on Low Glycemic diets, or for people who simply prefer low or no-added sugar options.

National Diabetes Month: Get to Know Fifty50 Foods #Fifty50Foods4DiabetesAbout Fifty50 Foods

Fifty50 Foods is the leading company offering clinically certified, Low Glycemic products for people living with diabetes, or maintaining a low carbohydrate lifestyle. Fifty50 Foods’ Low Glycemic products will help you manage your blood sugar without compromising taste.

The Fifty50 Foods website describes the diet plan in simple terms and lays out sample meals which complement the Fifty50 Foods’ product line.

National Diabetes Month: Get to Know Fifty50 Foods #Fifty50Foods4Diabetes

What makes Fifty50 Foods unique?

Fifty50 Foods has a unique offering of Low Glycemic products that avoid ingredients that rapidly raise blood sugar levels. All 23 products are clinically certified with a Low GI value, and are carefully crafted using complex carbohydrates that are digested slowly and efficiently, reducing the likelihood of a “spike” or sudden surge in blood glucose levels.

National Diabetes Month: Get to Know Fifty50 Foods #Fifty50Foods4DiabetesFifty50 Foods’ Low Glycemic Products

Fifty50 Foods offers 23 Low Glycemic products perfect for managing blood sugar levels, including:

Peanut butters: Delicious and creamy. Great peanut taste. Crunchy is just as good as smooth
Fruit spreads: Perfect balance of fruit and sweetness. Spreads evenly.

National Diabetes Month: Get to Know Fifty50 Foods #Fifty50Foods4DiabetesWhole-grain oatmeal: I love this and made it for the kids. They love it as well. Hearty, filling, and great oatmeal taste.

National Diabetes Month: Get to Know Fifty50 Foods #Fifty50Foods4DiabetesChocolate bars: Really good chocolate. Smooth and creamy.

National Diabetes Month: Get to Know Fifty50 Foods #Fifty50Foods4DiabetesChocolate and vanilla crème filled wafers: Yum! Crispy and creamy with just the right amount of vanilla or chocolate.

National Diabetes Month: Get to Know Fifty50 Foods #Fifty50Foods4Diabetes National Diabetes Month: Get to Know Fifty50 Foods #Fifty50Foods4DiabetesA selection of cookies and hard candies: Both candies pictured above are absolutely delicious. We all love them.

Helping to find a cure by donating 50% profits

The name Fifty50 means just that: half (or 50%) of company profits are contributed to diabetes research, and will be until a cure is found. Since 1992, Fifty50 Foods has been financially committed to help end diabetes by donating half of its profits to diabetes research. In fact, the company has donated $13.6 million so far and they hope to give more.

It’s nice to know that eating Fifty50 Foods is more than just a great-tasting way to control your blood sugar, it’s also a way to support the search for a cure for diabetes and great tasting, Low GI foods.

National Diabetes Month: Get to Know Fifty50 Foods #Fifty50Foods4DiabetesShop at the new Fifty50 Foods Online Marketplace

Fifty50 Foods just launched their new website and online shopping portal to coincide with National Diabetes Month. Check it out today!

National Diabetes Month: Get to Know Fifty50 Foods #Fifty50Foods4DiabetesJoin the Fifty50 Foods Twitter Party on 11/15

Fifty50 Foods will be maintaining momentum during National Diabetes Month by hosting a joint Twitter Party with @SocialMoms on November 15 at 7pm EST.

Join the #Fifty50FoodsSweeps Twitter discussion for a chance to win one of fifteen $20 Amazon gift cards or a $500 Amazon gift card grand prize! See official rules here.

Get social with Fifty50

For more information about Fifty50 Foods, following a Low Glycemic diet, and recipe ideas, visit
Visit Fifty50’s new online marketplace, where you can easily purchase Fifty50 Foods.
Follow Fifty50 Foods on Twitter
Like Fifty50 Foods on Facebook

This National Diabetes Month Get to Know Fifty50 Foods blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and Fifty50 Foods blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.



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  1. Fifty sounds like an amazing product line to help with diabetics. I thankfully do not have any family members with it, but that doesn’t mean I cant get it when im older. I know some friends of mine that would ecstatic to know about fifty50 if they don’t already know about it.

  2. My grandmother was diabetic. She would have been in heaven with this stuff!

  3. Catherine S

    It looks like they have a lot of great products. This is my first time hearing about this brand.

  4. Looks great. My mom is diabetic, I will have to let her know about this brand

  5. Pam

    I wish we’d had thee foods for my dad. It was hard to find diabetic friendly foods he enjoyed.

  6. Kristin

    Thank you! I didn’t even know this brand existed. I know too many people with diabetes. Hopefully these products can help them out.

  7. DogVills

    My grandmother was a diabetic and I’m glad that this would be perfect for her.

  8. I actually have quite a few family members who are diabetic. These products are something I’ll look further into and inform them about.

  9. Ooh, Fifty50 foods would make diet choices so much easier. I love that they have such a wide variety of low glycemic products.

  10. Glad to see there are good options for diabetics. I hadn’t even heard of the brand before this.

  11. Reesa Lewandowski

    I need to show this to my mom, she would love these!

  12. I need to check out these products. Like so many, I have diabetic friends and family. Also, I read a JAMA report last year stating that half (yes 50%!!) of the US is diabetic or pre-diabetic. And honestly, I know it’s often up to the parents to instate wellness plans in their kids’ schools, but the massive amount of sugar that is pumped through our shool parties is really disheartening. With statistics like this – things clearly need to change.

  13. Ann Bacciaglia

    This is a perfect post for my Dad. He is Diabetic and has been looking for products he can eat. I will have to share this with him.

  14. It warms my heart to see so many options for diabetics. It reminds me of our constant search for quality gluten-free options for my son.

  15. This is a good brand to have finally heard about. My mother-in-law is a diabetic and it is often difficult to find good foods for her to eat.

  16. This is such an amazing treat for diabetics. Love that there are companies providing healthy snacks for people with diabetics.

  17. My mom is diabetic and always unsure of what foods she can eat! I love that now there is a line that is just for her- I can’t wait to share this post with her!

  18. Robin Rue

    Diabetes is so important to take care of when you have it. This company looks like they have it covered for you to make it easier.

  19. That is pretty darn cool! Diabetes can be so hard to manage, and it forces you to give up a lot of the things we all love. Fifty50 sounds like a great answer to that.

  20. Jeanine

    After just having gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy I have a very high risk of developing Diabetes. So this is interesting to know.  I had never heard of Fifty50 foods before, but that chocolate makes me hopeful if I ever do develop Diabetes I won’t have to completely miss out.

  21. I am so amazed at the products that are available now for those that have diabetes. I wish I would have had these available to me when I had my gestational diabetes. It would have made it a little bit easier!

  22. My best friend’s mom has diabetes. She always has issues with recipes and find things she likes. I am totally sharing this with her and printing it, too.

  23. This looks like a smart product line.
    There definitely is a need for it these days.

  24. These look like amazing products!! So important to take care of yourself and watch the sugar count at any age.

  25. Thanks for sharing! The products look super yummy. I had no idea about this brand. I will pass the information on to friends and family.

  26. Nikki

    These are absolutely delicious and healthy. My family (side of my dad) is a diabetic and we need to prevent it by eating less sugar and other food.

  27. Mary Edwards

    I have seen this on the shelf before at the store and wondered what it was. This is great – my mom is prediabetic so I’m going to tell her about it!

  28. This sounds like an awesome brand of food for diabetics and anyone watching what they eat. Great post!!

  29. Diabetes runs in my family too. As someone who’s seen success with the South Beach diet and low glycemic foods, I’m interested in this brand’s selection.

  30. Diabetes runs in my family. I love supporting companies that give back. I hope they generate a lot of money to fund the research.

  31. Rizza Smith

    This is the first time that I heard about the national diabetes month and looks great

  32. It’s important that we raise awareness on diabetes! It’s getting more and more common these days. These are perfect alternatives to sugary treats.

  33. Rosey

    Sugar free is always good. I will have to show these to my nephew’s fiane. She has diabetes.

  34. Kathy

    This is awesome that they have a line of products like this. My father as well as my father in law both have diabetes. I’m going to take a look at all these for them!

  35. I am kinda thankful that diabetes doesn’t run in my family. Of course, I have to deal with other health issues so I hope that I can skip out of this issue. However, if I do end up with it, then I know what foods to look for at the grocery store or online.

  36. I’ve never heard of these products, but I’m always looking for new sugar free products! Love it! 

  37. Rozilyn Cool

    I love the fact that this company is dedicated to finding a cure, it is more to them than just the bottom dollar. Prevention is key, and we should all practice, with these products you can do so with out compromising taste. 

  38. CourtneyLynne

    Oooooo this is a first for new hearing of this line of foods!!! They sound great though so I will have to give them a try 

  39. So many great finds! I will be using some of these and give them to a family member that has diabetes. Thanks!


  40. Sara

    There’s so many options for diabetics these days. Fifty50 seems like a great brand with so many choices.

  41. Rosie

    I have relatives with diabetes it would be good to have some of these available over the holidays so they won’t feel deprived, and they’ll know they are cared about!

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