Fitness Industry Council of Canada’s move to make Fitness Tax Deductible

Fitness Industry Council of Canada’s move to make Fitness Tax Deductible – Health Leaders Endorse

Fitness Industry Council of Canada’s move to make Fitness Tax Deductible - Health Leaders EndorseFitness Industry Council of Canada’s move to make Fitness Tax Deductible – Health Leaders Endorse

The Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) proposed to the federal government to make gym memberships and services tax-deductible in the April 19th federal budget. Diabetes Canada, Heart and Stroke, and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society have endorsed the proposal. The health industry is facing new challenges as the country is trying to rebound from the pandemic. This proposal will help everyone.

People who are victims of chronic illness and its long-term effects know, exercise is a key factor in keeping their blood flowing and organs functioning. It was beyond difficult for them to be in lockdown during quarantine. They not only had to deal with their original health issue but they soon discovered a new issue. Coronavirus Anxiety became an issue that kept them stressed out and immobile more than was necessary. Today we are more sedentary, have overall put on weight, and are seeing the beginnings of depression across the country. 


Diabetes Canada is endorsing a nationwide strategy to combat diabetes, and exercise will play an important role. It is estimated that 80 percent of Canadians do not get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise weekly. One-third of Canadians are more sedentary now than at the start of the pandemic, and an additional one-third have gained weight. Six out of ten Canadians are experiencing a mental health issue, and heart disease is the leading cause of premature death for Canadian women.

Diabetes is a chronic illness. Our bodies naturally produce the hormone, “insulin”. This hormone regulates the glucose (sugar) from the foods we eat, through the bloodstream, to produce energy. The glucose is broken down in the blood, and the insulin helps the glucose get it into our cells. When we stop producing insulin effectively, it causes the glucose levels to stay too high in the blood. The inability of the pancreas to produce insulin is diabetes. 

Eating correctly, exercising, and monitoring the blood is the only way to control diabetes. 

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Canada’s recovery

As the people in Canada begin to trust enough to get out and join programs to recover their health, they will want professional instructors. COVID was enough of a shock. People want to be taught how to get back to health by people who are trained and certified. The tax deduction may be enough to give them the confidence to go for help with a knowledgeable trainer or coach. 

Canada’s citizens need to get back to work as well. The highly-trained and skilled instructor has invested deeply in their trade. It is difficult to wait day after day to use these skills. 

Going forward

As we slowly put the fear and the pain of the pandemic behind us, we will tuck away the horrors of the past couple of years. But, the coming year will be the turning point. We will stop looking at exercise as something we can do “if we want to.” We will see it as an important medication that keeps us balanced. We will not grab it only when something is wrong, we will learn to do it every time, because it prevents depression, worry, and promotes relaxation. 

National Health & Fitness Day

This year, National Health & Fitness Day will be celebrated on June 5, 2021. This is the day where every citizen of Canada is challenged to get up, get outside, and move! Do any physical activity you like, just get moving!

In 2014 after reports that the people of this great nation were becoming less active and more overweight, the government became concerned. After looking into it further, There was a rise in numbers of people who were acquiring preventable illnesses. Much of this was due to inactivity. So, the first “get moving” challenge was shared. This earned them a special day. Now the first Saturday in June is National Health & Fitness Day. It is always interesting what the people will come up with. 

Quarantine Weight Gain

As you will see by the attached information the problems with weight gain and inadequate exercise is not a Canadian (only) problem. It is a global problem. If it is not addressed globally we will have more health issues going into 2022. 


When the professional trainers, nutritionists, medical doctors, National Health Council, and the Canadian Government all come together, is there anything they cannot do? Canada is on her way to having the healthiest citizens on Earth. The pandemic hurt us, but it couldn't break us.  

Together, we will always find a way to get the tools we need to work with,  to do the job we need to do.

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