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More on our Intellibed Bed

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The Intellibed uses patented gel spores, and its manufacturers claim it helps achieve some of the best sleep possible. Let's look into the science behind this bed and related facts.

One hundred percent copolymer gel is what sets Intelligel beds apart from the rest, such as gel foam, memory foam or latex foam mattresses. This gel is formed into a slab of buckling columns and is made from food grade mineral oil. So it is not toxic. This gel is indestructible and makes up a system that is pressure relieving and redistributes body weight, and so far, it has been known to last for at least 10 years and still function as if brand new.

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With this bed's technology, there are no parts of the body that receive excess pressure as is usually common with some mattresses. What no pressure means is that parts of the body such as the shoulders and hips do not suffer from inadequate circulation, which leads to soreness, stiffness, numbness and bed sores. This system is commonly used in hospitals, where its benefits help patients with third degree burns and others in the intensive care unit heal quickly.

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The Intellibed redistributes body weight so the spine is always aligned. This prevents the body from being uncomfortable, and when this type of rest is achieved where the spine is aligned and the blood flows throughout the body for the full number of hours recommended for sleeping, then the body has time to heal and rejuvenate as necessary without the need for excessive tossing and turning. While it may seem that when in deep sleep, one won't toss and turn, the body's defense mechanisms actually come into play here, and the sleeper is forced out of a deep sleep to change position due to the body's awareness that there is loss of or inadequate blood flow in an area of the body. Intelligel is hypoallergenic and is not in need of a fire retardant. Doctors have called Intelligel technology revolutionary.

This technology's ability to maintain optimal blood flow at the hips and shoulders is what sets it apart from other mattresses. The manufacturers seem to think that inadequate blood flow is the key fact that has been the cause of so many sleep problems. One of the reasons this technology lasts so long and works so well is because there are natural bubbles in it which are better at automatically resisting force. Even though this technology has been in use for over ten years in hospitals, for the first time, it is now being sold for home use. As an alternative to replacing all beds with Intelligel mattresses, there is also the option to buy an Intelligel topper and place that on top of existing mattresses.



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