A Nightmare Came True

A Nightmare Came True

I have been having nightmares lately. Pretty bad ones. All from an experience that I had last month. All about death.

Me dying. My kids dying. Kind of like a bad movie on an endless loop. The nightmares got worse and worse until I just had to admit that I needed help. I needed to sleep and just couldn't so I had to get some sleeping pills for several nights.

Then suddenly the nightmares just stopped. Kind of like they began, they just ended. I considered myself pretty lucky.

However yesterday one of my absolute worst nightmares, the thing that I dread more than anything else, the thing that was keeping me up night after night, came true. But not for me. For someone else.

Shellie Ross, @Military_Mom on Twitter and blogger lost her child yesterday. Her son. Her baby. Her two year old, Bryson Drago Ross died as a result of drowning.

I cried yesterday. A lot.

I cried for her beautiful boy who will never see another birthday.

I cried for Shellie because no mother, no person should ever know that kind of pain.

I cried for their family because no matter what, their lives are forever changed. Many families have a hard time recovering from the death of a child. Some people never recover.

I cried because I wished and prayed so hard that for one moment I could go back in time to fix the unfixable.

I cried because it could have just as easily have been me. It could have been you. It could have been anyone.

It only takes a moment. Kids are fast. They are relentless. They are curious. They are playful.

Mostly I cried because Bryson will never be any of these things again.

My heart is breaking for Shellie. Please pray for her. Please pray for her family.  Please Tweet her to tell her that you are thinking of her. Just reach out.

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  1. Wow, you took the words right out of my heart Stacie.

  2. Lisa@gardenofmany

    That was a great post ! Hugs

  3. My heart is broken for her as well, this is such a sad story and like you said a nightmare come true .. sending big hugs!

  4. It is so sad and you are right. We’ve had so many close calls. They are so quick and it just breaks my heart.

  5. whitney

    so sad. and such a disappointment to read some of the tweets going out regarding the situation. 🙁 praying for the family.

  6. I still think about Shellie and wonder if she’s ok. I worry about her and I don’t even know her.
    we lost my sister at 5 months of age. you never get over loosing a child.

  7. Oh it’s so awful, the words could not describe. It’s an ultimate nightmare for a mother. All our love and support goes to Shellie. Let her little angel rest in peace. Hugs…

  8. ellen

    I remember when this happened – I saw her tweets & was reminded how our world can change in the blink of an eye. Hold your loved ones dear, make time for them, cherish them…

  9. won

    I saw your tweet about this post from the past. In it you said “I have been having nightmares lately”. Without knowing anything about this post, I said to myself “Damn. I have nightmares every single night. It’s like a damn movie on a continuous reel inside my head ever since Olivia (my daughter) died. PTSD induced nightmares…they never stop.

    And like you said, some people never recover. I try to remember who I was before…but I only have a vague memory.

    I hate this. I really do.

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