11 Really Cool Uses for Bounce Dryer Sheets Besides Laundry

11 Really Cool Uses for Bounce Dryer Sheets Besides Laundry

We all have dryers right? And a lot of us use fabric softener or a dryer sheet as well.

But did you know that those dryer sheets have many other uses?

That is right. There are some really cool things that you can do with Bounce dryer sheets besides your laundry.

1. Put them in your shoes. My son has some stinky feet. Seriously stinky feet. A few times per week, I stick a dryer sheet in each shoe and leave them there for a day or so. They smell much better afterwards.

2. Have static electricity on your television? My youngest is scared of the tv shocking her. Use a Bounce Dryer sheet and wipe it over the entire screen. Static is gone!

3. Put them in your dresser drawers. A dryer sheet will freshen things up right away. I have done this for years.

4. Stick them under the seats in your car. This is my husband's tip actually. He discovered this years ago when a box of Bounce dryer sheets accidentally fell out of a grocery bag and ended up under the seat of the car. The next day, the car smelled great. Ever since, we always use a few sheets under the seats in the car and one or two in the trunk.

5. Use them to dust. I love using a Bounce dryer sheet to dust my shelves. Works perfectly!

6. Throw them away. Literally. A Bounce dryer sheet in the bottom of your garbage can leaves it smelling fresh. We do this in every garbage can.

7. Although I have never tried this, I have heard that use can use a dryer sheet to get rid of static in your hair. Simply take the sheet and wipe your hair down with it.

8. Grab the dryer sheet as soon as it comes out of the dryer to wipe down the washer and dryer. Leaves it clean and shiny!

9. Wipe your blinds. I love using Bounce dryer sheets to clean my blinds. They also help with static electricity on blinds.

10. Toss it in your suitcase and gym bag for instant freshening. I always keep one in my gym bag. I also put a few in my suitcase after every trip and before storing.

11. Create some awesome Origami with these simple directions from Bounce.

DISCLOSURE: I was part of the #BounceBrigade at the 2011 Blissdom Conference.
Bounce covered my hotel room and conference ticket.
However, the tips are all my own.
I have used and loved Bounce for years.
And in case you were wondering, I am a "sheet" person.

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