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Meet with an Expert for your Dream Home

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Sears Meet with an Expert for your Dream Home

Meet with an Expert for your Dream Home

When outfitting any home, a huge part of your choices and your success as a homeowner really is in the appliances that you choose. Appliances are a big deal because they all need to play nicely together to make home life a little easier. Right?

I know that as a homeowner, I want things to be as simple as possible around here. I need them to be. I don't want to have to read a 50 page manual about how to operate something. No time for that. I need an expert.

As a leader in the home industry for over 50 years, Sears knows appliances. They are one of two places we exclusively shop for our appliances and pretty much everything else in the home as well.

Sears has some helpful ways to help you all from the comfort of your own home. That's right. Not everyone likes shopping outside the home these days. We are all busy. Sometimes I have 2-3 month stretch where I barely shop outside the home. Then I go back to ship brick and mortar. What I love about Sears is that when I am super busy, they come to me.

The expertise of Sears Home Experts in appliances, home improvement, repairs, parts and more take care of your house. In fact, they install 4.5 million appliances and 4 million parts a year. In essence, Sears handles your house while you make it a home.

Sears Meet with an Expert for your Dream Home

Meet with an Expert at Sears

Sears’ “Meet With An Expert” service allows shoppers to make an appointment to ask a knowledgeable associate questions in-store. Whether you’ve got questions on setting up a new laundry combo or picking out a microwave for the kitchen, you can get easy answers on the items you want by meeting with a knowledgeable associate at Sears. No matter what your questions are, Sears can help!

Sears is a one-stop-shop for home appliance needs and as the leading retailer of home appliances in the U.S., #1 in home services, parts and protection agreements, the sell your favorite appliance brands. This includes the Kenmore PRO that I previously mentioned.

Sears Meet with an Expert for your Dream HomeSears makes it so easy – Try it today!

Sears has made scheduling an appointment to  “Meet With An Expert” so easy. You can access the service directly online right from the appliance that you are interested in purchasing. Simply click “Meet with an expert” and then fill out the pop-up. Next you will hear from a Sears expert when they call to confirm an appointment.

At your appointment, shop your favorite products along with your expert and get all of your questions answered. They will stay with you as long as you need them to and even send you a shopping recap email summarizing your discussion. It really is that easy.

Sears Meet with an Expert for your Dream Home

Check out the Sears Home Appliance Video: User Name

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What would you ask your Sears Expert?

 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears Home Appliances and Services.

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    That is an awesome service. I know so many people have questions about things like this.

  2. Pam

    This is such an awesome service. This should make appliance shopping much easier.

  3. We’re planning to remodel our kitchen in January or February. It would be really helpful to have an expert help us pick out the appliances that would be best for us!

  4. I love the idea of consulting an expert before making the appliance purchase plunge. I could use some guidance on which dishwasher requires the least amount of prewashing and what brand of double oven is best.

  5. This is such a cool service offered by Sears! I have always purchased my appliances from Sears, so I am glad to know they have made the process easier.

  6. We have bought our last 4 major appliances from Sears. Their staff is so knowledgeable, so I love the convenience of this service where I can get help and advice without even leaving my home!

  7. I’d love to know how to best utilize our washing machine. There are so many options and buttons and cycles I know we aren’t doing everything right

  8. This is a really neat service to have at Sears, I already love Sears and this makes me love them even more!

  9. This sounds like a great service. I would use this if I were looking for some appliances.

  10. Tracey

    That is an awesome service. I know a few people that would love this so I’m going to pass this post along!

  11. I would love to design my dream home. One can dream can’t she???

  12. Wow I had no idea Sears offered this! Very cool!

  13. Meeting with an expert is exactly what I’ll be doing when I hit Powerball! Ha! Preferably tonight… it’s pretty big.

  14. its good to know Sears has this kind of service! When I am ready to get a home I will check it out (still apartment).

  15. I should think they’d help you hone in on what you’d like to do. This is a great thing to know that they offer this!

  16. This is so smart! I’ve always wanted an expert’s opinion on the best appliances for my home. Thank you for sharing!

  17. We have a good idea of what we want to do for our dream home. But we could definitely use advice and how to get there. I should check out sears I did not know the offer this.

  18. This is such a clever idea! May not work so well with the smaller, impatient toddlers, but definitely worth a shot for the older, school age kids. Having fun & still sneaking in some learning during Christmas break!

  19. I like Sears for home appliances. I think they really do things right. Learning about this program I am even more impressed! I didn’t know there were Sears Home Experts to help with appliances, home improvement, or repairs!!!

  20. I love the idea of meeting with an expert to help me figure out what we really need/want for our dream home. We’ll be rennovating our kitchen in the next few months and could really use some direction in the appliance department!

  21. I have so many questions that I could ask before making big purchases like these for my home. This would be really helpful for sure!

  22. Sears puts great importance on quality customer service. I guess that is what makes them one of the best.

  23. I love this idea. Sometimes we get to buy appliances just because it looks good. Having expert advice regarding the product’s average power consumption, warranties, efficiency, and environmental impact would be good information to have at hand before making that major purchase.

  24. I am buying a home, just my 7 year old son and I AND relocating to Atlanta. I’m super nervous about all of it. It’s nice to know experts are accessible without having to shell out a ton of money.

  25. This would have been awesome a few months ago when I still had a house! Since going through a divorce, I am staying with my mother until I move back south. I will have to pass this along to my homeowner friends.

  26. When we were about to purchase our chest frezer, we went to Sears. The sales rep was very helpful, however Sears has rules that we did not like about gift cards so we ended up buying at LOwe’s.

  27. I have always loved shopping at Sears. My Parents are building a new house in the spring. I will have to share this with them. I know they are looking forward to having the latest technology.

  28. Buying new appliances can be so overwhelming! What an amazing service that Sears is offering, love the details

  29. Even though my husband and I have never built a home, we have owned many. And through the years we’ve had several Kenmore appliances. When I see the name “Kenmore,” I know we’re in good hands.

  30. Wow….Sears is really upping their service. I have looked at their appliance selection a few times over the years but have never bought from them.

  31. I love Sears and all their appliances. I have purchased my last few appliances from Sears!

  32. This is a great service, I can’t wait to go shopping for my household appliances for my dream home!

  33. What a great service. This is one of the reasons why I love shopping at Sears.

  34. My dream home would definitely be filled with items from Sears. They have quality items and great customer service

  35. This is so cool! I didn’t know this type of services existed!

  36. How nice! This is one reason why I have always loved Sears. They always have provided excellent service. 🙂

  37. Michele D

    I’m so happy to hear that Sears offers this service. I wish their was a local Sears near by to check out more ideas. Perhaps, I can find more information online.

  38. How cool that sears is offering this. We are planning to remodel my kitchen. I will look more into this.

  39. My parents have a lot of appliances they’ve bought from Sears. ITs great they make house calls!

  40. I will admit that I save all of the appliance handbooks and never EVER have I had to use one. I’m so paranoid about throwing them out. I can’t wait for the day we can build our ‘dream home’. I do love the appliance selection at Sears though!

  41. I will have to check into this service next time I move or need a new appliance. However, it past experience they have been more expensive than their competitors.

  42. I had no idea this was something that Sears even offered. They really are a one stop shop on the journey of home ownership I love that.

  43. Ron

    What an awesome service/help from the experts. Many will surely benefit from this. Thanks for sharing it.

  44. i definitely need to keep this handy for when we decide to own a home!

  45. I would ask a Sears specialist about all the cool trays in dishwashers now. I’m assuming our dishwasher will be the next thing for us to replace since I purchased everything else when I bought the home. So many awesome options out there!

  46. Sadly our closest Sears has closed and now we no longer have a Sears anywhere near us, I used to prefer buying my appliances there too

  47. Pam

    I had no idea that Sears offered this service! What a cool way to design your dream home.

  48. This is a really neat idea, you have so many cool things to share on the blog lately! I love that you can have an expert help you design your dream home in this way, what fun!

  49. I love Sears… best place to purchase appliances. I actually need a brand new dishwasher.

  50. Yes, this is why I love Sears. They have a well trained staff and they stay on top of any problems you have

  51. I’ve got a long list of projects for my home. I’d love a sounding board and some guidance. Hope Sears can help me.

  52. It’s nice when the store assigned people that really knows what they are talking about, it helps customer.

  53. This looks very convenient.
    I am a big fan of shopping at home! 🙂

  54. It is great to have access to an expert when designing your home. This is such a great service.

  55. What an easy way to schedule time with an expert! I’ll have to look into making an appointment!

  56. What an advantage to met with Sears professionals with questions about updating things around the house. We’ve always had good service and quality with Sears products.

  57. Rosey

    I like that it’s so easy to talk to an expert. These things are good to know. 🙂

  58. I love Sears and had no idea you could meet with an expert to design your dream home! That’s awesome!

  59. Sounds like a great idea. Love using these free/discounted resources in the stores you love, like a personal shopper for your home 🙂

  60. Crystal Lopez

    I had no idea that Sears offered this type of service. They are truly a one stop shop for homeowners and home buyers!

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