Makeover your skin with Sephora Inside JCPenney Divine Lifestyle

Makeover your skin with Sephora Inside JCPenney

Makeover your skin with Sephora Inside JCPenney #SephorainJCP #SoWorthItThis post is in collaboration with Sephora In JCPenney. 

Makeover your skin with Sephora Inside JCPenney #SephorainJCP #SoWorthIt

I am a skin care fanatic. In fact, here I am below.  This skin gets taken care of at least three times per day every single day without fail. I care about my skin that much.

Makeover your skin with Sephora Inside JCPenney #SephorainJCP #SoWorthIt

I always have several of my favorite skincare products on hand at home and I use them frequently. I am constantly reading about the latest in skincare and I do love trying new products so I was thrilled to partner with Sephora Inside JCPenney to do an in-store visit for some fabulous skincare.

You might remember how I shared that I was heading to Sephora Inside JCPenney to get a personal skincare consultation from their Area Education Manager, Melissa. Here I am a few days before my consultation.

Makeover your skin with Sephora Inside JCPenney #SephorainJCP #SoWorthIt

With red hair, fair skin and freckles, I have to be a fanatic about my skincare routine. This type of skin tends to show age much faster. In fact, I even have all three of my kids taking care of their skin twice a day. I am teaching them good habits now.

Makeover your skin with Sephora Inside JCPenney #SephorainJCP #SoWorthIt
Visiting Sephora Inside JCPenney

As soon as I entered the store, I was greeted enthusiastically by Melissa, the Sephora Inside JCPenney Area Education Manager, who shared that she saw my social shares and she read my blog. She really did her homework and knew exactly what type of skin I had so she started out recommending products based on a few brands.

Makeover your skin with Sephora Inside JCPenney #SephorainJCP #SoWorthItShe asked me some great questions about things what I like about texture of a product, what type of product do I prefer and in what form and do I like fragrance or not? She was great about really narrowing down things I would love versus products that I really needed. Melissa explained that I was getting a mini facial and then showed me the products she had chosen. Melissa then explained that she would cleanse, use a mask, hydrate my skin and then we would follow with a cream for my skin.

Makeover your skin with Sephora Inside JCPenney #SephorainJCP #SoWorthIt
Sephora Inside JCPenney Area Education Manager Skincare Picks

The facial lasted about 20 minutes while Melissa shared what she was doing step-by-step and explained why she chose each product. I had such a wonderful visit and I could tell a difference in my skin immediately. My skin looked brighter and it was so much smoother. My skin is still soft and looks great three days later.

This experience was 100% worth the trip and I really wish I had purchased all of the products. I specifically purchased and brought home: 2, 8, 9 and 11. I wish I had gotten these as well and they are already in my online cart: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10. That is everything except #1 and I opted to skip that because I have several cleansers that I like and several in the queue to test out.

1. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is a bestselling, do-it-all cleanser and makeup remover that whisks away impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture. This is nice, light cleanser that did its job.


2. Origins Drink Up™ 10 Minute Mask to Quench Skin’s Thirst

Origins Drink Up™ 10 Minute Mask to Quench Skin’s Thirst is a rich mask to quench skin’s thirst. This 10-minute mask features algae extracts that deliver an extra helping of hydration while emollient-rich apricot kernel oil leaves skin soft and supple. This is my new skincare love affair. The second Melissa put it on me, I told her that I was buying it. It is thick and luxurious. The product sits on your skin for a few minutes and then shows where your face needed the most moisture.

3. OLEHENRIKSEN Truth Serum®

This OLEHENRIKSEN Truth Serum® is a powerful antiaging serum formulated with vitamin C and collagen for brightening and all-day hydration. This is a great solution for those with a loss of firmness or elasticity, dryness, dullness and an uneven texture.


4. Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm

An eye balm designed to prime, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate, and soothe with alguronic acid, vitamin C, caffeine, cucumber, aloe, and green tea extracts. This balm is a great solution for puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles plus dark circles.

5. Peter Thomas Roth Professional 3% Retinoid Plus

A lightweight antiaging overnight treatment to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles and even skin tone featuring; caffeine, SymCalmin, SymSitive® 1609, allantoin and bisabolol.

6. SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O. C + E antiOXIDANT Protect + Repair Moisturizer

SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O. C + E antiOXIDANT Protect + Repair Moisturizer is a hydrating moisturizer that infuses skin with high-potency, advanced vitamin C (THD ascorbate) to fight the first visible signs of aging while providing powerful antioxidant support. Helps reduce dryness, fine lines and wrinkles to give skin a visibly younger, softer, and healthier-looking complexion.


7. Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is an innovative makeup setting spray that helps control oil and shine while refreshing your UV defense with an uplifting scent of rosemary and mint. This 3-in-1 product refreshes your defense against photoaging UV rays, helps control oil and shine and is a weightless mist that sets makeup.

8. Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask is a pack of fast-acting eye treatment sheets with pure retinol micro-infusion technology to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles in as little as 15 minutes. Each time you use these treatment sheets, you improve your skin's resilience. Can also be used for laugh lines.

Ok so here is what I look like in this eye mask. Fancy, right?

Makeover your skin with Sephora Inside JCPenney #SephorainJCP #SoWorthIt

9. Shiseido Facial Cotton

Shiseido Facial Cotton provides an extremely soft, gentle way to apply liquid skin care products. This product is 100% natural, allows for maximum absorption and is uniquely manufactured for a consistent soft, smooth texture.

These things are like pillows. They were so soft, wet and cool (the water was cool which I liked). Melissa used these to clean my face and I love the feel. I immediately planned to buy them. I made everyone at home try them that evening. They all agree that these cotton pads are amazing.


10. Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx™ Peeling Gel

Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx™ Peeling Gel is a unique peeling gel that visibly exfoliates by rolling, lifting, and sweeping away when massaged onto the skin as a result of physical and enzymatic mechanisms. This is a great solution for those with dryness, visible pores, dullness and uneven skin texture. She put some of this on my hands and I could instantly see that my skin had been exfoliated. My skin felt so soft after rinsing with water.



Inspired by Asian beauty rituals, this SEPHORA COLLECTION Hand Mask is from the line of hand care treatments, each with a different benefit, that offers 15 minutes of pure bliss. Simply slip on a single pair of non-drip, coated gloves and your hands will taken care of as you continue on with your day.

Types available:

Avocado Hand Mask: Offers intense nutrition to nourish and soothe hands.
Argan Hand Mask: Provides hands with a more even skin tone for an antiaging effect.
Aloe Vera Hand Mask: Provides intense moisture for beautiful hands.

This was an add-on but 100% worth it. I could easily become addicted to these hand masks. I could feel my hands being moisturized. This is definitely a fave of mine going into stockings at Christmas.

Makeover your skin with Sephora Inside JCPenney #SephorainJCP #SoWorthItAbout Sephora Inside JCPenney

There are Sephora locations in over 588 JCPenney stores across the US and features the signature look and beauty assortment of Sephora in center of the JCPenney store and features over 200 beauty brands.

Every single product that I regularly purchase at Sephora was available in-store. It was so nice to be able to get in and out of the store with ease plus all of the associates were helpful.

Makeover your skin with Sephora Inside JCPenney #SephorainJCP #SoWorthIt
Sephora Inside JCPenney Beauty Insider Origins Event 5.6.2017

Head to select stores for the Sephora Origins event this weekend from 12-5PM. Share the love. Spend some quality time together to celebrate Mother’s Day with a mother/daughter skincare consultation and a mini radiance-boosting facial of your choice. Then go home with a FREE gift.

Did you catch my visit on Instagram Stories?

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  1. There are so many wonderful products at Sephora! I love that they have a Sephora inside JC Penney!

  2. EXCELLENT products you listed! I am overjoyed we finally have a Sephora in our JCPenny!

  3. Ali Rost

    I always love seeing your smiling face .. your posts are so much fun!   We too have a Sephora inside out JCPenny store and it’s seriously dangerous for me to go inside.  I want to buy one of everything.  I haven’t noticed their hand moisturizer.  That one I’m going to have to get .. gardening season is nearly upon us!  

  4. I don’t recall seeing the Sephora setup at our local JC Pennys but I’m also not normally going there to look through the make-up/cosmetics section. I’m going to share this post with my lovely wife who will be interested in this.

  5. Wow! You are shining brilliance!! You look so fresh and awake!

  6. I was just in the JCP near our home and was drooling over all the products in Sephora. I need to go back when I have more time to browse.

  7. Tiffany Hathorn

    Some of my friends absolutely adore the Sephora brand. I need to try it out one day.

  8. Victoria Heckstall

    Sephora they have the prettiest and effective skincare and cosmetics products. I would love to try the Fresh Soy Cleanser.

  9. Rebecca Swenor

    The Sephora Origins event sounds like an awesome place to visit with mom or friends. The free gift would be a great plus. Thanks for sharing you awesome experience.

  10. Love You Wedding

    Haven’t tried any of these products yet but I think I would be interested in the Sunday Riley. It looks like this is something I would need this summer.

  11. Our local JC Penny just got Sephora— I totally want to get a consultation. I need some help!

  12. I am horrible about caring for my skin until I habe a breakout. It is probably better to proactive instead of reactive. Plus, I am getting older and should be using moisturizers.

  13. Shirley Martinez

    I think I’ve only been in sephora twice ever, but I know my friends love a good makeover. will share

  14. I’m not getting any younger and I definitely need all these things. And that avocado hand mask sounds great. I can’t wait to try ’em all.

  15. These are all great products! I love the Sephora inside the freestanding JC Penney!! They always have everything I need!

  16. Wow these products looks amazing! You look so fresh and stunning.

  17. Jennifer G

    I have always heard amazing things about Sephora! The hand mask sounds so good! Products with Avocado usually are great for your skin but for some reason I am allergic..

  18. robin rue

    This is super convenient for me. My local JC Penney is much closer than the closest Sephora.

  19. Catherine Sargent

    This looks like a great product line. I will have to go to JCPenny and check it out.

  20. I need to plan a trip to our local (1+ hour away!) Sephora so I can get some advice from somebody with more experience than me.

  21. My issue is I become attached to the same skincare products and do not stray from them even after my needs change. I could use a consultation, as well as a facial.

  22. I’ll have to show this to my wife. She’s got a lot of Sephora products, and we do have a JCPenney very close by.

  23. Pam

    I have always liked face masks. That origins ten minute mask sounds awesome!

  24. It’s awesome that Melissa put together a custom facial for you based on your preferences. I’m liking the effects of all of these products!

  25. Origins products are really great! Sephora’s makeup artist seems to have suggested really great skincare products for you. They’re always on point with that!

  26. Sephora is on my list. I’m digging in the bottom of the bottle for my facial wash. It is time to get a new one.

  27. I hit Sephora in JC Penny EVERY time I go to the mall and of course when I need makeup …which is often. Love so many of the products you picked- They have all the best of the best!

  28. I didn’t know there was a Sephora inside JCPenney.   I need that 10 minute mask!  It sounds amazing! 

  29. Sephora looks to have some nice product lines.
    Also, it is important that the staff working in (any) store are nice to the customers!

  30. These are really great picks! I love that they can recommend what’s best for your skin. Awesome!

  31. I had no idea there were sephoras in JC Penney! I have always heard great things about both stores.

  32. I love stopping at Sephora every time I’m near it. I was just in there yesterday actually!

  33. Our Family World

    This is good to know. I mean, Sephora has great product offers but to have someone in their store to give advice on proper skin and facial care is awesome!

  34. Amazing products! Sephora seems to be a good brand. I would love to explore more.

  35. katrina gehman

    i love sephora! i will have to check out a few of these products as i haven’t tried them before.

  36. Amy Desrosiers

    Sephora is my total favorite store! I could spend hours trying all the product samplers!

  37. Crystal

    I can’t tell you how desperately I need to head over & get some feedback on skin care. I’m noticing changes in my skin and should switch up my routine.

  38. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Wow. There are so many new products to try out at Sephora. I will have to check this out the next time I am at JC Penney!

  39. That is so cool. It’s good to know that their beauty products are reliable and effective. I wouldn’t mind giving those masks and other products a try. Such a lovely way to pamper yourself.

  40. Dana Vento

    I am now convinced that I should try their products! I always hear good things about Sephora.

  41. Lynne B

    My daughter and I love Sephora! We missed this event though. boo.

  42. Sephora has such a great variety of products, they have everything! And it is great to be able to get help from someone who better understand the products.

  43. I totally forgot that there was one of these in JCPenney’s. I could definitely use some help with my skin and it would be nice to get some advice on what to get for my skin.

  44. I need to try the Origins Drink Up. I have always had dry skin and most of the masks take too long and I don’t have time for it. I never knew that Sephora was inside JCPenney’s, I’ll definitely have to stop by there when I’m at the mall picking up Sees Candies this weekend!

  45. All this at JC Penney! Who would of thunk? I love Penney’s and have shopped there forever. Now I have one more reason to go shopping.

  46. Wow that’s quite the treatment inside a JC Penney’s.  One of these I’ll have to try the Sephora treatment and see all that I need for a full skin care…  It’s so much and so overwhelming without the assistance! 🙂 

  47. That was an amazing makeover! You look so good! My daughter has always talked about Sephora and how great they are. I will have to check them out.

  48. Your skin looks amazing by the way! I need to swing in Sephora and get some facial products!

  49. Taking care of your skin is so important. I think it’s great that you are teaching your children how to do so.

  50. These are all great products. We don’t have JC Penney here in Canada but they sure do offer a great service.

  51. I love these beautiful products!…

  52. Brianne

    I just love sephora! And so need a re-haul on my makeup! 

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