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Lepow® Moonstone Series Power Bank Portable Charger Review

Lepow MoonstoneFounded in 2011, Lepow develops, manufactures, and markets mobile device accessories. Among them is the Lepow® Moonstone Series 6000mAh External Battery Portable Charger. Partly named after its ergonomic pebble shape — a square with curved edges — it functions as a power bank or portable charger.

Lepow Moonstone out of the package


Each Lepow Moonstone Series Power Bank/Portable Charger has two USB ports. One is rated at 1.2 Amps for normal charging speed. The other is rated at 2.1 Amps for faster charging speed. Regardless of different measurements of electrical energy, both can be used at the same time, thus enabling the charging of up to two devices. Built into the charger is an intelligent circuit to prevent the battery and power bank itself from overcharging or short-circuiting.

Lepow Moonstone Dimensions

Lepow Moonstone CompatibilityCOMPATIBILITY

The Lepow® Moonstone Series 6000mAh External Battery power bank works with many cellphone, digital player, and tablet models in the market. This includes the iPad mini, iPod, HTC One, Droid, Google Nexus, and members of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones. Certain devices from other manufacturers like LG Electronics and Nokia are also included. According to Lepow, the Lepow Moonstone Series charger can be recharged within 7 hours. There are four LED lights on the power bank; with the press of a button they shine to indicate the amount of battery life.

Built into the power bank is a 6000mAh lithium-ion polymer battery, which provides a current of 500mA in ordinary charge mode and 1,200mA in fast-charge mode. With the battery, the Lepow Moonstone charger can provide a minimum talk time of 30 hours and minimum standby time of 750 hours.

Lepow Moonstone 2CHOOSE YOUR COLOR

The Lepow Moonstone comes in any of the following glossy color finishes: Apple Green, Rose Red, Sunfire Yellow, Glossy Black, and Ivory White.

Weighing 8.8 ounces, the charger's length and width measure 3.2 inches, and it has a height of 0.8 inches. Lepow includes a 12-month worry-free warranty.


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  1. katy b

    I would choose the white one. My family and I would use it on a daily basis 🙂

  2. Beth Hill

    I would choose red.

  3. Samantha C.

    The yellow would be a great color!

  4. kristin h

    I would choose the black

  5. Dorothy Teel

    I like the Athens Blue color, it is very pretty. THank you for sharing this review

  6. Lynda Del

    I would choose the white one for myself.

  7. natalie yeoman

    my favorite color is the rose red and i would be the one using it

  8. Jennifer T.

    I’d choose the Apple Green charger. I’d be the one using it since my kids inevitably drain my phone battery playing games.

  9. Joanne Smith

    I would pick the blue.

  10. I love the colors!!! 🙂 I’d choose either the yellow one or the red one. :3

  11. Roxanne

    I love the red powerbank! 🙂

  12. Gabriel Senires

    I would like to have the black one because I could use it whenever, wherever I want especially now that I have gadgets that tend to consume battery faster than usual and I kinda need it so, yeah. I hope I winnnn.

  13. I would like to win the red or black olor model, coz these are my fav. colors

  14. Kayte

    That’s very cool. How many hours were you able to get out of it when you used it to charge?

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