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Kix Cereal Story Boxes Available Exclusively at Target ~ Build Your Child’s Imagination

Kix at Target with Cut Outs 6

Generic SPWe just recently bought a box of Kix at Target. The kids were very excited because they saw these really cool pop-ups after I put the Kix in the cart. This special Kix cereal with the story box is only available at Target which is, of course, where a lot of money goes. I love Target.

These bright, vibrant cereal boxes really stand out. So much so that mys kids asked about it as soon as I picked it up.

So here is my son popping everything out of the box. He thought that this was the coolest thing ever. He loves building things so he was definitely taking on this challenge. He quickly popped everything out and then started putting the animals together.

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Over the past two years, Kix has been rallying around a new purpose: to fuel kids’ imaginations and inspire their creativity. They have done this through their Facebook page and on their website by providing crafts, science projects and activities that parents can share with their kids.

Now they are taking this new purpose and bringing it to life on their cereal box. The new Kix box is unlike anything else you’ll find in the cereal aisle. Two flavors – Regular and Berry Berry – will be available exclusively at Target stores starting this fall. In addition to new designs on the box, the packaging itself can become a toy to inspire creativity, with punch-out building pieces that kids can use to make a variety of characters. Learn more about how the new box works at

The characters kids build will also come to life through online storybooks called Kix Adventures which is definitely a great feature along with the punch out pieces. Each story takes kids and parents on an adventure that inspires learning, imagination and play. Explore Kix Adventures at My kids love the stories. Kix at Target Adventures

After popping out the pieces, we had to make a few strategic cuts and then the building could begin. My son built the giraffe and then develop a whole storyline around the animals on the box. He started telling us lots of facts about the various animals. His favorite story was Telly the Turtle's Tale because he has a turtle so one always ends up in his stories as well.

My daughter immediately gravitated towards the stories that were already created but she loved it just the same. I really like that Kix did this. The boxes and stories hold my kids attention which is great.

This kind of challenge really fosters creativity and encourages them to go beyond just punching out the pieces.

Kix Pop Out Build & Play at TargetKix at Target Even More on Website


You can find all kinds of crafts, recipes, experiments, and more on the Kix website.

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