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Keep those New Year’s Resolutions with Sears

Keep those New Year's Resolutions with Sears #2016resolutions

Did you know that only about 8% of those who make New Year’s resolutions achieve them?

I know that at the start of every single year, I make plans to make my life even better. I strive each and every year to live a better year than the one before. This is kind of our family philosophy.

With New Year’s Day comes the tradition of self-reflection and making resolutions to change our lives for the better. Every single year in January, 1 out of every 3 Americans resolves to better them self in ways like this:

  • stay fit
  • enjoy life to the fullest
  • spend more time with family and friends
  • learn something new
  • and more

Making New Year's resolutions just seems to be part of our culture. We all want to change our lives for the better at the beginning of every year. However, the majority of these resolutions fall by the wayside by the end of January.

This year Sears wants to help you tackle that challenge. They are making it possible for customers to achieve their New Year’s resolutions with a variety of products and services to help out every step of the way.

Sears Can Help You Keep New Year's Resolutions

At Sears, you can shop for your entire home and find great products that will help you meet and exceed those New Year's resolutions. Plus Sears is convenient to shop offering online, in store and smartphone purchasing.

If you resolution is to get fit this year, then head to America's #1 fitness retailer to find some of your favorite brands like Fitbit and NordicTrack. Customers will find merchandise from trusted, exclusive brands, including:

  • Fitness equipment
  • Small kitchen appliances – like juicers and crockpots
  • Fitness apparel from Everlast and footwear
  • Connected solutions – fitness wearables, smart electronics to help save money
  • Mattresses

Sears carries a huge selection of fitness equipment and sporting goods to help you stay in shape so you can easily and affordably create a personal gym in your own home.

Keep those New Year's Resolutions with Sears #2016resolutions Sears FitBit Surge

Keeping my resolution

To be able to keep my New Year's resolution this year, I need a new fitness tracker. The one that I have is old and I have been coveting that fitness tracker jewelry so I am most likely getting a new FitBit. On the other hand, I kind of see the reason for a durable watch fitness tracker. I really just cannot decide.

Keep those New Year's Resolutions with Sears #2016resolutions Fitbit Flex

Sears Makes Shopping Convenient

The Sears App is the perfect companion for busy shoppers because you can quickly find the right products. You can also compare features, prices and user reviews; find deals, make the most of Shop Your Way points; make purchases, and track orders. I order everything from the app and have it ready for pickup as soon as I arrive at the store. It doesn't get better or easier than that!

Kick-start your year and keep those New Year’s resolutions by shopping at Sears. Happy shopping!

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This is a sponsored post with Sears.

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173 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Scott

    I could use a good treadmill because it’s so cold out side. This one from sears looks great.

  2. Michelle Simons

    Triple Star Women’s Insulated Anorak Coat for my walks.

  3. Lisa Brown

    I would get the South Shore Morgan Storage Cabinet in Chocolate to do some much needed reorganization in a few rooms in the house.

  4. Mami2jcn

    A fitbit would help me with exercise.

  5. Denise M

    I want to buy a bicycle or elliptical that i can keep under my desk at work. I saw one on Sears and i spend so much time at work on conference callls

  6. Steve Weber

    I would love a blender for smoothies after my runs

  7. Candice

    I would like to get some new patio furniture. I like the TY PENNINGTON STYLE Parkside 4 Piece Deep Seating Set.

  8. Michele Behlen

    I would buy things to help me get organized.

  9. Kim Henrichs

    I would buy a Fitbit Flex to keep me walking and taking the stairs!

  10. Soha Molina

    I;d buy activeware for my exercise class.

  11. Jennifer Rote

    I’d like to get the Fitbit Charge HRTM Heart Rate and Activity Wristband to keep me on track.

  12. Laura J

    My new years resolution is to learn to cook healthier for my family. I have so much to learn! I would love to get a good start with their CONCORD BLACK Eco Friendly Healthy Ceramic 3 PC Nonstick Fry Pan Skillet Cookware Set!

  13. Gina M

    I would love to get a fitbit flex from sears!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  14. Melissa M

    I just found out I am pregnant so I would get the Safety 1st Kayla High Chair.

  15. I would buy a new lawnmower that would get me going for sure

  16. We are in the process of getting our resolutions started. We have talked to a personal trainer and getting our plan of action the next thing is learning about is nutrition.

  17. I would buy the Pacific Evolution 26 Inch Women’s Mountain Bike so I could ride bikes with my son more. 😉

  18. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Sounds like they have something for everyone over at Sears. I need some new weights actually.

  19. I think I would buy myself a good pair of winter boots with good support so I could walk safely outside for exercise.

  20. Will G

    I would buy exercise clothes.

  21. I would love to get a new treadmill. We get a lot of our fitness equipment and appliances from Sears.

  22. Kelly D

    I would buy the Brinley Co. Brinley Active Womens Activewear Double Zipper Jacket to wear when I am exercising.

  23. It is really tough to get through the year and keep your resolution. It needs consistency and commitment.

  24. Rachel

    I would use the money to buy new workout clothes to help me with my resolution.

  25. ellen beck

    Since one of my resolutions is to grow more of our own food, I would love to have their BestChoiceproducts Greenhouse 12′ X 7′ X 7′ Large Outdoor Green House. Or put a towards a cold frame to extend our growing season. I use a whole lot of the food I grow during the winter months, and it is so much better than the store bought and I know where it came from, what was used on it and everything about it.

  26. Mary Cloud

    Withings Wireless Smart Scale to help me keep track of my weight loss progress

  27. Melissa S

    I really want a Fitbit, my friend has one and it pushes her to get in those extra steps.

  28. Only 8%! That is crazy! It is so important to have the right tools and resources to achieve

  29. Jen Rodrigues

    I want to buy a treadmill.

  30. shelly peterson

    I could use a NordicTrack Elite Treadmill

  31. Emily Smith

    I would buy some new athletic shoes. I think comfortable shoes are important for a successful workout or run.

  32. Bridgette R

    New workout apparel!

  33. ellen beck

    Since one of my resolutions is to grow more of our own food, I would choose to get a pair of loppers, a pair of pruners, and an alligator electric lopper. Those alligators are super nice.

  34. victoria

    I would love to buy a new treadmill mine was too old.

  35. I see they have 50% off activewear. I’d buy myself a couple more workout outfits

  36. Melissa M

    I would get a new go pro camera.

  37. This is awesome! I still have a couple of resolutions I haven’t killed yet and it looks like Sears might be able to help me stay on track!

  38. Mami2jcn

    A fitbit would help me with my fitness goals.

  39. Candice

    I would love to get some new workout pants.

  40. I need one of those to keep track of my progress everyday. I have been wanting a lifting weight set.

  41. Rebecca Swenor

    Sears is a great place to shop with great deals and I love the Sears app which is so convenient. I would love to have a fitness tracker so I could monitor my activities during the day as well as my sleep habits.

  42. This is such a great giveaway!! I would love to get a new FitBit with it!!

  43. That fitness tracker looks so cool! I want to win this giveaway.

  44. I would love to shop at Sear’s for some new appliances. We are in the market for a washer and dryer.

  45. Samantha

    I’d buy new workout clothes for my husband and I so we can be stylish while working out in the New Year.

  46. I stopped making resolutions years ago because I was getting angry at myself for feeling like I failed somehow. Now, I make a short list of goals I would like to accomplish. I make sure they are attainable as long as I put the work in for my reward. This years main goal is to just move.

  47. I love to shop at Sears. I just bought a Fitbit Charge and i love it. It really helps me keep track of my efforts.

  48. Soha Molina

    I;d et Everlast® Women’s Athletic Pants – Colorblock,

  49. Tonya Atkinson

    I would get a fit bit I lost my last one

  50. Emily Smith

    I definitely need some new athletic shoes!

  51. Laura J

    Oh I would love to get the Farberware 5-Quart Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan to help with my new years resolution to cook healthier for my family! Great price too at 49.99!

  52. ellen beck

    Classic Accessories Seasons Christmas Tree Rolling Storage Duffel sounds like something that would help me keep a resolution. I need to get more organized and compact.

  53. Bonnie @wemake7

    This is a really great giveaway! So far I have stuck to my resolutions. I love these products.

  54. Mami2jcn

    A blender would help me make fruit smoothies for healthier breakfasts.

  55. I’ve been working so hard to stay on track with my 2016 Goals. So far so good, 16 days into the new year.

  56. Elle

    I would get new pillows to help me get more sleep.

  57. Barbara Montag

    I would buy a ProForm 475 Elliptical.
    Then I could work out indoors during the winter or rain.
    thank you

  58. Ana

    Fitbit with no doubt! I need to exercise more this year!

  59. Courtnie Miller

    I’d buy new shoes.

  60. Emily Smith

    I would love to get a Fitbit Flex Slate- Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband!

  61. Karrie

    I would buy new sneakers

  62. Sarah Hayes

    this GC would be a huge help in me getting a nice treadmill. I like the NordicTrack T 6.5Z

  63. Sarah Hayes

    commented on you IG post about Sweet & Spicy Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wings

  64. Sarah Hayes

    left a 2nd IG comment on a post about teaching kids about not spreading germs

  65. Sarah Hayes

    left a 3rd IG comment on your post about NYE and Pepto

  66. Shayna


  67. Bridgett Wilbur

    I would buy a new pair of winter boots for my daughter.

  68. I would probably get some running shoes!

  69. Kim Pincombe Cole

    I would get some new workout wear, like these
    Champion Women’s PowerTrain Workout Print Tight (
    And I’d also get a new juicer, like the Cuisinart Compact Juice Extractor (

  70. Laura J

    I would love to get their Taste of Home Healthy Cooking Cookbook: Eat Right with 350 F! That would be a huge help for my new years resolution to learn to cook healthier!

  71. ellen beck

    I would get a nice pair of walking shoes like maybe the Valdini Valdini Dalia Women Leather Walking Shoe. I need some new cute shoes to motivate me to get up and move more. I really like this style!

  72. Mami2jcn

    A fitbit would help with fitness goals.

  73. Sarah Hayes

    Im definitely on the lookout for the perfect treadmill. the NordicTrack T 6.5S Treadmill would be ideal

  74. I have heard a lot about these fitness trackers but never really bothered to research it. Looks like an awesome product to have.

  75. Natalie

    I would love to buy some new running shoes!

  76. Barbara Montag

    A Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill would help me with my resolution.

  77. Entering giveaway! I would love to win the $100 giftcard!

  78. I would buy this KitchenAid mixer I’ve had my eye on, making everything from scratch would cut out all the preservatives in the snack foods I love to eat.

  79. Harmony b

    I’ve been wanting a fitbit charge. I think it would be great motivation

  80. Cia

    My favorite thing about Sears is the fact that they are partnered with the Shop Your Way program. I will definitely have a peek at what they have in stock.

  81. Laura J

    Oh I would love to get the Marcy Cardio Trampoline Trainer! Would be wonderful and great help for a healthier new year!

  82. Jennifer W

    I’d love to get a NordicTrack! No more weather excuses for not working out.

  83. ellen beck

    I would love to get one of the coldframe greenhouses since one of my resolutions is to grow more food myself. That would extend the growing season quite a bit, and these look really nice,

  84. Barbara Montag

    I would buy a Nutribullet for making smoothies.

  85. Emily Smith

    I would like to get some new comfy workout clothes.

  86. Mami2jcn

    I would love a treadmill.

  87. Jennifer Williams

    I’d get some new workout clothes that are extra-comfy and extra-cute to help motivate me!

  88. Natalie

    I would buy a running belt to keep my water bottle.

  89. Christina A.

    I think I would buy some workout clothes and new shoes!

  90. Susan C.

    I’d buy a new pair of running shoes so I can continue my running in comfort!

  91. Sarah Hayes

    The NordicTrack C 800 Treadmill looks amazing! id love to reach my goals this year and this would help me get there

  92. Dana Rodriguez

    I would buy some new activewear like yoga pants!

  93. Laura J

    Oh I would love to get the Progressive Prepworks Lettuce Keeper! Would be perfect for my new years resolution to cook healthier this year!

  94. ellen beck

    AXON Grey 60-Gallon Rain Barrel with Lid in HDPE Food Grade Plastic Resin would help me keep to a resolution in being more self sufficient and growing more of our own food. On those hot summer days when there hasnt been much rain this would come in handy!

  95. Barbara Montag

    I would get a ProForm 475 Elliptical.
    Great indoor workout!

  96. Kathleen Whitney

    I am actually saving up for a bigger purchase. Like a riding lawn mower!

  97. Courtnie Miller

    I’d like some dress pants.

  98. Dana Rodriguez

    I would love to have the Schwinn 170 Upright Bike.

  99. Sarah Hayes

    love the ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill. that would be a great way to hep me get fit

  100. Mami2jcn

    A blender to make smoothies would help with resolutions.

  101. Jennifer Williams

    I’d love to get a dehydrator and make our own healthier dried snack options!

  102. Sandy P

    How I would love a fitness tracker…but not on our budget

  103. Laura J

    Oh I would love to get the Fitbit Flex Black – Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband to help me with my exercise goals in the new year!

  104. Seyma Shabbir

    I would love to get workout clothes like Under Armour Storm Fleece Semi-Fitted Hoodie!

  105. Emily Smith

    A new bike would be great for a fun way to get some exercise in!

  106. ellen beck

    Hirts: Citrus Four Seasons Eureka Lemon Tree – Potted – Fruiting Size – 8″ Pot – Citrus would be one way to keep one of the resolutions too grow more food. I dont think I have ever seen this at our Sears maybe it can be bought online.

  107. debbie

    I’d love to have the iFit.

  108. Dawn Monroe

    I would buy the Sony Zx series headphones to help with motivation.

  109. Barbara Montag

    I would get a Nutribullet for making healthy smoothies.

  110. Sarah Hayes

    The Life Fitness F1 Smart Folding Treadmill is a nice looking one!

  111. Jennifer Williams

    I’d get a new pair of tennis shoes! I love that they carry wide widths.

  112. Mami2jcn

    I would like to have free weights.

  113. Dana Rodriguez

    The HON HON 512PP 510 Series Two-Drawer Full-Suspension File cabinet would help me get my home office organized.

  114. Natalie

    I would buy a new treadmill.

  115. Rhonda W G.

    I’d purchase a new pair of jeans!

  116. Christina A.

    I would buy workout clothes and new walking shoes!

  117. Laura J

    Oh I would love to get their Elite Platinum EPCM-55BL 5.5Qt. Smart n Healthy Low Pressure Multi-Cooker, Blue! That would be wonderful for my new years resolution to cook healthier for my family!.

  118. ellen beck

    Juwel AeroQuick 187 Gal. Composter woud be one of my choices sincee one of my resolutions is to grow our own food on a bigger scale. I have one composter but another one would speed things up.

  119. Susan C.

    I’d but a new gym bag and thicker socks so when I run I dont get blisters!

  120. Jennifer Williams

    I’d get a Nutribullet personal blender to make morning smoothies easy!

  121. Sarah Hayes

    the AFG 3.1AT Treadmill is incredible!! that would definitely get the job done

  122. Barbara Montag

    I would buy a Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill for an indoor workout.

  123. Mami2jcn

    I’d like new walking shoes.

  124. Dana Rodriguez

    The Flowtron Leaf-Eater Mulcher/Shredder would help me get my yard cleaned up.

  125. Courtnie Miller

    I’d like a fit bit.

  126. Rhonda W G.

    I could use some new work out wear!

  127. Christina A.

    New workout clothes and new shoes!

  128. Laura J

    Oh I would love to get the Fila Women’s Memory Perpetual Gray/Silver Running Shoe to help with my new years resolution!

  129. ellen beck

    VermiTek VermiHut 5 Piece Worm Bin Set – Color: Black would help me keep our resolution of growing more of our own food. I have always wanted one of these. Worms are great for composting and in the garden.

  130. Barbara Montag

    I would love to get a Nutribullet – great for making those morning smoothies!

  131. Courtnie Miller

    I’d like an elliptical.

  132. Betty Baez

    I would love to buy the NordicTrack T 6.5Z Treadmill!

  133. Mami2jcn

    I’d like new sneakers so I can exercise more.

  134. Jennifer Williams

    I’d love to get the Yukon Fitness Denali Stationary Indoor Cycling Bike to be able to work out during naptime 🙂

  135. Sarah Hayes

    Loving the ProForm Power 995 I Treadmill. That could definitely help me reach my goals

  136. Dana Rodriguez

    The FILA women’s Memory Perpetual running shoe would keep my feet comfortable.

  137. Christina A.

    I would buy some workout clothes and some new running shoes!

  138. Laura J

    Oh I would love to get the Lions Gate Dancing With The Stars Fitness Exercise Workout DVD’s 3-Pack! That would be so great to help get healthy in the new year!

  139. brittany marie thompson

    i would buy a fitbit charge at sears to keep my weight loss resolution

  140. ellen beck

    BestChoiceproducts Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat With Tool Tray Heavy Duty Gardening Planting New would be a great thing to have to scoot around thee garden, this would help me keep my resolution to grow more food and I would spend more time weeding without bending over!

  141. Susan C.

    I’d buy a new water bottle and running shoes!

  142. Dawn Monroe

    I would buy a Fitbit Flex activity tracker.

  143. Jennifer Williams

    I’d love to get some camping gear like the Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent to get our whole family outside and moving around more!

  144. Barbara Montag

    I would like to get a Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill.
    Can do my walking indoors when neededed!

  145. Courtnie Miller

    I’d buy some workout clothes.

  146. Mami2jcn

    I would buy hand weights for working out.

  147. Sarah Hayes

    the Weider 300LB Weight Set would be marvelous

  148. Natalie

    I would buy a steamer to make steamed veggies.

  149. Cori Westphal

    My resolution is to keep my house cleaner, so I’ love to use this to get the Kenmore Canister Vacuum!

    coriwestphal at gmail dot com

  150. Birdiebee

    I would love a NordicTrack T 6.5Z Treadmill to get my body back in shape as this was one of my New Year’s resolutions.

  151. Dana Rodriguez

    I would buy the Bongo Junior’s Low Rise Distressed Skinny Jeans as a reward for sticking to my goals!

  152. Birdiebee

    I commented on the Instagram post: ​If you have appliances, how do you handle maintenance? for an entry

  153. Melissa S

    If I won I would get a Keurig, I have wanted one for a while now.

  154. laurie murley

    i would buy the NutriBullet 9 Piece NutriBullet Pro 900 Nutrition Exactor so we could eat betterr

  155. ellen beck

    OHUHU 100 Feet Super Strong Garden Hose / 100 ft Expandable Garden Hose with All Brass Connector & Free 8-pattern Spray Nozzle Green would be great for thee garden and since growing more of our own food is a resolution I could sure use one of these.

  156. Barbara Montag

    I would buy the Everlast Women’s Reflective Athletic Pants for Y classes.

  157. Sarah Hayes

    The Sunny Health & Fitness Tri-Fold Exercise Mat would be amazing !!

  158. Jennifer Williams

    A great pair of hiking shoes! I like the Skechers Women’s Relaxed Fit Peaks Black/Multicolor Hiking Boot. We moved out to an area with mountains and our goal is to do a LOT of hiking this year!

  159. Mami2jcn

    I would buy a new blender to make smoothies. Thanks!

  160. Birdiebee

    I would love to purchase the George Foreman 200″ Indoor-Outdoor Grill.

  161. Cheryl B.

    I would buy a pair of Fila running shoes.

  162. Christina A.

    I would buy new workout clothes and some new running shoes! 🙂

  163. Kristen

    I’d get the Everlast Women’s Yoga Pants – Striped.

  164. Susan C.

    I’d buy a blender so I could make healthy smoothies!

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