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Go Back to School with the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter

Jetson Quest Electric Scooter @ridejetson @bestbuy

Go Back to School with the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter

Are you looking for ways to beat the traffic this back to school season? Or maybe you are looking for greener ways of transportation? Now you can beat the traffic with the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter. The Jetson Quest Electric Scooter 250W hub motor lets you travel up to 18 miles at 15 mph. The bright LED headlight and deck lights keep you visible during nighttime travel. Conveniently stow away the Quest scooter with the easy-fold system. Put it in your car's trunk or underneath a desk.  We hope that you enjoy this Jetson Quest Electric Scooter post.

Jetson Quest Electric Scooter @ridejetson @bestbuyJetson Quest Electric Scooter

The Jetson Quest Electric Scooter is lightweight and portable easily moving with you through the day with a lightweight aluminum frame. The quick fold mechanism lets you easily fold your scooter and carry it up or down stairs. Powerful 250W hub motor helps reach speeds up to 15 mph for a fun ride. Just step on the deck, push off with your foot, and press down on the thumb throttle to engage the motor. The premium lithium-ion battery provides a max range up to 18 miles. Disc brakes offer maximum stopping power and the solid tires are engineered to absorb shock when you're riding on roads and sidewalks.

The no flat, solid tires are engineered to absorb shock along with a concealed premium lithium-ion battery that offers a smooth 18-mile range. The LED display shows battery life, current speed, and more. The Jetson Quest Scooter ultra-bright LED headlight and taillight make your evening ride more comfortable and safe plus improving visibility and safety for when you’re riding on roads and sidewalks. The scooter is suitable for children ages 13 and older and can handle any rider weighing up to 220.5 lbs.

Jetson Quest Electric Foldable ScooterJetson Quest Features at a Glance

FAST AND SMOOTH: A powerful 250 watt hub motor propels the Quest up to 15 mph and the never go flat sold tires are designed to absorb shock offering a smooth and comfortable ride.

CONTROL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Includes a disc brake for maximum stopping power, giving you complete control.

A CHARGE THAT LASTS: The premium Lithium Ion battery has a long-lasting charge, keeping the Quest moving for up to 18 miles.

SAFETY FIRST: Light the way with the ultra-bright LED headlight and taillight for added visibility and safety.

NO SWEAT: This e-scooter folds easily so you can carry it with you and stay on the move.

Jetson Quest Electric Scooter @ridejetson @bestbuyPlease Ride Responsibly

The purchaser and rider of this product are responsible for knowing and obeying all state and local regulations regarding the use of this product. It is highly encouraged that you read and follow the product instructions including all safety precautions and use protective gear. Protective gear can be found at

We hope that you are inspired by this Jetson Quest Electric Scooter post. Shop the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter and more electric scooters plus electric bikes and boards at Best Buy.

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This Go Back to School with the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter @ridejetson @bestbuy post is sponsored. The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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  1. Really Cool Electric scooter. My kids have been wanting one each. I am glad you did this review post. I needed a breakdown on a better quality one. I appreciate it

  2. Jetson Quest Electric Scooter seems very efficient! I don’t usually ride a scooter but I would like to try. Great post!

  3. Such a great looking scooter! My boys would totally love this one.

  4. This looks like a lot of fun and styling too! Thanks for sharing how versatile it is.

  5. That looks like a fantastic new back to school item that would make every kid green with envy. I think a lot of kids would love it!

  6. Cha

    this is so cool! this is a great idea in my city, only if the roads are more friendly…
    but, id like to try this! 🙂

  7. Ruchi Verma

    Wow!! this scooter is so great …I feel perfect for school kiddos!!

  8. Kelly Martin

    This electric scooter would be great for getting to and from school. Kids would love it. 

  9. The Jetson Quest Electric Scooter looks like such a fun way to get around! Way more high tech than the scooter that I got for my 7th birthday almost twenty years ago!

  10. Melanie williams

    Oh wow what a way to travel. such a cool scooter and a fab way to get to school x

  11. I like the quality of the electric scooter. It makes traveling easy for students. I am going to check it.

  12. Tiffany La Forge-Grau

    That thing looks like so much fun! I would have a blast scooting around on this.

  13. LJ Salcedo

    This looks something that every kid would love to have. My boys are asking me to buy this but I refuse but after reading this it changes my decision.

  14. That is a perfect way for older kids to get around, to and from school. My kids would love to have these for around the house in the neighborhood.

  15. That would be a fun way to get around town. My city rents these so It would be a better option to buy one.

  16. Amy Desrosiers

    I can see how this would be helpful to get around campus with! My husband would probably enjoy this a little too much.

  17. This is such a fun scooter. Last year we gave our twins an Electric Scooter for Christmas. It has provided them with hours of fun!

  18. How cute is this scooter! I love that this electric scooter has great battery life.

  19. Stefani Tolson

    My kids have always loved scooters! My 15 year old daughter is wanting one to ride home from school.

  20. I seriously wish I had one of these during college. I would have gotten everywhere!

  21. This is an eco way to get around the campus. I know a guy who uses it to get to work.

  22. Ruth I

    I have been wanting to get something like this for awhile now. It’s just going to help me a lot. More because I don’t like walking LOL.

  23. Ashley

    I would’ve loved one of these when I was on college. It would’ve made getting allllll the way across campus so much easier.

  24. Catalina

    I think that this Jetson electric scooter would be perfect for my family. My kid will be happy to use it around!

  25. I see plenty of people use similar kinds of product a lot nowadays. If I had this cool electric scooter during my college days then it would’ve made things convenient and fun.

  26. My teen nieces and nephews love these. I know they would love to have one. That’s a mom and dad gift, not an auntie gift!

  27. When you live in the city it is very useful. It pollutes little and is fast.

  28. I would love this to go to gym instead! I use a bike to go gym during the weekdays and this seems like a better option! I love it and it is convenient to carry in the train.

  29. Now that’s an affordable way to travel around. I have never thought of getting a scooter before but i am seeing that its so efficient.

  30. I would even use this electric scooter to get place. My 17 year old sister would love it too

  31. I keep seeing this everywhere! I would love to get one for my oldest.

  32. Electric scooters look like so much fun but what a great tool for getting around especially school campuses!

  33. eli

    I wish these were around when I was in college. They would have made my commute to class so much easier and faster!

  34. Hanna Smith

    A few kids on our block ride these to school and seem to love them! I think my son might be a little young (6) but maybe in the next few years! This would be a great way for him to get the .5 mile to school and back!

  35. Thank you for sharing this with us with so much attention to detail and love.

  36. I’m out of school and have kids…but I just want this to play with for myself! That’s ok, right?? 😉

  37. Catherine Santiago Jose

    This is so cool and I would love to get one for me and for my kids I am sure we are going to have a lot of fun riding on it.

  38. How fun to go to school using a scooter. My son would have loved this back then.

  39. Candy Rachelle

    I wish I had this during my college days! This is so cool and user-friendly.

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