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Fashion Tips for Working Moms on a Budget

Fashion Tips for Working Moms on a Budget

You might be able to get away with a  novelty t-shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and a ponytail on the weekends or while handling personal affairs, but when it’s time to take care of business, the dress code of clothes for working mothers changes. Whether you’re fortunate enough to work from home or head to the office every day, your appearance sends a message. From making a positive impression on clients to complying with company guidelines, career women must pay attention to everything from the curls on their heads to the shoes on their feet. We hope that this Fashion Tips for Working Moms on a Budget post inspires you. 

For most working moms, however, dressing professionally isn’t the problem. The issue is finding room in the budget to purchase the appropriate attire. If this happens to be an obstacle for you, these savvy fashion tips are sure to help. 

Fashion Tips for Working Moms on a Budget

Fashion Tips for Working Moms on a Budget

Create a Budget for Work Fashions

The first tip is to add work clothes to your household budget. It may seem like a luxury expense, but not having the appropriate attire can cause you to lose your job. Whether you have $50 or $200 a month to dedicate to a professional wardrobe, it’s more than enough to put together a few outfits. Adding this as a line item to your monthly budget ensures that you don’t spend it all on the kids. The best part is, if you keep your receipts, you can write your clothes purchases off on your taxes as a business expense.

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Build From Your Existing Wardrobe

Not everything in your closet is inappropriate for the workplace. You can save a ton of money and stretch your budget by creating outfits from things you already have when it comes to clothes for working mothers. Before you begin shopping, take an inventory of your existing work clothes. Keep the list handy while shopping to create complete outfits. For instance, if you already have two pairs of black slacks, buying two decorative tops and some pumps is all you need to be work-ready.

Fashion Tips for Working Moms on a BudgetTake Advantage of Online Shopping

What better way for a working mom to save time and money than to shop online? Easily accessible around the clock, you can browse hundreds of vendors and thousands of fashions without the stress of traveling to the store. You’ll also find that there are many promotions and deals from brands ranging from Gucci Women to department store designers. You can save even more on your professional wardrobe with offers like free shipping, exclusive online discounts, coupons, and more. 

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Versatile and Neutral Fashions

Working moms on a budget must be creative when buying clothes for the office. Selecting fashion staples that can be worn in the office or on your days off work to your advantage. For instance, a sundress is versatile during the summer. On the weekends, you can throw it on for a trip to the laundromat or the beach. When heading to work, you can pair it with a cardigan or blazer. 

Versatility isn’t the only thing you should keep in mind when shopping for work clothes on a budget. Opting for neutral or solid colors allows you to get more use out of each item. There’s nothing wrong with having a few unique shirts, pants, or dresses for personality or special occasions, but most solids are advised. Think about it; a navy blue skirt can get more wear out of it than one with polka-dots. 

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Shop Off-Season

Suppose you want to save even more money on your professional wardrobe, shop off-season. As each season passes, retailers make room for new fashions by marking prices down giving you more opportunities for clothes for working mothers. By shopping for fall fashions just a few weeks shy of winter, you could find trendy items for a steal. 

Whether you’re returning to the office after having a baby, starting a new career path, or merely needing something other than a white tee and leggings, purchasing professional clothes doesn’t have to drain your budget. By creating room in the monthly budget for this business expense and using the savvy shopping tips listed above, you can purchase fashions for the workplace without guilt. We hope that this Fashion Tips for Working Moms on a Budget post inspires you. Happy shopping!

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