Jbuds Air True Wireless Earbuds for Every Lifestyle Under $100

Jbuds Air True Wireless Earbuds for Every Lifestyle

Jbuds Air True Wireless Earbuds for Every Lifestyle 1

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Jbuds Air True Wireless Earbuds for Every Lifestyle

As a family of 5 music lovers we are constantly trying out new ways to listen to our favorite tunes, and with 3 of those music lovers in their teens, we are also constantly replacing lost or broken earbuds. Now that is a problem, as a decent pair of true wireless earbuds are not exactly cheap. I always wondered if there was a brand out there that didn't cost a fortune but delivered a reasonable level of sound quality. Well it turns out there is such a company; JLab Audio is the #1 manufacturer of True Wireless Headphones for under $100. Best Buy recently sent us three pairs of JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds to test and try, with each set customized to meet the specific needs of different lifestyles. We received the new sport-inspired JBuds Air Sport, the business-inspired JBuds Air Executive, and the JBuds Air Icon, an upgraded everyday option. Let's take a look at the various options.

Jbuds Air True Wireless Earbuds - Jbuds Air Sport 1


Jbuds Air Sport

Made for an active lifestyle, the Jbuds Air Sport earbuds feature a long playtime and upgraded sweat resistance. The earbuds hold enough charge to go 6 hours, and the case holds another 34 hours of charge time. An IP66 rating means dirt and sweat stay out of the earbuds, so there is no worry while using the Jbuds Air Sport earbuds at the gym. The buds automatically turn themselves on and connect to your device when you remove them from the case.

Jbuds Air True Wireless Earbuds - Jbuds Air Sport 2

Another feature of note is the Be Aware Audio function. This allows you to hear your surroundings while say running. When you turn this feature on, the earbuds blend the outside ambient sounds in with your music. Control of the earbuds is accomplished with touch. With the tap of a finger you can change songs, adjust volume, or take a call. These buds are currently (as of this writing) selling for $69.99 over at Best Buy, so they represent a very nice value for the features offered.


Jbuds Air True Wireless Earbuds - Jbuds Air Executive 1

Jbuds Air Executive

The Jbuds Air Executive earbuds are designed for the business world. As a result, the case is smaller and  more discreet than the other offerings, and the design of the buds themselves a bit more reserved. They share some of the features of the Sport model, such as the auto on and connect feature and custom eq settings. These buds also boast a 6 hour battery life, but the small case of the Jbuds Air Executive holds a little less reserve charge (24 hrs).  An IP rating of IP55 means the Air Executive Series offer a reasonable level of dust and moisture protection.

Jbuds Air True Wireless Earbuds - Jbuds Air Executive 2

C3 Calling is one of the features that is unique to the Air Executive Series.  This feature adds upgraded dual microphones to the buds, which allows for stereo audio and the elimination of surrounding noise while on a call.

Jbuds Air True Wireless Earbuds - Jbuds Air Icon 1

Jbuds Air Icon Series

The Jbuds Air True Wireless Earbuds Icon Series are the cheapest option of the three earbud lines. Currently selling for less than $60 over at Best Buy, these buds offer a ton of value for the money. An IP55 rating means the Air Icon Series offers protection from dust and water. This is a nice thing to see, as there are some very expensive options out there that do not offer this. Playtime for the Air Icon series is 6 hours, and the case holds an additional 18 hours of charge. You also get stereo calling, Auto connect, and custom eq setting. Additionally, the Air Icon earbuds are dual connect. In other words, these buds are independent of one another. Use just the left, right, or both buds; it doesn't matter. They connect independently to your device, so you will never miss a connection.

Jbuds Air True Wireless Earbuds -JLABS

About JLab Audio

From the JLab website: “JLab Audio is an award-winning designer of personal audio including Bluetooth earbuds, headphones and speakers. Founded in 2005, our mission is to enhance how you GO through life with incredible sound, inspired design, and innovative technology without the rockstar price.”

The JLab Manifesto

We know who we are and what we stand for.

Our product speaks for itself, and enriches our busy GO, GO, GO life.

We GO with high quality gear. We GO with gear that motivates and inspires us to work hard and continue to GO farther each day.

We know our products enhance every diverse lifestyle through unique intuitive, wireless designs with awesome sound that will keep you GOing.

Anywhere. Anytime. No slowing down, just YOU, your music, your life, your passion. All you need to do is GO.

Backed by world class support, you’ll always be treated like a friend. We’ve got your back… for life.

No hiding behind screens. We are available, accessible and visible. We want to meet our customers – hear your stories and get to know your needs. We’ll GO anywhere with you.

Finding your GO is going to be fun, and you’ve come to the right place. Let’s GO together.



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We hope you have enjoyed our Jbuds Air True Wireless Earbuds review. Are you a music lover? If so, let us know in the comments your favorite way to enjoy your tunes!

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  1. joy

    these are some great photos. my only concern w/ earbuds like this is that you see so many people driving on freeway with 2 earbuds in. :O

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  2. I need a set of these! I have a pair of earbuds that’s on their last leg. They were never very good to begin with, so I’m excited to get a good pair that still won’t break the bank.

  3. these looks really cool. i think i already have something to wish for the upcoming holiday season. haha! <3

    Cha at Little MisadvenCHA

  4. Would you say it’s the best earphones for jogging? I have my own pair of wireless earphones but they get loose in my ear when I jog.

  5. I want to try the Jbuds Air True Wireless Earbuds. Sounds like it is very user-friendly. Nice pick!

  6. These are Awesome and need a pair for runs so I can listen to my podcasts. They would be a great Christmas gift too! 

  7. These look like a great pair of headphones. I love the case, it looks super stylish, too.

  8. I need a pair of earbuds and was looking into a wireless pair! These look perfect for me!

  9. I’ve read about this brand and would love to get these earbuds. They are very affordable and seem great.

  10. It’s really amazing how this technology has changed over the years. The various options are mind blowing! I do have concerns about wearing wireless things at all due to radio waves, though ; )

  11. Kiwi

    I like the concept of these buds. Looks like they stay in your ears better.

  12. the air icon series Jbuds are are ! stylish functional and practical as well as being aff0rdable

  13. catherine santiago jose

    This wireless earphones are so cool and very stylish, I love it and such a perfect gift to give to my husband on his birthday.

  14. Ladena

    My daugther want wireless headphones so bad for Christmas. These might be the ones we get her! They look great!

  15. Tiffany La Forge-Grau

    I’ve been needing a good pair of wireless buds for a while now. So glad for this recommendation because I’ve been lost and didn’t want to waste money.

  16. Natasha Romero-Salas

    I love the in ear headphones, but by my mom would definitely prefer the over ear ones especially for working out! I might have to both types, one for both of us! 

  17. I’ve been wanting to get wireless earbuds for a long time now! Maybe this Christmas I’ll treat myself and get a pair. Thanks for sharing!

  18. This will make the perfect Christmas gift for a couple of people on our list!

  19. I need these for the gym. I hate the cord on my headphones.

  20. Catalina

    These earbuds are so perfect for everyday activity! Love them so much!

  21. Sherry

    Hubby has been asking for a new set of earbuds. I know what’s going on my shopping list. Now I just have to decide which ones.

  22. Surekha-dreamingloud.com

    This brand sounds great..! I will check this out once I got to have a new pair of earbuds.

  23. I love listening to music when I am on the train but sometimes struggle to manage my earphones as the wires get tangled. This wireless earbuds seem perfect for me

  24. Ruth I

    This looks pretty cool. Would be convenient for athletes and those who prefers outdoor activities. This is certainly worthwhile.

  25. This would be an awesome gift for my son!

  26. Listening to music when I am jogging can be a struggle a times. These seem like the right ones for me!

  27. Thanks for the overview of the different JBUDs. I’ve been curious about them and didn’t even realize how many aspects one needs to consider – like dirt resistance or if the case holds a charge. Great to know.

  28. Melanie williams

    I think wireless buds are the way forward. I have literally just got some and they are much better than having a wire x

  29. There are so many ear buds on the market! I am swimming in choices! I’ve tried many. Could be a nice gift for someone who loves music on-the-go.

  30. Natalie

    Thanks for sharing this info. I was just looking for wireless earbuds. I need to get me one asap.

  31. I need to get these! Wireless is so much easier with kids around.

  32. These look fabulous. I love that they hook around your ear so you cannot lose them

  33. These sound amazing. I have to check these out, I’m in need of new headphones.

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