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Jackets & Blazers from ModCloth

Space, Time, and Splatter Jacket from ModCloth – $26.99

An intelligent summer hobby to fill your time, astronomy leads you to the tallest hills with a stellar telescope. Make your study a fashionable one by fastening…

Post-Yoga Treat Hoodie from ModCloth – $34.99

After giving your body the ultimate energy boost, its time to treat your taste buds as well by paying a visit to the neighboring frozen yogurt shop donning this…

Cruising Across Campus Jacket from ModCloth – $49.99

You dont fret if you're a few minutes behind schedule – you just zip into this comfy moto jacket before hopping on your bike and pedaling to class! Youre the pi…

Classic Touch Jacket from ModCloth – $49.99

What item in your closet finds its way into your ensemble on a daily basis? Why, the time-honored genius of this cropped jean jacket of course! Made from flexib…

Dory the Explorer Coat from ModCloth – $44.99

Fastening the pewter buttons and zippered flap of this navy-blue coat may inspire you to step into a boat and float out to sea. Thats because the cotton constru…

Dressed Down for Drinks Blazer from ModCloth – $37.99

Celebrate a successful week with your hardworking team by treating them to a round of drinks at your favorite outdoor locale. As a nighttime chill weaves into t…

Modern Lit Lecturer Blazer from ModCloth – $44.99

Step up to the podium, clear your throat, and stand tall because all eyes in the lecture hall are on you, Professor. But youve come to class prepared with your …

Charming on the Quad Cape from ModCloth – $42.99

While the quad is your go-to spot on sunny days, the open air can give you quite a chill when the temperature drops – rely on this plaid cape to keep you cozy a…

Hidden Talent Blazer from ModCloth – $47.99

Who knew you that speak five languages? Or have a photographic memory? Or that you have an innate skill for selecting trend-setting styles? Then again, that las…

Creative Department Blazer from ModCloth – $23.99

A daily routine filled with brainstorming, creating, and sketching requires an ensemble just as lively and engaging. Thats why this coral blazer is often a part…


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