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Since my children started school, one of things that I became very aware of is the fact that many classrooms are teacher funded. Some more so than others. As a parent, I have tried every single year with all three teachers to bring whatever supplies they need during the year rather than them going out and buying supplies.

But the fact is that teachers want to do more in their classrooms and they could do more with the supplies they need but sometimes just cannot get. OfficeMax has been working for years to help teachers out and I am thrilled once again to be a part of the A Day Made Better program.



To the average American teacher, “back to school” means spending approximately $1,000 out of their own pocket for essential classroom supplies. OfficeMax founded A Day Made Better to help ease the financial burden on teachers and recognize their extraordinary efforts in the classroom. On October 1, OfficeMax associates around the country will surprise 1,000 teachers with a total of $1 million worth of school supplies. Since 2007, A Day Made Better and other OfficeMax Goodworks programs have contributed more than $25 million in grants and supplies to support more than 31,000 teachers and their classrooms. Additionally, through the annual event, OfficeMax has helped its nonprofit partner AdoptAClassroom.org secure funding for more than 100,000 classrooms nationwide. Learn more at adaymadebetter.com.

OfficeMax A Day Made Better Box and ChairThis year they provided me with an exclusive opportunity to make a difference in my community by surprising a deserving teacher on behalf of the A Day Made Better cause. I was sent one A Day Made Better box filled with classroom supplies worth $1,000 with a mission to surprise a local teacher on Oct. 1. The box included items such as a Kindle Fire, swivel chair, digital camera, labeler and essential supplies from sticky notes to paper, pencils, markers and more!

Office Max a Day Made Better Box

Kids in School OfficeMax A Day Made Better Teacher Looking Through Box

OfficeMax A Day Made Better Supplies Laid Out OfficeMax A Day Made Better Teacher and Kids OfficeMax A Day Made Better Teacher with Supplies

This is our third year participating and I am thrilled to be a part of this program once again. Words cannot express how fun it was to help a teacher out with $1000 in school supplies. I literally cried as I walked away because I was so overwhelmed.

OfficeMax does so many good things for teachers in our community, how could we not shop there? We frequently go into our local store and have been shopping there ever since I learned about this program.

OfficeMax is also generously offering one lucky reader of The Divine Miss Mommy one (1) $100 OfficeMax gift card to give away. They would love for you to join in the cause by surprising a teacher in your community.


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269 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Kelly D

    I would give the supplies to my kids Kindergarten and 2nd grade teachers, and they could use notebooks, folders, pencils, crayons and markers.

  2. Heather Hayes Panjon

    My Daughters 3rd Grade Teacher Mrs, Sullivan, They Could Use, Paper, Pencils, A Pencil Sharpener, A Printer,Snacks


    I would give them to my older son’s teacher, she is always paying for paper, card and pens herself.


    I think I could give back with my time in the classroom

  5. Cynthia R

    i would give this to my friend with three young children, she’s a widow and I think things have been so tough in a lot of ways.

  6. steve weber

    I would give the supplies to my nephew’s 1st grade teacher.. they could use paper, ink, crayons, markers, paints, etc

  7. steve weber

    I could give my time with a show-and-tell presentation or something else that’s really exciting.

  8. Jessie C.

    I would volunteer to help classrooms.

  9. Jessie C.

    I would give markers, crayons, papers, pencils and erasers to DD’s teacher and classroom.

  10. Karen

    Its terrible how much teachers have to put out of pocket just to do their jobs.

  11. kristin h

    I would give to my child’s school – any teacher in that school deserves it – They could use markers, crayons, tissues, paper towels, construction paper – any supplies they could use

  12. That is absolutely amazing. I volunteer in the schools quite often and I can only begin to imagine how much that teacher appreciated the stuff. Teachers spend so much of their own time and money on their students, that it’s nice to be able to give back.

  13. shaunie

    would give the school supplies to a teacher or neighborhood children such as paper, glue and markers

  14. This is awesome! I want to do this for my kid’s school! I hope I win! I want to give the gift card to my son’s 4th grade teacher! They have to do so much more as 4th graders, but with the same classroom budget. She could really use this for all the book report projects the kids have to do this year.

  15. shaunie

    I could give back by volunteering for any of their projects

  16. I would give it to my son’s teacher and she could use crayons, glue sticks, paper, colored paper, stencils, anti-bacterial gel for hands, and wipes for the desks and things. 🙂

    What a fun post, it sounds like you had a great time too.

  17. This is such an awesome program! As a former high school teacher, you wouldn’t believe how many times my husband and I decided not to indulge in a date night because we felt like we needed to buy supplies for “my kids.” I worked in a relatively low-income school where many of my students came to class without basic supplies not because their parents didn’t feel like bringing them to the store, but because they really couldn’t afford such items. There’s such a misconception out there that teachers invest their money in buying “extras” for their students, but in many situations, they have to use their own limited funds to pay for the essentials. I applaud you for being a part of this campaign!

  18. That is great, teachers work very hard and spend a lot of their own money on supplies for their class rooms, at least where I live. Glad Office Max is doing something great like this.

  19. Wow, that’s amazing! I would love to do this for a teacher too!

  20. Pam

    I no longer have kids in school but I would love to donate supplies to the schools that they attended. We have very fond memories.

  21. Healy Harpster

    It will be nice to win the gift card. That surely can buy a lot of school supplies!

  22. How awesome that the teacher got such a great surprise. It is sad that teachers aren’t valued more for the work they do.

  23. I love this! I think it’s ridiculous how much teacher’s have to spend out of their already too small paycheck to buy classroom supplies. It’s good someone notices and is doing something about it!

  24. I would give it to Miss Sophia and she loves her class of kids. She puts so much effort into teaching her class. She would use folders and colored pens and pencils. Lots of tape.

  25. Marika

    Oh wow this is awesome and what a great cause! Those kids and the teacher look so happy with the gift!

  26. I would give it to my kids’ daycare – they could really use some art supplies!

  27. Tabathia B

    My daughter’s AIG teacher who needs everything from highlighters, glue, kleenex

  28. Amanda Hoffman

    i would like to do this for my nieces teacher

  29. Candice

    My niece’s classroom is always looking for extra supplies like notebooks, pencils, and other supplies.

  30. Helene Cohen Bludman

    Kudos to Office Max for initiating this wonderful program. There will be some very grateful teachers out there who receive badly needed supplies.

  31. Pam

    As a former teacher I can attest to the fact that we spend a lot of our own resources on supplies. What a wonderful thing for you and Office Max to do!

  32. This is a wonderful thing to do! That is a lot of wonderful school supplies!

  33. Hard choice on what teacher I would love to win. They all have been so wonderful with my boys- okay except for one! LOL! I know they can always use construction paper, markers, etc. Everything really.

  34. I am sure my Grandkids could use this at their school. I think it is a shame that teachers have to spend money out of their own pocket for things the school should furnish.

  35. I’m almost teary eyed. We have so many close friends who are teachers, and I am in my kids’ school classrooms regularly- helping, supporting, etc. and I know how much they spend. I would be over the moon to give $1000 in supplies to a teacher myself!! It would be hard to figure out who to give it to, but I’m sure I could work it out.

    Amazing campaign, awesome for you, and kudos to Office Max for thinking of it.

  36. What a great programme and so nice they are helping supply the schools 🙂 x

  37. What a wonderful think Office Depot is doing and thank you sooo much for spreading the word… this is an awesome program and will help soo many teachers.. they shouldn’t have to pay school supplies for their class with their very own money…

  38. What an awesome thing for Office Depot to do! I’d give the gift card to our art teacher, because when you teach art to a bunch of k-1st grade kids, you can never have enough glue!

  39. My son doesn’t go to school yet, but his daycare does a lot of teaching. They just went under new ownership and they need soooo many things. I’d donate to them!

  40. I would give them to a great-niece of mine – she could use a little bit of everything.

  41. I think this is awesome it shows teachers that they are appreciated.

  42. I didn’t know that Office Depot was involved in a great program like this. Teachers need so much help and this is a great way to help them to teach our future.

  43. This is such an awesome thing for Office Max to do! Glad someone is stepping up to the plate!

  44. What an amazing opportunity to give back! I know just who I’d give this gift card to. She’s made such a difference in my daughter’s life.

  45. Seyma Shabbir

    If I win, I will give it to my sons preschool class. They could use art supplies

  46. Seyma Shabbir

    Another way I could give back to the classroom is to buy a printer so they can print activities!

  47. I give back in the classroom by volunteering every week.

  48. Heather

    I would love to donate this to my son’s teacher. I am sure they could use a ton of room supplies!

  49. What a blessing for a teacher. They really do have to spend far too much on their own.

  50. Jennifer Reed

    I would give the school supplies to my kid’s school and let them determine which teacher(s) had the most need. I think one thing they could use more of is folders, paper towels, and dry erase markers.

  51. What an amazing giveaway for a deserving teacher. As an educator, I can’t even begin to tell you how much of my personal finances go into purchasing materials for my classroom and my students. I love that Office Depot did this.

  52. Janeane Davis

    This is such a great idea! I cannot imagine any teacher that would not love to receive this prize!

  53. My friend LeighAnn is an elementary school teacher. I think I would give it to her.

  54. I have a daughter in the first grade, I would give the school supplies to her teacher.

  55. What a wonderful program AND how lucky that teacher was to receive such a gift (can’t imagine the look on her face when she received it)!

  56. Bev

    I would give them to my daughters preschool teacher!

  57. Bev

    My second comment: I love donating my time with her class field trips,parties, etc. I also like to drop off needed snacks in the donation box. Thanks

  58. vinma

    What a great and noble idea! SO glad you were able to be a part of this. I am not sure if this business is in Canada. Will have to check it out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  59. I would share the supplies with our home school co-op so that lots of families could benefit. Thanks, Office Max, for your generosity!

  60. The Tweet for this giveaway is about AMEX and not Office Max. Just wanted to mention that!

  61. what a great idea – i’d probably help supply to a school back home – a high percentage of low income students who could use some help with paper and other basics

  62. The families in our community give back by volunteering in the school. This could be anything from child care to sitting with older students during study hall.

  63. trice

    I woulds share these supplies between my childen and some of the neigborhood kid’s. I know supplies was hard for my kids this year.

  64. Jen

    WOW – what an amazing opportunity to present a teacher with such a fantastic gift!!! I nearly cried reading about it! I would give the gift card to my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher. I know she needs books, supplies and an air purifier (their class is in a portable!). Way to go Office Max!

  65. Jen

    I volunteer my time. I spend a couple hours every other week in my daughter’s class helping with crafts. It is fun for me, exciting for her and a lot of help for her teacher.

  66. I would definitely give this to the local school here. I am not having a kid in school here in the US, but would love to give it to others!

  67. Great program! I’m sure it’s a real hardship on these teachers. I was just thinking what if I had to shell out $1000 on something for my job. It would be impossible. It’s a shame it has to be that way.

  68. I know what teacher I would pick! I would like to volunteer as well.

  69. I would love to volunteer at my local school

  70. Cynthia R

    oops copied wrong info in button box, your button is on cindywindylovesblogsnfrogs.blogspot.com

  71. Cynthia R

    you can volunteer for the school functions and field trips.

  72. WOW, now that is pretty darn awesome. I love Office Max, not only do they really aim for great products on a budget but they help schools & teachers out . I saw something a few years ago that they did for teachers, it was really great. A huge discount for class supplies.

  73. Stephanie Ann

    i’d give this to my sister who is an elementary school teacher! to buy markers, crayons, pencils, pens, anything she needs

  74. Solducky

    To my daughter’s preschool co-op. They can always use paint, paper, glue.

  75. sandra

    i would give the school supplies to my son’s teacher

  76. sandra

    another way to give back is wih your time

  77. Tom Bellamy

    I would give them to my granddaughter. She needs pencils, notebooks, crayons, glue, etc.

  78. Adrienne Gordon

    to my kids, they need paper and pencils all the time.

  79. Scott Martin

    I would give them to my son’s school. His class could use them.

  80. Jessica M.

    I would give them to my Aunt, she has been a teacher for the longest time! I’ve never asked her what supplies she could use, but I imagine any that she could get for her students. Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. Jessica M.

    Another way to give back to the classroom if you don’t have money is to tutor or help a child with their homework for free!

  82. Julie Hutson

    I would give this to my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher. We live in a very low income area and although help is requested, the teacher is almost buying everything herself. I try to help out as much as I can. I bring snacks for the entire class every month, I buy books for the classroom, extra classroom supplies such as tissue, hand sanitizer, etc. It seems as though the other parents are unable to contribute, so I like to help as much as possible. They always need more crayons, erasers, pencils, paper, art supplies, books, flash cards, and teaching aids. This would be a fantastic surprise for the class and teacher!

  83. Julie Hutson

    I like to help out in any way that I can for both schools my children attend. I enjoy being a guest reader for the kindergarten class. I can help the teacher’s to pass out snacks, organize supplies, pass out papers, make copies, write notes and reminders, help to clean up, volunteer for special events, such as help kids pick out books at book fairs, in the cafeteria, Grandparent’s Day breakfast, etc. Helping makes me feel like I am contributing to my children’s education and when they feel like I am more involved, they tend to do better in school.

  84. Lisa Brown

    I would give them to our intermediate school; I would give them paper, pencils, tape, anything needed for projects.

  85. Lisa Brown

    i would give time to help out in the class and for after school needs.

  86. Nicole Larsen

    I would give them to my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. She could use paper, pencils, markers, scissors, and colored pencils

  87. Kiara

    I would give the supplies to my niece’s teacher. They need paper, pens, and pencils.

  88. Michelle Weaver

    I would give them to my sister who is a teacher and is always in need of paper.

  89. Janet W.

    I’d give supplies to my grandson’s preschool teacher. She’s in need of things like markers, crayons, paper, etc.

  90. Janet W.

    I can give back to my grandson’s classroom by volunteering and helping when I can.

  91. Shannon Baas

    I would give to my nephew’s school. They can use lots of basic supplies.

  92. Stephanie V.

    my son’s first grade class and honestly – they could use everything! Just not enough money in CA schools and the children are the ones who are suffering.

  93. Stephanie V.

    volunteering – which I just did today!

  94. Natalie

    You can volunteer to read to kids!

  95. soha molina

    To my daughter’s classroom. Mostly paper and index cards. They seem to need those the most.

  96. Mary Casper

    to my best friends children and they could use paper scissors crayons and notebooks

  97. Colleen Boudreau

    I would give them to my niece who just started college, probably things like pens, pencils, notebooks, folders.

  98. Cynthia Gray

    Bertram elem. could use any supplies I can get to help kids who are in need.

  99. Tanya White

    I have 5 school ages children so I would give it to them, they can use pencils, papers, pens, folders, crayons and so much more.

  100. Debra Holloway

    I would keep them for myself and my husband as we are both in college and could use printer ink, paper, pens, tablets, and so forth.

  101. Jeanne

    I was the director of a daycare for 10 years, so I know how important it is to start young children out in the right direction. I would give a local daycare down the street from where I live this wonderful gift.

  102. Jeanne

    Many times at the daycare I was in charge of we would have parents spend some free time helping when we went on field trips. You always need an extra pair of eyes and hands in these situations!!

  103. cassandra martz

    I’d probably give it to my sons teacher.

  104. Mary Happymommy

    I would give them to my friend who is a teacher.

  105. Mary Happymommy

    Another way to help a classroom is to volunteer your time.

  106. Cynthia C

    I would give supplies to my friend who is a teacher.

  107. Cynthia C

    Volunteering is a good way to help.

  108. julie murphy

    they always need paper pencils and glue

  109. Amanda Sakovitz

    I would give them to my friend who is a first grade teacher and I think she would buy markers and gluesticks.

  110. Two of my best friends are teachers – kindergarten and 3rd grade. I would see what needs they had for their classrooms.

  111. My cousin! She is starting to homeschool 2 or 3 children and I know she could use them.

  112. Darlene Carbajal

    I would give it to my Aunt since she’s a teacher, & she would appreciate anything. 🙂

  113. Jill Edwards

    Spruce Elementary. They are a special Elementary school and they could use all the help they could get.

  114. Scott Martin

    I would give them to my sister

  115. Chris Martinez

    I’d leave the supplies to my daughter’s teacher. Second grade. She is so passionate about teaching and I know she purchases most of her own supplies.

  116. Betsy Barnes

    I would give them to my good friend who is an English teacher 🙂

  117. Thomas Murphy

    I would give it to my kids school and I think they could use everything.

  118. I would give it to the school where my niece works…it’s in a low-income neighborhood, and they go without A LOT there, and face a lot of challenges. They could use just the most basic necessities, like pencils and crayons and paper and erasers, and so on.

  119. Betsy Barnes

    When my son was in school. I used to ask his teachers what kind of things they needed, then send in a bag of supplies twice a year to help out. I’d use coupons and sales so it won’t cost a lot 🙂

  120. Terry Cross

    I would give the supplies to my grandsons’ teachers. Not really sure what they could use. I’d have to ask.

  121. V

    I would buy school supplies to help fill up 120 boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Many of these children cannot go to school if they do not have school supplies and are often so poor that they cannot afford them. I would get lots of the basics like pens, pencils, and notebooks.

  122. Terry Cross

    Volunteering as needed is a great way to help out

  123. Terri Herman

    I would give the school supplies to my nephew’s middle school. It seems that middle schools are overlooked when it comes to donations. They could probably use paper, pencils and some specialty items as well.

  124. Terri Herman

    I should volunteer more. I have afternoons free and with my own children grown, I should give time back!

  125. Anna E.

    I would give this to my local Elementary school. I am sure they could use it all!!

  126. Jessica S

    I would like to give it to my boyfriend’s mother who teaches children with special needs. She is always buying things out of her own pocket so it would be such a great surprise for her.

  127. Jessica S

    I think I could give back by volunteering to be a mentor for a local school.

  128. meredith

    Always need more paper!

  129. Heather S

    helping the teachers out in the classroom

  130. Heather S

    my nephews class needs paper and pencils

  131. Jan Hammersmith

    my husband’s classroom

  132. I would use the supplies for my homeschooling children and home business!

  133. Nicole Vosburgh

    My little brother and sister would use this for writing supplies for school.

  134. Beanybopp

    I would give it to my elementary school where my sister goes…I know that they could always use things since I know the little kids tend to lose or break things like crayons, pencils, etc

  135. Beanybopp

    I know that it isnt much but I collect the box tops to give to my little sister to take in to school. I could also start donating things like paper and all to them.

  136. Denise S

    I would give this to my son’s teacher and they need markers, glue, and highlighters most.

  137. linda lightner

    i would give to my church teachers. we use and need supplies all the time. The leader will pay out of pocket for things as do other teachers and we shouldn’t have to.

  138. mickeyfan

    My late mother was a teacher. I’d be thrilled to give this to one of her former co-workers and just tell her to go wild and get whatever she needs for her classroom!

  139. Sarah Oswald

    They have a program where you buy school supplies and they try to stuff a school bus with school supplies and each year they stuff it higher and higher. I always buy school stuff that is on sale throughout the year and when they have it in August I take it up there and put it in the bus. They give it out to kids that can’t afford those things and I was one of those kids when I was living at home.

  140. The Christian school where my boys take band. They could use all kinds of supplies.

  141. Teachers always need the parents support. So, give back by helping your kids be prepared.

  142. Kyl Neusch

    get some scissors and folders

  143. karen

    i would use these supplies in my classroom

  144. I would use it to get my daughter a much needed printer.

  145. Jennifer T.

    I’d get art supplies for my daughter’s school.

  146. Jennifer T.

    I could help volunteering my time at my daughter’s school and helping with fundraising efforts.

  147. I’d get supplies for my niece and nephew. They need binders and graph paper.

  148. KJ Skib

    I am actually a PE teacher so I would use them for the students at my school who are in need of supplies.

  149. ellen beck

    I would give the school supplies to Lincoln Elementary as they could use it all.

  150. Carolsue

    My daughter in college needs all kinds of office supplies — everything from paper, notebooks, and pens

  151. Stephen

    Mrs Price at Brooker Creek

  152. mysweetiepiepie

    I would donate this to Menlo Park Academy in Cleveland. They are a great school and could always use any type of school supplies.

  153. Yona

    I would give the supplies to my nephew’s 3rd grade teacher – art supplies, because I think that it’s important to encourage creativity at a young age. Plus, I would ask her what other things she would need.

  154. Yona

    Another way to give back to a classroom is to share your time. Step up to the plate when a teacher needs a volunteer.

  155. Tamar

    My son’s school is new this year and all of the parents were required to chip in with supplies. They could use a lot more!

  156. April Yedinak

    I would give to my daughter’s art teacher. She provides art supplies for any kids that can’t afford their own, so she could really use paints, glue, crayons, markers and paper.

  157. April Yedinak

    Another way to give back in the classroom is to volunteer. They always need help with having someone make copies, organize and decorate the class room or parties.

  158. Julie Lynn Bickham

    I would split is between both my children schools.

  159. Julie Lynn Bickham

    Helping out in the classroom. Also we do box tops to help earn money for the schools. I signed up at Stop & Shop also to earn points for the schools just by shopping there.

  160. Ashley H

    I’d give them to my friend who is any elementary school teacher.

  161. Courtnie Miller

    I’d give them to my friend who just graduated college last year and is working as a teacher.

  162. Michelle L

    i would give them to my niece for her to use in school

  163. Tamika

    I would by school supplies for my daughter and her cousin for the rest of the school year.

  164. Michelle L

    I could give back to the classroom by donating some supplies

  165. Merry

    I would give it to Miss D. She is the new 4th grade teacher and she could use everything from computer paper, to pencils, pens, highlighters etc. She just graduated college too so I am sure she has students loans to worry about. This would help her out tremendously.

  166. Merry

    I also donate to the classroom by saving Boxtops for Education, shopping at Stop and Shop for the school A+ rewards and give items to the holiday store.

  167. Oh, I’d love to give this to my aunt who is a 5th grade teacher and definitely supplies her room with things out of her own pocket!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  168. Katie T

    I am an elementary teacher, so I would use them for my grade level. We always run low on pencils & glue sticks, so I’m sure we would use part of it for that. I also know we have depleted our supply of extra composition notebooks for kids who don’t bring them, so we’d probably replenish that.

  169. April Brenay

    I would give them to my sons 1st grade class, they are a special needs class of 7 kids 🙂

  170. rachel travis

    School Supplies!

  171. Claudia

    I would give the school supplies to my son’s teacher, crayons, printing paper, dry eraser markers,glue,contruction paper.

  172. Terry SK

    I would give them to my granddaughter’s school which is a low-income school where many students are unable to purchase supplies, backpacks, etc.

  173. Wild Orchid

    I would love to provide supplies to my son’s amazing preschool teacher. She is in great need of easel pads and washable markers.

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  174. Carol

    I would volunteer to help classrooms.

  175. Carol

    I would give it to my grandsons teacher and she could use crayons, glue sticks, paper, colored paper, stencils, anti-bacterial gel for hands, and wipes for the desks and things.

  176. Alvina Castro

    I would donate it to my kiddos school. they are always in need and crowded

  177. latoya

    one of my friends teaches autistic elementary school students, so I would give it to her.

  178. I have a handful of friends that started their second year of teaching and am sure any of them would be thrilled to get it. I would give it to one of them.

  179. latanya

    to my friend who is a teacher.
    I would give her crayons, colored pencils, printer paper, etc

  180. latanya

    I would donate time tutoring

  181. john hutchens

    I would give it to my sister who has 4 kids in school

  182. carla bonesteel

    I would give the supplies to needy families in my town, because the school is expensive, and expects childrens’ parents to buy a huge amount of supplies, including flash drives and other expensive electronics…so, I would find out, from the school system, who needs supplies, and give them out to all the families in need…Obviously, I don’t know specifically what supplies are needed, but I’m sure it’s a wide array of things. Thanks.

  183. carla bonesteel

    I don’t have kids, so I don’t really know if I could give back, in the classroom, although I wouldn’t mind being a chaperone on a field trip for my cousin’s kids.

  184. Dominique

    My program could really use supplies! We tutor k-3rd grade students in reading–many of our kids are one or two grade levels behind. We could do a lot more with proper supplies, or even a printer so we could print passages for the kids.

  185. Angela Y

    I would give it to my daughter’s 1st grade teacher. They need all kinds of school/art supplies.

  186. Terry SK

    I could volunteer in my granddaughter’s classroom or the PTA.

  187. misses g

    my friend is a teacher so I would give them to her.

  188. Sharon Underwood

    I would give the supplies to my grandson’s school, they could use:

    Glue Sticks
    Construction Paper
    #2 Pencils
    Assignment notebooks
    Spiral notebooks
    12″ ruler with centimeters and inches

  189. April G

    My mom! She teaches elementary school special education. I would let her get whatever she needs, because honestly I’m not sure what all that is, I just know that she’s always needing supplies!

  190. liza

    not sure have 3 kiddos so split between there teachers i guess

  191. debbie

    I would give it to my friend who is a music teacher. She could always use paper.

  192. Michelle Weaver

    Could also give back in the classroom by going in and volunteering.

  193. Tom Bellamy

    I could give back to the classroom by mentoring a child.

  194. folders, pens, papers, crayons to my nieces and nephews….

  195. Laurie Zanger

    My HUSBAND is a HS Bible teacher at a local Christian School. He could definitely use this gift card. Among other normal school supplies, he could really use a new flash drive. Or a printer!

  196. tina reynolds

    I would use for supplies for my kids and there teachers

  197. janna johnson

    I would buy school supplies for the kids at my job.

  198. Sarah L

    The art teacher always needs art supplies.
    Thanks for the contest.

  199. melina r

    would give the supplies to my my son’s 3rd grade teacher and my daughter’s 2nd grade teacher. They always keep asking for hygine supplies like cleaning wipes and facial tissue.

  200. ellen casper

    I would give it to my son’s teacher – copy paper is always needed.

  201. Katlyn

    I homeschool three little boys, so we would use them.

  202. Sadie B.

    I would spend it on the Kindergarten teachers. They always need new pencils, crayons and glue sticks for the kids.

  203. Monique Rizzo

    I would give the supplies to my daughters school!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  204. I’d give to both my kids and their classrooms.

  205. June Lisle

    I would spread the school supplies out between various people around me who need them. My little brother is thinking about going back to school so he would be first in line.

  206. My childs 1st grade teacher as she does a great job and is new so needs supplies

  207. Myrna Kasick

    My daughter is in college. I would give this to her. I’m sure she needs something.

  208. danielle Marie

    i would give them to my nephews class. they could use some colored paper and pencils and stuff. art was cut at their school.

  209. jen gersch

    i would give my niece new folders

  210. Jill Myrick

    I would gift this to my sons first grade teacher for supplies such as markers, colored pencils, wipes and more. Only she would know what she needs the most.


  211. Jill Myrick

    I also give back by volunteering as much as possible in the classroom and offering to send in items for children that don’t have the means to supply them for themselves.


  212. Vera P.

    I would give the supplies to my sons class. They could use crayons, paper, printer ink, pencils, etc.

  213. Susan Smith

    I would give this to the local school. The supplies would be great for teachers to have on hand for students.

  214. Susan Smith

    I give back to my childrens school by volunteering at their school and donating school supplies.

  215. Daniel M

    notebooks and pens for the 1st grade class

  216. Stephanie Larison

    Art supplies for my daughters preschool would be great!

  217. I think I’d donate some supplies to both of my kids’ teachers. It’d be a nice surprise, and they are ALWAYS asking for supplies like baggies, cotton balls, construction paper, and glue sticks!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  218. Ben G

    I would give the supplies to some of my teacher friends. I would give paper, pencils, construction paper and glue sticks!

  219. Pauline M

    I would give this to my son’s science teacher who is asking for supplies for her classroom. She’s a great teacher and deserves all the support she can get!

  220. I would give this to my SIL who is a first year French teacher!

  221. Sarah L

    Schools always need volunteers for various jobs.

  222. Robin

    I would give it to my son’s teacher, she is always in need of paper and pencils in the classroom.

  223. sheri blessing

    I would give them to one of my kids’ teachers. They could always use pencils, paper, crayons, glue and kleenex.

  224. angela cisco

    I would give it to my sons old teacher. She buys a lot of her own classroom supplies and could use it. I’d probably use for paper, pencils, dry erase markers etc.

  225. Amanda Sakovitz

    I donate books to my local elementary schools

  226. Roxann

    I would give them to my sons art teacher. They have a small budget and can use every kind of art supply that you can think of.

  227. Roxann

    I could volunteer more.

  228. shawna

    I would get art supplies for my daughters teacher!

  229. Anna

    I would use the gift card to buy my brother supplies

  230. Anna

    I could volunteer at the school

  231. ewhatley

    I would give this to my good friend who is a teacher.

  232. Samantha

    I would give the school supplies to my sister in law who’s a teacher and can use some crayons and pencils to have extra in the classroom!

  233. Samantha

    I could give back in the classroom by donating old school supplies we never used from years past and collecting Box Tops!

  234. Beth Klocinski

    I would give the supplies to my friend that teaches at a local high school. Basics like pens, papper, and pencils are great.

  235. Katie Seymour

    I’d like to see the supplies used in our local Indian school. Although some of the parents get bunches of money from their tribal distribution (from their casino), the majority of the kids are very poor (evidently not 1/16th Pala blood) and need all the supplies they can find.

  236. laurie

    I would give this to mrs. Wilson she is a teacher for 6th grade and i’m sure she could use it

  237. laurie

    I could give back by donating my time for the school

  238. Richard Hicks

    Would donate to my nephews school. I am sure they are in need of extra art supplies, pencils, pens, paper etc

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  239. Brittney House

    I would get crayons, paper, a colored pencils for my niece.

  240. Dorothy Deakyne

    I would give this to my son’s 4th grade class

  241. Trisha McKee

    I would share with my daughter’s class. They need notebooks and pens and pencils.

  242. Melissa Gonick

    I would use it for my son. He is starting pre-shool next year

  243. Melissa Gonick

    I would give it to my son’s pre-school so they could buy for games, arts and crafts etc

  244. susan smoaks

    i would share with our son’s class. they are struggling to have the school supplies that are needed to do the class work each year. this would be an amazing blessing.

  245. jessica edwards

    My daughter’s class. Crayons, tissues, notebooks

  246. Joy Q

    I would give the school supplies to schools in Detroit.

  247. liz

    My nieces class, notebooks, crayons, markers

  248. Diana Stanhope

    I would give it to the local elementary they could use a little of everything.

  249. richelle bowers

    my kids teacher and I would send paper towels

  250. Deanna

    I would give the school supplies to my son’s Kindergarten teacher and she could use supplies like hand sanitizer, paper towels, tissues, etc.

  251. ellen c.

    I’d give it to my son’s kindergarten teacher. They could use crayons, glue sticks and wipes.

  252. Deanna

    I could give back in the classroom by volunteering my time.

  253. Sheree

    I would give them to an elementary school my son went to. I would give them to the school to share with many classrooms, not just one.

  254. Angela Cash

    I would donate the school supplies to a local shelter for abused women and their children. I imagine they could use all of the school essentials: notebooks, pencils, crayons, etc.

  255. Richard Hicks

    I could also volunteer my time to the classroom

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  256. William Krawic

    I would give them to my nephew

  257. Breanne

    I’d give my cousin art supplies.

  258. Vikki Billings

    I would give them to my grandson’s teacher, I know that teachers sometimes have to spend money out of their own pockets to get what their classroom needs. I can imagine that they need markers, glue, crayons, paper, scissors and more.

  259. Denise Donaldson

    I would give them to my daughter, and she needs a printer for school papers.

  260. Victoria Carlson

    I would give the supplies to my best friend who is a teacher in a charter school. With limited funding, they need all kinds of supplies!

  261. Bryan E.

    Thanks for the giveaway…pens, paper, art supplies, laser printer toner, & notebooks to my daughters & their classmates.

  262. Bryan E.

    Helping the teacher with organizing classroom field trips, etc.

  263. I would give them to our church for sunday school and confirmation programs.

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