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20 Hairstyle Ideas for Those That Want to Change Things Up

A hairstyle can accent an outfit, help you blend in, or make you stand out. I have my go-to styles, but now and then I like to change things up.  For me personally, adjusting my look boosts my confidence so long as I get a look that compliments my features.  


But this is always a risky proposition.  On more than one occasion I’ve tried a hairstyle that wasn’t nearly as good on me as I hoped it would be.  But I think that’s because I didn’t look at enough options, and that’s what I aim to fix in this post. 

If you’re looking for a way to shake things up this season and try a new style for yourself, check out these winning hairstyles. 


20 Hairstyle Ideas for Those That Want to Change Things Up

1.    Bronde Balayage


Balayage adds a sunkissed glow. Sweeping blonde highlights onto random sections of brown hair is a great way to change things up. #brondegoals 

2.            Rosegold Sidebraid with Viking Vibes


Soft wavy curls are made edgy with a side-braid. The rose gold color is feminine yet powerful.

3.            Wrap Your Pony in a Scarf

Every girl has ponytail days and this scarf livens up the look. Mix and match scarves for a flirty Audrey Hepburn style. 

4.            Two Tone Shock of Blond


This girl’s shock of blond hair is giving me total “X-Men” vibes. Go “Rogue” like she did, or opt for a funky color. 

5.            Short Waves with Mini Braids


The 90s are truly back. Two mini braids pull hair back from her face but still accentuate her flirty waves. 

6.             No Fuss Bubble Braids



Bubble braids are easy and look great on everyone. I think my favorite thing about them is that although there are many knotless braid ideas out there, these are some of the simplest. 

7.            Wavy Lob with Soft Bangs


The lob is back! A long bob can be curled, straightened, or wavy. THis look is easily a win and can be considered ultra-chic in my opinion. 

8.            The Money Piece


A money piece is achieved by coloring two front pieces of hair. I love the honey-on-brown. It frames her face and makes her eyes pop. 

9.            Rock a Lady Mullet


I’m as shocked as you are that the mullet is back, mostly because of how cute it is.

10.         Rainbow Peekaboo


This colorful look layers rainbow tints under your natural hair. Show off your inner unicorn every time your hair swishes. 

11.        Short Bob and Curtain Bangs


These long sweeping curtain bangs look so sweet with a short bob. I’m a big fan!

12.        Short and Sassy


This short curly look with one shaved side is edgy but feminine. A winning combination. 

13.        Plum Colored Locks



Plum is the perfect shade for a summer-to-autumn transition. Warm and feminine.

14.        Long Layers with Curtain Bangs


Long layers are back baby! I’m digging the way curtain bangs strategically frame her face. 

15.         Big Hair, Don’t Care


Curling iron and texture spray goes a long way. I love this Dolly Parton-inspired look is teased to perfection!

16.         Shades of Blue


The color tides have turned blue. I love this powerful sharp bob in a blend of different blue hues.

17.         Tribal Box Braids


When it comes to tribal braid hairstyles, I’m confident in saying that tribal box braids are one of the most popular options out there and  I think this is for good reason. 

18.        Shoulder Length Wispy Layers


Razor sheers create wispy layers. I like the volume up top for a modernized “Friends” Rachel Green vibe. 

19.        Peek-A-Boo Money Piece


This girl has her money piece designed in a copper-under-brown peek-a-boo style. Curl it to bring out the hidden colors.

20.        Fiery Ombre Waves


Firey ombre hues on long waves are packin’ heat. This is a surefire way to spice things up.

Summary and Top Picks

These are my top three styles for kicking things up a notch and stepping out of my hair norm.

  • #4: Two-Tone Shock of Blond: Adding one defining chunk of color is such a power move. I adore the blond-on-brown X-Men vibe.
  • #13: Plum Colored Locks: Plum is my new favorite all-over color. Deep, rich, and ultra-feminine. 
  • #18 Shoulder Length Wispy Layers: I love the soft casual look of this wispy layered style.

Which new styles will you be trying? Comment below to let me know!

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