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Ideal Image Facial Rejuvenation

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ideal Image for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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We had an amazing summer. We spent a lot of time at beach together as a family. There were sandcastles, swimming and lots of fun. I love being out in the sun and I always wear a lot of sunscreen. However it never fails that each summer I somehow end up with a little sunburn which worries me a lot.

That sun makes me much more self conscious about fine lines and wrinkles as well as pigmentation. Did you know that over time,  the wear and tear of summer fun can lead to unwanted wrinkles? Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal, the leader in laser hair removal, now offers Facial Rejuvenation services to “neutralize” your unwanted wrinkles and I could really use this!


For the month of August, Ideal Image is offering 25% off these services. Ideal Image offers 3 services for Facial Rejuvenation: Dysport, Ultherapy & Restylane.

I have considered Dysport several times.

Dysport is an injectable “wrinkle relaxer” that is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the brow, glabella (skin between the eyebrows and nose), and crows-feet. Ultherapy is a treatment that tightens and lifts loose skin around the neck and face—it is very much like a non-surgical facelift.

Restylane is a filler that helps lessens the appearance of deep wrinkles and folds of the skin.

Now I can go to Ideal Image—the experts in Laser Hair Removal—to not only remove my unwanted hair, but now I can “neutralize” my unwanted wrinkles.


Facial Rejuvenation can:

• Help you Look YOUNGER

• Give you Confidence

• Help you Still look like yourself, only better.

As the busy mother of three, I barely have time for myself some days so things like shaving my legs might not happen every day. 🙁

I want to shave my legs every day but I often just don't get the chance. I have often considered laser hair removal as a way


Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal is A MORE permanent solution to getting rid of unwanted hair forever. How great is that? Soft, smooth legs really are possible without all of the hassle of shaving.


Now you can get 70% off Laser Hair Removal! Simply request more information here.

This is a great gift to give yourself – treat yourself to Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal.


Find an Ideal Image location near you.

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  1. Julie Wood

    I would love to get laser hair removal. It is so awful to constantly have to remove the hair, especially in the Summer months. I will have to take a look at this deal.

  2. We have an Ideal Image near me (well, in Providence, RI) and they advertise a lot. It’s something I have thought about, but just can’t afford right now. Someday I would love to get some laser hair removal done.

  3. I would consider having this done if I had the money to spare. But, we’re on a tight budget so this is just something I can’t afford at this time.

  4. Misty Battle

    I would love to get laser removal done. I just don’t have the money to invest in it right now. Maybe when the kids are all older and out the house. I would love having not to shave anymore.

  5. Looks like something that a lot of people like to do. Wish it wasn’t so expensive. 🙁

  6. I would love to have a facial right now. My kids are back in school as of monday and it has been very stressful believe it or not. They have cried everyday which makes me so sad for them and worry. I need to relax!!

  7. Oh boy I would love to have laser hair removal. My hair grows so quickly that within just a few short hours you can already see stubble. It’s aggravating and embarrassing.

  8. Facial rejuvenation would be great. Now into my 30s, I definitely have noticed changes in my skin. Starting to notice some faint lines between my eyebrows.

  9. I could really use laser hair removal. I have been considering it but I’m a bit afraid of the cost.

  10. Laser Hair Removal would be so nice!

  11. katrina g

    such beautiful pictures. I need to start working on my wrinkles.

  12. I have always wanted to be brave enough to do laser removal.

  13. I’m actually considering laser hair removal because I love the idea that it’s permanent (or semi-permanent). Beats having to shave my legs! lol!

  14. As a mom of 3 too – I really would love to make the time for a facial. Your pictures are very therapeutic though…and peaceful. Thank you for them 😀

  15. I have thought about going and doing this I think I will check it out once I get out of school when I have more money to spend on cosmetic procedures.

  16. Yona Williams

    So far, I’m not worried about needing something like this…but I will say…I am manic about slathering on sunscreen to prevent sun spots, cancer and premature aging of the skin.

  17. Jon

    I’m sorry but changing your physical appearance doesn’t make you more confident – it hides your low self esteem. It doesn’t solve the problem which is that you don’t love yourself for who you are.

  18. I love the pictures here. I know they’re for facial rejuvenation, but they make me want to take a vacation. 🙂 As for the rejuvenation, it sounds ideal for those looking to smooth out fine lines.

  19. Sigh, if I had the money I would take one of each please!

  20. I would love get facial rejuvenation when I have the cash and time 🙂 That will take out some age from my face and maybe make it smoother.

  21. I tried their laser hair removal and was not a good experience for me. I put in a lot of money and time… so won’t be doing that again. I’m sure their customer service and results are probably different in every state, though. I wish you the best in this journey!

  22. Adin Blankenship

    Same here, I would love the laser hair removal so I don’t have to constantly shave. I could sure use some facial rejuvenation too. Man! I would love to have one day where I get to be pampered and feel relaxed. 🙂

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