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Old Spice Smellcome to Manhood Interview with Andrea Rosen

Old_Spice_Re-fresh_Body_Spray_Bearglove_(1)This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Old Spice. I was compensated and provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Come on, admit it…there is someone in your life or someone that you know who just does not ‘scent responsibly.' You know the type of person. You can smell him before you even see him (for this article, we are just talking guys). Also the type of guy who hugs you and leaves whatever he is wearing on you. I used to have a boss like this. To this day, I cannot even smell Drakkar Noir without saying, “Blech” right after I say it.

A new day is dawning in the Connerty household and that day is all about PUBERTY. I really wish that I could be saved from all that but I cannot. It is part of my job description and so I have to learn to deal with it. And deal with it well so I don't scare my children. That will be tough.

For me and my husband, we are all about the humor. We will absolutely get serious when we need to but as much humor as we can bring to a situation, the more comfortable we are with it.

For instance, our son is on the fringes of puberty right now. I say fringes because so far he only stinks. Every part of him. His feet. His armpits. Just everything.

So we tell him. Buy him deodorant. And tell him again. Take him to store to pick out his own deodorant. Tell him some more. Possibly bribe him. Write it on our family whiteboard. I am still chasing after him and then trying to hold him down with one hand while getting deodorant on him with the other. But none of that works or if it does, he is angry with us for embarrassing him.

Finally we decided to use a humor approach. This is a tag team approach that we use. We make faces. We fake pass out. We sometimes make barf noises. I want my husband to draw pictures of a kid with stinky pits. But the humor works and as he smiles a little, he also heads to his bathroom to put on deodorant. Humor works!

Old Spice has this fabulous campaign going on right now that uses a humor based approach as well. It's called Smellcome to Manhood.

Smellcome to Manhood


Smellcome to Manhood is the latest from Old Spice. They are increasing their arsenal of witty, edgy and sometimes a little out there advertising. This is one of the most off the wall ad campaigns I have seen in a while. While I am not sure whether I love it or hate it, I still find myself watching it every time it comes on. I am fascinated.

“The campaign, called ‘Smellcome to Manhood' is a spoof on the way some moms out there treat their teenage sons. The new line of body sprays are turning teenage boys into men in this ad, which is the message they are trying to get across.” ~ Old Spice mom ad: Creepy moms pine after sons who sprayed themselves into men from Examiner.com

“The effort, ‘Smellcome to Manhood,' centers on body spray as a bellwether of adulthood for young men and early teens. The conceit: when they overuse, they become men too soon, to their moms' despair. The new products have a patented formulation using a cyclic molecule called MBCD that, per the company, serves as a nano catcher's mitt for active formulae: when you are dry, the essences are retained; when you sweat, they are released, then reabsorbed when you're dry again.” ~ Old Spice Says, ‘Smellcome To Manhood' in MediaPost Marketing Daily

I got the opportunity to speak with Andrea Rosen about Scent Responsibility and the new Old Spice Re-Fresh Spray, “Smellcome to Manhood” campaign. We walked about stinky boys, raising children today and more.

She shared, “If I can smell a guy before I see him, then we might break up because I couldn't tell him what he needed to do not to smell. It is hard to tell someone that they have too much of something.”


She is starring in a new show premiering February 1st called Take Me To Your Mother which will be on Nickelodeon.

Meet comic Andrea Rosen. She just had a baby and dove head first into motherhood. Only problem? She did zero prep work to get there. Now… she's on a mission to seek real advice from moms everywhere and from different cultures, backgrounds and interests on how to raise her only son. Because, in her own words, she doesn't “want to raise a jerk.


Old Spice Scent Responsibly Survey Infographic2 Old Spice Scent Responsibly Survey Infographic


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Momsong video
Scent Responsibly video

Who do you want to Smellcome to Manhood?

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  1. ellen beck

    Boys are funny creatures 🙂 I had 3 brothers and they either stunk or put too mch on for many years! I dont know which is worse too much or nothing!
    Humor is the best way to tackle it.

  2. What perfect timing. My son is beginning to enter Stench Mode as well. We just bought his first deodorant and were trying to figure out a way to approach it with him. Humor, it is!

  3. As the mom of a 16 year old son, I totally relate to this!

  4. I usually don’t like smelly things like this. I will have to check out the ads and the new scent!

  5. I like Old spice, but am allergic to it. It reminds me of my father- I know the new scents are a bit different though. My husband is one who under sprays to please me.

  6. Pam

    My daughter’s friend was guilty of over-spraying in his younger years. Hopefully this campaign will keep someone else from dealing with a cloud of body spray walking through their house, lol.

  7. I am laughing so hard at this right now. My son is nine and he STINKS!!!! He forgets his deodorant all the time, too – until it’s too late. It’s awful.

  8. My husband does not over spray..and he loves Old Spice but my little Papaw was the king of too much cologne,too much deodorant spray,too much after shave….I used to pinch my nose on the way to school every morning.

  9. LOL I can’t imagine having a son, girls are stinky enough! My dad always used Old Spice while I was growing up, so I love the smell 🙂

  10. That is very funny… We have a 13 yr old who is now going through it for a little over a year, and sometimes we are like go and take a shower and scrub! He tries to do his best but i think its the age..

  11. OH I’m so scared of that!! I’m having a hard enough time to get my husband to remind my kids to brush their teeth in the morning when Im not there!!

  12. Natalie

    Old spice has a great smell, but my husband is all about axe. I do admit, they do have the best tv ads though.

  13. I really wish all of my male students would see this graphic. I hate walking down the hallways, because it reeks! One spray is more than enough. Use more deodorant instead!

  14. mel

    I think all men should use this!!!! Much better than some things on the market!

  15. Nicole Brady

    I have two girls so I’ll be dealing with an entirely different set of puberty issues! Thank goodness that there will be some options out there to keep the guys from smelling up the classrooms though!

  16. I have a teenage son and I can totally relate with the Old Spice Mom parodies. I laugh everytime I see the commercials and then the song is stuck in my head for hours.

  17. I don’t look forward to puberty at all, lol. With my nephews i’ve been really surprised how early the stink starts before actual puberty does. I can definitely see how using humor could make everything go over a lot better than being pushy and trying to force it – its a sensitive subject that could easily hurt their feelings if it comes off the wrong way.

  18. That’s funny about your teen. My 6 year old plays club soccer and he reeks afterwards. Those kids practice HARD – and he’s already asking if we can get him deodorant as he doesn’t like the gym locker scent. LOL

  19. My son loves Old Spice. He’s 19 yo and has the shower gel and everything. My hubby wore it years ago when I first met him. 🙂

  20. Laura

    I remember all the old Old Spice commercials. Who doesn’t know the tune.
    It is funny how wide spread this publicty has gone!

  21. martha

    my 6 year old informed us after watching “jessie” on tv that he’s NEVER washing his armpits again. ever.

    i’m afraid.

    i can’t stomach drakkar noir either btw

  22. I have a cousin who is in her puberty (a girl) and it’s always so hard to come up to them and be straight up about it. We had to tell her Dad about it, at least in that way, she won’t get embarassed and we won’t hurt her feelings.

  23. I HATE it when men use too much scent. It is horrible! I don’t want them stinking of sweat either but really, stinking of perfume isn’t much better either.

  24. So funny you say that about Drakkar! Any time I smell it, I instantly transport back to high school. I have 4 boys and my oldest is approaching puberty. I am going to have to teach him to spray responsibly (and shower at least once daily!). These Old Spice ads are great.

  25. I love Old Spice commercials. They always are so funny, yet informative!

  26. I brought some for my boys & they like it but I have to teach them as they get older to never over spray, because using too much really is overkill

  27. Boys are funny at that age, as is how some of them learn to use body spray. I love it when guys in general smell nice. Sometimes I pick up my oldest son’s and try different scents. I haven’t smelled this one, will have to give it a spray in the store and check it out.

  28. I can’t do too much scent but just a little is nice!

  29. this sounds nice, my husband would like this!

  30. G.s. Marjara

    Old Spice needs no intro but every new product they do may not get advantage of big brand family. I don’t like scents around and hardly believe adverts, still your recommendations are strong enough to generate interest.

  31. What an humorous post. Not having had sons but plenty of cousins and then nephews I can identify with the post. Great review about an old classic make Old Spice. I will certainly be looking for the product when available in Spain

    Thank you for such funny post. Needed to smile today.

  32. I grew up in a household that loved Old Spice and I can still smell that rustic smell. I love the idea of using humor to re-introduce the product to a younger market place. Love that title – Smellcome to Manhood. Good for them!

  33. Hilarious!! The commercials definitely creep me out, but they are for a good cause 🙂

  34. I haven’t had to worry about male puberty just yet. But two of my girls need deodorant already, and one is only 10 1/2!! What the??
    I have met men who overuse their sprays and it’s almost as bad as women who overuse perfume. *faint* 😛

  35. I love Old Spice. I love the smells and that it just really works great. My son is only four, but my older girls are already into deodorant and all of that. I think it is good to teach them good hygiene at any stage.

  36. It is funny for me to see Old Spice making such a come back. I remember my dad wearing it.

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