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Choose smooth legs with Venus

I choose smooth legs with Venus #ChooseYourSmooth

I am a razor snob. When it comes to shaving my legs, nothing has touched these legs besides a Venus razor pretty much since they first came out.

I was thrilled to try the Gillette Venus Swirl with Flexiball technology. I love that the handle is a little wider and I still get that fabulous shave that I am used to. I am definitely a Perfectionist when it comes to shaving. The Gillette Venus Swirl with Flexiball technology travels and consistently gives me a great shave that makes my legs feel amazing.

Check out the three Venus razors, choose your smooth and purchase the Venus razor that fits your lifestyle at Walmart.

Meet the Venus razors

Every girl is unique – from her personality to her lifestyle to the way she carries herself. Venus created Choose Your Smooth – a way to help shoppers choose the right razor for their lifestyle. They matched three razors (Venus Swirl, Venus & Olay, Venus Disposable) with a personality based on the razor features. All three razors are pictured above. Here is what would work best for you:

The Venus Swirl is for the Perfectionist because it leaves your legs flawlessly smooth! It has 5 contour blades and Flexiball technology that contours to every curve for flawless skin.

The Venus & Olay razor is for the Multitasker because it moisturizes as you shave – no need for shave cream!  It has 5 blades and Olay Moisture Bars that release skin conditioners to help lock in skin’s moisture for less dryness.

The Venus Disposable is for the On-The-Go-Girl because it’s perfectly suited for the active lifestyle. Just shave, then toss it out – no need to find replacement razors! Venus Disposables give a close shave for sensitive skin and has 3 blades surrounded by soft, protective cushions.  The pivoting rounded head fits easily into hard-to-shave areas.

Walmart has the best quality razors at everyday low prices. Learn more and shop for Venus razors at Walmart


I choose smooth legs with Venus #ChooseYourSmoothGillette Venus Swirl Women's Razor FlexiBall

Gillette Venus Swirl is the first and only razor with FlexiBall to contour to tricky areas for a flawless shave. Unlike traditional razors that move in 2 directions, Venus Swirl moves in multiple directions. Their best contouring razor helps capture what other razors may miss.

Gillette Venus Swirl Razor and Cartridges at a glance:

  • Razor and 2 cartridges
  • Flexiball Technology has been designed to contour better to tricky areas, like knees and ankles
  • 5 Contour razor blades individually adjust to every curve
  • Venus Swirl's most advanced blades are 6x more flexible
  • Water-activated MoistureGlide serum for incredible glide
  • Venus Swirl's most advanced blades have a microfine comb to guide hair to the blades that capture virtually every hair

I choose smooth legs with Venus #ChooseYourSmooth

Watch the Venus Choose Your Smooth Video

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  1. I love Venus razors. In fact, I’m using the Venus Swirl razor these days and it gives a great shave! I’m glad Walmart carries these products at a more reasonable price than other places!

  2. Jeanine

    I haven’t used a venus razor in a really long time! I should really check them out again and see if they help. My legs need to be shaved literally everyday right now and its driving me nuts!

  3. Smooth skin is a must have with summer shorts!! I love Venus razors they are amazing razors for summer season!

  4. I have a Venus razor and love it. I have been using this brand for a few years now and every time I switch I am angry that I did.

  5. victoria

    This is the first time that I saw Venus razor and it looks great

  6. Venus has always been my favorite brand when it comes to razors. No other brand can get as close a shave or make my legs feel as silky.

  7. Venus razors are a favorite of mine. I’ll have to check out the new Venus Swirl, it sounds like the perfect shave.

  8. I use nothing but Venus razors since they don’t irritate my sensitive skin, whereas many other brands do. My favorite is the Swirl!

  9. Kathy

    I love Venus razors. They’re my favorite! They get your legs so smooth. They’re great razors!

  10. What a neat razor and sounds like the razor that I need. Will check it out next time I’m at the store, for sure.

  11. Rebecca Swenor

    The Venus Swirl is something I will have to pick up for sure. I have always used the Venus shavers because they give a close shave and they are easy to handle. Thanks for sharing this awesome shaver.

  12. I’ve used Venus in the past and you can ALWAYS find a good coupon and deal on them. 😉 – Yolonda

  13. I am cracking up over the fact that you just called yourself a razor snob. I guess I am the same because Gillette Venus is the only type of razor that I use. I love that there are new versions on the market that I need to check out. I think a store run is in order!

  14. CourtneyLynne

    I love Venus!!!! Only brand of razors I trust and buy!

  15. I love Venus razors. They have the cutest styles and they work great.

  16. I love Venus! It leaves my legs so smooth, no bumps! Loved your post! 

  17. The few times a year I bother with shaving my legs, I use Venus lol It really gets the job done for me!

  18. finding a good razor can be tricky, this one looks great, I’ll have to try it : )

  19. I love venus blades. I’ve been using them ever since I started shaving so I am one of those loyal customers. 😉 😛 Will definitely check this out.

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