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How Your Home Reflects Your Style

How Your Home Reflects Your StyleThis content was done in collaboration with The Home Depot and Kerrie Kelly.

For the readers of this blog, you guys get treated to a lot of DIY content. We have been in the process of redoing our house since forever and there are always projects going on around here. As a result, I follow a lot of the design and style bloggers as I am always looking for ways to creatively decorate the spaces in our home.

How Your Home Reflects Your StyleFrom Prefab to Fabulous: Personalizing Your Home to Reflect Your Style

One of the biggest issues as a homeowner in my opinion is truly personalizing the space to feel like it's your own. I love that part of being a homeowner. There is just something so exciting about picking fabrics, tiles, wood, paints and so more. I get a thrill every time we start and finish a new project.

In From Prefab to Fabulous: Personalizing Your Home to Reflect Your Style,  Kerrie Kelly, interior design expert walks us through how to transform your everyday house into a one-of-a-kind home. The goal is for your home to reflect your own personal style and taste. Three transformational videos take us through three separate rooms offering tips for making each space your own. Kelly discusses placement of art and furniture to the use of patterns. She takes spaces from plain to personalized with her creativity. View the master suite makeover, the living room oasis and the stunning, nautical office.

How Your Home Reflects Your StyleKelly offers priceless advice with solid before and after photos so you can see how they transform each space plus they include time-lapse videos of each makeover. Several DIY experts also weigh in with simple projects viewers can do to take a project to the next level. For each space, we have practical advice, visual guidance, and a hand-on idea to make your home what it should be—uniquely you.

“Whether it’s a sophisticated master suite, a coastal-inspired living room, or a modern and masculine home office, the space you create should be welcoming, soothing and beautiful,…Design details like window coverings, wainscoting, and flooring are essential to the room's look and feel. Add textured rugs, billowy curtains, and sophisticated moldings to make a house feel like a home.” ~ Interior design expert, Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

How Your Home Reflects Your Style How Your Home Reflects Your Style Meet the designers and DIY experts

Kim Six of

KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms

Sarah Fishburne of

Mateo Londono contributor to blog

Make certain to visit From Prefab to Fabulous: Personalizing Your Home to Reflect Your Style for tips and transformations.

Customizing the bedroom {VIDEO}




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  1. ellen beck

    I have watched and followed along. Your home is amazing. Mine at best is shabby chic or aa nice way to say eclectic crazy and a mess of stuff. I need to pare down but we have been here forever sometimes I wish we could start over.

  2. I absolutely love that console table! I need something like that in my dinning room! I love to decorate and I am really liking the space in our new house.

  3. Jennifer Van Huss

    This is great! I am horrible at decorating a room! My tastes have also changed dramatically since children. I tend to go with what will last rather than what is my style!

  4. Christina A.

    Nice! It looks so beautiful! I love to look at decor ideas on Pinterest…so fun! 🙂

  5. Wendy Polisi

    How cool! Love your home style! I can’t wait to decorate mine.

  6. Nikki

    I absolutely love your gorgeous decor, yiur designer must be good and unique.

  7. I just moved into a new place and it’s so much fun to decorate. I love the way you’ve styled your home!

  8. These are cute. I am decorating my new apartment so I’m looking for inspiration.- Yolonda

  9. I absolutely love your style! It’s not cookie cutter and really has style and personality!

  10. You have a very lovely home. I am in love with that console. Can I invite you to please decorate my home, too? Lol.

  11. Rebecca Swenor

    These are great tips for adding your personal touches to your spaces. I love this type of style and I am glad chrome is in for 2017. Chrome with black and white just looks elegant to me. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  12. Love the look of those rooms. LOL, I’d definitely say my house reflects my style. I’m a pretty vanilla person and my house is pretty vanilla. Much to my husband’s chagrin.

  13. I wish I was a natural decorator! My home has no style! I hope it doesn’t reflect me lol!

  14. Ann Bacciaglia

    I love to change up the look of my rooms. Design has always been a passion for me. I get a ton of great tips from your site.

  15. Wow, I feel like my house needs a total makeover now, after checkout this post. Well, maybe next year.

  16. victoria

    What a cute decor! It’s really nice and I love it. It looks neat

  17. Madi

    Wow, I love all the decor! It would fit in with my apartment so well!

  18. Great style! Love these. Our style is more hand me downs from other family members and what’s cheap at the thrift store, lol.

  19. Your home is stunning! I just love the colors and style you have.  The white chair with the black studs is my favorite.

  20. Gorgeous rooms; I love all the designs. I love watching DIY shows. Seeing the transformation always makes me excited.

  21. She’s definitely good at what she does! I love every single one of those!

  22. It looks like everything is coming out so nicely for you! I’m very much obsessed with that side table! Love your style!


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