LeGrand In Wall TV Power Made Easy at Best Buy

LeGrand In Wall TV Power Made Easy at Best Buy

LeGrand In Wall TV Power Made Easy at Best Buy @LegrandNALeGrand In Wall TV Power Made Easy at Best Buy @LegrandNALeGrand In Wall TV Power Made Easy at Best Buy

As an avid DIYer, I love the thrill of completing a project in my home on my own. There is just something so incredibly satisfying about doing something that I probably could hire someone for but instead I do it all on my own. I just love DIY. Hear that, HGTV? I would make a great television show host in case you were wondering. We hope that you love our LeGrand In Wall TV Power Made Easy at Best Buy post.



LeGrand In Wall TV Power Made Easy at Best Buy @LegrandNALeGrand In Wall TV Power Made Easy at Best Buy @LegrandNALeGrand In Wall TV Power Made Easy at Best Buy @LegrandNALeGrand In Wall TV Power Made Easy at Best Buy @LegrandNALegrand – In Wall Power Kit

Now you can hide the wires for your TV inside the wall with this Legrand WMC701 in-wall power kit, which is designed for most TV plugs up to 1.13″ wide and offers a prewired design for simple setup. The Legrand – In Wall Power Kit offers easy routing of TV power and HDMI cable in-wall, with no electrical wiring required. Hide unsightly power cords and cables inside the wall with the Legrand which is compatible with most TV plugs up to 1.13″ wide. This product features a prewired design with tools included for fast, easy installation and a seamless look that blends into your décor. The plastic is paintable for a custom look. Fish tape is included for simple installation.

I absolutely love how we can have our TV hanging on the wall with a very clean aesthetic. This power kit took just minutes to install and no more cords. This is definitely a DIY project that will make you feel good about yourself and your space.


LeGrand In Wall TV Power Made Easy at Best Buy @LegrandNALeGrand In Wall TV Power Video

We hope that you enjoyed our LeGrand In Wall TV Power Made Easy at Best Buy post.

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43 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. robin rue

    That is easier than I would have thought. Our tv isn’t mounted, but I have always wanted to.

  2. I really need this!  It would be perfect for us! I have SO many wires behind my TV I think that they could light this house just on their energy! I will have to look for this at Best Buy! 

  3. Amy Desrosiers

    I totally need this for my tv. I hate the whole wires and tv stand look! Very cool item!

  4. I just love this! I HATE the look of electrical cords, especially behind the TV. This is the perfect solution to that ugly mess!

  5. reesa

    I am looking for something like this for when we mount our tv to the wall. Thank you!

  6. Brianne

    We so need this for our house. I’m sending this post to my husband now! There’s nothing worse than the wire hanging out behind the TV!

  7. Pam

    I have been wanting to mount ,y TV. This will make hiding the cords easier.

  8. Claudia Krusch

    This is exactly what I need for my family room. I will have to head over to Best Buy this week to pick one up.

  9. This is such a clever way of hiding your cords. I don’t like having a mess of cords behind the television!

  10. Kathy

    This is such a great way to hide the cords. This is exactly what we need. We have so many cords by our t.v.

  11. I love the way this works to keep all the unsightly wires out of view. Definitely planning on investing in that solution when we get a new flat screen TV at Best Buy, where we buy all our major electronics for the home.

  12. I think the Legrand In Wall Power Kit sounds like a genius idea! The electrical cords hanging down the wall are a serious eye sore to me. This DIY seems totally worth my time!

  13. Randi

    That’s just genius … I wish I had seen that a week ago before I paid big bucks to get a new outlet installed behind my TV! Totally checking this out for another location in my house.

  14. Sinisa

    Very cool. Definitely worth checking out 

  15. Sarah

    Whoa this is so cool! We do have our TV mounted to the wall but I never knew we could use something like this. 

  16. This is awesome! I need to get one of these! Looks so easy to install!

  17. OMG, I need this in my life! Our living room currently looks like the wall barfed out wires all over the place. Thank you for sharing this!

  18. I try in vain to hide the cords, but I’m never successful. This would rid that issue!

  19. What a handy household must have! Regardless of style preference, nothing is attractive about dangling wires. This kit rocks!

  20. This truly is a great contraption! It makes life so much easier and I am all about trying to make life easier with getting rid of those unsightly cords.

  21. Erin F

    We live in a log cabin so I like to keep my walls as “clean” as possible to preserve the historic appearance. (So much that I have avoided adding a TV in our bedroom.) Now that you’ve introduced me to the LeGrand In Wall TV Power Made Easy, I’m excited to finally have an SIMPLE way to hang our TV without a bunch of cords showing!

  22. This really makes me happy since I love making sure that the house is clean and organized! It’s perfect for keeping wires out of the way!

  23. Meagan

    That looks like a fantastic option. I didn’t realize it could be so easy.

  24. Our Family World

    This is awesome! I hate those dangling wires especially when I have to babysit for my little nephew. I am always afraid he’d pull on those cords and you know what happens. I will ask my husband to get this and install it the soonest. Thank you for the review!

  25. Now THAT is handy! Never seen something like this before. Surprised somebody didn’t have this sooner. Love this!

  26. My husband hacked up our drywall behind the tv to hide the cords. This tool would have been a lot easier. Going to tell hubs about it to save a lot of work in the future.

  27. I didn’t realize they made these! I absolutely hate the hanging cords from the tv. I will have to get one of these kits!

  28. This is awesome! I would need one of these for our TV in our living room.

  29. Crystal

    Our family room tv is too low being on an entertainment center. I need to mount it, but hated the idea of visible wires. This looks like the perfect solution.

  30. This is such a great idea! Every time I sit down to watch TV, I shudder when I see all the wires. I have to have my husband install this for us.

  31. That definitely looks like something we would love to get at some point in our front room. We love shopping at Best Buy!

  32. Getting a clean look on the hanging TV is a goal we all have had. It makes it seem so easy but when it comes to holes in the wall I leave it to my husband or a pro.

  33. I am loving this! I hate all of the wires all over the place. The ease of this is great.

  34. Sherry

    I hate seeing all of the wires needed for my television. I really need to get this in my home.

  35. I really need to use one of these Legrand things to hide the TV wires at my house. Looks easy enough to install and it definitely makes the wall look better without wires and cords hanging out.

  36. I am all about hiding all the ugly wires! I need to tell hubby about this so he can install it this weekend.

  37. This is really cool! Such a great way to keep those wires tidy!

  38. reesa

    We are looking for a way to hang our TV on our wall in our bedroom. I need to show this to my husband.

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