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Tips to Save Time & Energy This Holiday Season

Easy Home Meals National Associaton of Frozen and Refrigerated FoodsPeople want real, simple, nutritious, delicious, affordable and customizable meals and snacks and all of these wants can be met in the freezer aisle. The freezer aisle is pretty cool. It’s filled with real food. Frozen. To meet your real life needs.


The freezer aisle comprises 3,700+ different, delicious foods ranging from nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables to decadent ice creams and novelties.
They are made with Real ingredients. The food is created from Chef-inspired recipes. They have Fresh flavors.

There are Wholesome meal ideas complete with portions and packaging that doesn’t leave anything to waste. Frozen foods include healthy produce, perfectly-portioned meals, a variety of ethnic cuisines and dishes to meet strict dietary needs.


  • Captured at the height of ripeness
  • Prepared and seasoned by expert chefs
  • Designed to meet a wide variety of tastes and menu needs
  • Convenient and no waste (i.e., perfect portions)
  • Offer great value


The refrigerated dairy aisle is where we go to find the foods we count on every day – but there is more to this aisle than meets the eye. While they may be grouped together because they need to be in a cool place … if you look closely you’ll see there’s a creative, fun side to these foods that’s beyond cool and waiting to be unleashed.


Delicious Goodness: Refrigerated foods are made from real, simple, fresh, farm-grown ingredients and can be customized to fit within a well-balanced lifestyle. Not only are these wholesome ingredients nutritious, they taste delicious and leave everyone at mealtime feeling satisfied.

Creative Possibilities: With a variety of foods and beverages, the refrigerated dairy aisle is home to endless mealtime possibilities. From using Greek Yogurt for a soup or creating a minty cookie with coffee creamer, the refrigerated dairy aisle is a destination for culinary inspiration.

Delectable Indulgences: People enjoy treating themselves to delicious, tasty meals and in the refrigerated dairy aisle you can find a variety of indulgent treats. From mouthwatering appetizers to decadent desserts, the refrigerated dairy aisle offers it all.


1. Above is my famous slider that I make for every holiday party. When I need to save time, I buy the frozen hamburger patties, cook them and put them on a bun and top them with fresh cheddar cheese. Then I put sticks in them and cut them in fourths.

2. Buying frozen appetizers is a fabulous way to save time. Purchase your favorite items frozen and made amazing fresh sauces so that they taste unforgettable.

3. Frozen seafood like shrimp is always a big hit at any event. I usually thaw out peel & eat shrimp plus make scampi for my guests.

4. Frozen drink mixes are also incredibly easy to serve and make into fruity concoctions that guests will certainly ask for the recipe. Pair them along with some fresh juices so that you have something for everyone.

5. Small quiches are the easiest thing to make along with pretty much anything in phylo dough. All of these things can be made in advance and frozen.


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