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How to Declutter Your Car

How to Declutter Your CarHow to Declutter Your Car

One day many years ago, I rolled up into carpool with a car that looked like a trash heap. When the teacher opened the door to let my kids out, their stuff was falling out of the car. It was so embarrassing. I declared that would never happen again. Ever. I took charge and decluttered the car. We hope that you enjoy these tips on How to Declutter Your Car.

How to Declutter Your Car

Now that the holidays have come and gone, it is time to clean up all of the clutter that we have gathered during the past couple of busy months. Not just the clutter in your home though. Your vehicle can easily absorb lots of clutter, when you have a lot on your plate. The leftover fast food wrappers, empty beverage cups, and used tissues often times end up scattered throughout your entire car. Here are some great tips to help you get your car in shape.

Allow Sufficient Time to Declutter

Pending on how long you have let it go, it may take you awhile to gather all of the junk floating around the car. If you have not decluttered since summertime, you will likely need to give yourself more than five minutes to clean. If you do not allow enough time to declutter, then you will find yourself rushing, and will not do a very thorough job.Keep a Small Container in Your Car

Obviously, not everything that you will clear from your car is trash. You will probably find coins in the cup holders and on the floor, clothes that you have been meaning to take in. You might even discover some books that you forgot were in the pouch behind your seat. Who knows what else you will come across? Be sure that you have something to put all of your belongings in, so that you can easily take everything inside. In fact, this portable, collapsible trunk organizer is a life saver and never leaves my car. Anything that doesn't have a place, goes in there until I remove it from the car. Keeps everything so much more organized.

How to Declutter Your CarCheck all of those Hidden Areas

When decluttering or cleaning your car, the focus is generally on things that you can see. The dashboard, the seats, and the floor are the first spots you will find yourself clearing off. But just because you cannot see it, does not mean it is not there, or that it is not clutter. Think about your glovebox, or center console, for examples. How often do you throw receipts, tissues, or fast food napkins in either place?

Keep a Garbage Bag in Your Car at All Times

When it comes to decluttering your vehicle, something you can do to keep it sweet and simple is keeping a garbage bag or even a grocery bag (great idea for recycling) in your car. Pull out the grocery bag and throw away all your trash. It’s amazing how quickly trash can accumulate in a vehicle. This is a quick and easy way to declutter your vehicle. In fact, I keep 5-6 grocery bags in my car at all times.

Getting rid of the clutter in your vehicle will make you feel better. There is nothing worse than trying to work around the junk in your vehicle. Do the decluttering thing at least once a week. We hope that you are inspired by these tips on How to Declutter Your Car.

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