Car preparations for your summer road trip

Car preparations for your summer road trip

Car preparations for your summer road trip

Road trips are all the rage. Whether it’s tackling Route 66 for a one-in-a-lifetime motoring marathon or a special day-trip to the ocean or mountains, everyone is hitting the road with a sense of purpose.

After years of cars being branded society’s number one villain, there’s now a revival in the simple joy of going for a drive. Whether you’re in a silent electric or a growling petrol monster, everyone wants to rediscover the thrill of the open road.

And surely all you need is a sunny day, a set of wheels and a plan. Roll down the driver’s window, set up the sounds and away you go…

Well, hang on a moment. There is a bit more to it than that.

Sorry, before you actually pull off the driveway, we spoke to some motoring experts.

They want to share their best tips about preparing for an epic summer road trip. So just turn off the engine for a moment and read their best advice:

Check the car is going to make it.

Okay, yes, maybe this does sound like its kind of important. First of all, they did say it might be wise to check if your car been serviced.

If not, perhaps, you know, it might be a wise thing.

All those tedious things like checking the oil, water, fluids and tires are especially important when you’re just setting off across a desert… or even just pulling onto Highway One.

Nothing spoils your day out more than a breakdown on the interstate.

Best of all, throw the keys to your local mechanic and ask for a good once-over check. Is everything as it should be?

And even when the oily-fingered ones have done their best for your car, the experts say, it’s STILL worth double-checking tires.

On the day you set off, just see the air pressures are right and do a quick visual once-over to see there aren’t any obvious bulges or cuts.

By the way, if you are worried about your tires – why not take this opportunity to get a new set and spend your road trip feeling smug that you know they’re going to be absolutely fine.

If you are shopping around for well-priced new quality rubber, many experts are currently recommending Lexani tires. Why not trust your road trip well-being to them?


What should you take?

A six-pack and a credit card are surely all you need. No, sorry, those sensible experts actually had some different ideas on what’s worth having with you.

And maybe that six-pack isn’t such a cool idea?

Yes, to the credit card though. Road trips are all about unexpected discoveries. Who knows what you’re going to want to buy along the way.

But the experts’ real tips were a bit more focussed. They say take lots of water, car spares like bulbs, and the kit to change a tire if you need to in the middle of nowhere.

Or maybe you’ve got run flats or a tire injection system with no spare. Make sure you know what to do.

Take your mobiles and your chargers. If you’re heading into the wilderness download things you may need in advance now ­not when you realise there’s no signal.

That includes the obvious maps but also things you may not have thought of like a car manual and list of service stations or charging points. 

It may also be a good idea to pack a gift as you may plan to see a long distant friend on the journey. Preparing for little events like this may save you money and time in the long run.

Plan ahead

Are you taking a road trip to the nearest National Park or the furthest? Is your plan for a drive cross country – or just cross state?

Whatever your driving destination, it’s worth trimming the odds of breakdown by preparing your car.

The expert advice may sound boring when you just want to slip on the shades and hit the road – but NOTHING is more boring than sitting on the side of a busy highway with a steaming, smoking engine and a car that is silently asking you ‘why didn’t you bother to check me first?’

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