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Hit the Road with Zubie

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zubie for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

For a few months, we have been using the Zubie. What we love most about Zubie is that it has answered that question that my husband and I could never seem to agree on.

Who is the better driver? Is it my husband or myself? I mean I have always known the answer but now the Zubie proves.

I threw down the gauntlet and made my husband install the Zubie in his car:

The results were interesting and still under heavy debate.

But I LOVE our experience with the Zubie and in all honesty, this product or something just like it will be on each and every car that my children will drive. No questions. I will also tell them about it so they know and can adjust their driving habits accordingly.


Zubie makes it easy to know and understand what’s going on under the hood, plus save money on maintenance. This easy-to-install device helps you keep your car running by giving timely information about your car’s health, and alerting you to potential problems:

• Engine Problems: Be alerted to problem codes reported by your engine, and understand what they mean.

• Check Engine Light: Translate the Check Engine light into plain English.

• Know exactly why the light is on, and avoid an unnecessary trip to the repair shop.

• Dead Battery: Track battery levels and be alerted to a problem BEFORE a dead battery leaves you stranded.

• Repair Cost & Insight: Know how serious a problem might be, and receive an estimate of likely repair costs before you go to the repair shop.

• Driving Behavior: Manage your driving habits to improve fuel economy and preserve overall car value over time.


It is not too late to get your very own Zubie. It will revolutionalize the way you drive. In fact, Order today and SAVE 20%.

Offer good through March 31, 2014. Shipping charges apply.


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