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Help Fight for a Cure and Get Money Back When you Shop at Bloomingdales

Bloomingdale's Give Pink Get More

I am a shopper. I have been my entire life. Sometimes I shop too much but lately I have been doing much better and making wiser choices. One of the stores that I frequent is Bloomingdale's. I find some great things that I think are reasonably priced plus something of quality so I make a purchase or two.

The past several years, companies have been doing something in the month of October that I really love. They donate a portion of proceeds into one of the worthy causes fighting to find a cure for breast cancer. I like when companies give back. And I love even more when they share it with shoppers and doing something for us as well.

This is, of course, as opposed to just flat out asking for a donation which I always find awkward at the register and many times the employee seems like he/she doesn't really like asking anyway. It is not fair to them. It is kind of awkward to make people ask for money who are already spending money in your store. I feel like a jerk if I don't give so I almost always have to mumble how I volunteer at somewhere or another (which I do).

Ok so totally off track there. But anyway go shop at Bloomingdale's because they are giving back in many ways this month.

pink-hiw-topTHE GIVE:

From October 1 through November 3, 2013, enroll by charging a $15 fee on your Bloomingdale's card–100% funds research, support and awareness programs at The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The Tutu Project benefiting The Carey Foundation and The Cancer Vixen Fund at Beth Israel Hospital. Then shop to your heart's content (even for cosmetics and fragrances) on your Bloomingdale's card.



You'll be mailed a Give Pink, Get More gift card worth up to $250 in December–just in time for the holidays–to use at any Bloomingdale's store and*

*Subject to credit approval. May not be used as payment or credit on a Bloomingdale's card account or exchanged for cash. Restrictions and exclusions apply. TERMS & CONDITIONS.


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Bloomingdale's Give Pink Get More Verizondid receive a Bloomingdales gift card to facilitate this post and am passionate about the BCRF and its mission as well.

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  1. I don’t have a Bloomingdale’s card, but I think this is a WONDERFUL cause and I hope they make millions for it 🙂

  2. Any excuse to shop at Bloomies! 🙂 Love to see stores giving back. It definitely makes me want to go back and shop there.

  3. Yet another reason for me to go shopping, but this time for a good cause! THANKS!

  4. I love this! As a survivor I praise any business that gives to help find a cure!

  5. What a great cause and I love how it’s give and get. LOL. 🙂

  6. IF we had a Bloomies, I would definitely be spending my money there!

  7. That is an awesome cause to support. Bloomingdales is such a great store to shop at and support a good cause at the same time.

  8. Jennifer

    Such a great cause!

  9. My aunt had breast cancer last year and is now cancer free for 8 months, so I love seeing companies support the cuase!

  10. I think my Mom has a Bloomies card-will have to tell her about this then drive her on over to the Bloomies near us. I haven’t been there in a while and when they have sales they are legitimate sales!

  11. Great cause and great post! Thank you!

  12. I live in a really, really small town and the only time I get to Bloomingdales is when we head for a much larger place, which is not very often. I love the cause though.

  13. I don’t have one near me but I love it when large corporations share the love! It makes you feel less guilty for shopping 😉

  14. My mom took me to Bloomingdales for my 13th birthday, so it’s a sentimental place for me. I haven’t been there in a while though. Love that they’re doing their part to give back!

  15. I don’t think I’ve heard of Bloomingdales except in movies. Seems like a great company.

  16. I think this is a great cause that they are supporting. We don’t have a blooming dales nor do I have a card, but I still love that they are supporting such an important cause.

  17. I like when stores get together with a great cause. Especially, a great store like this!

  18. What a great program. I wish we had a Bloomingdale’s in my area so I could take part! I need to do some wardrobe updating and for a good cause would be even better!

  19. Great that so many companies are involved in “pink” breast cancer but too bad it is only in Oct each year and not all the time. We could find a cure quicker.

  20. What an awesome cause! Who doesn’t love shopping and great causes!

  21. Good cause. One more reason to shop at Bloomingdales!

  22. This would be a great way to support a cause and get what you need…

  23. Love it when stores do stuff like that.. if only I shopped at Bloomingdales..

  24. I love this campaign! I attended the Atlanta Bloomingdales 10 year Anniversary Celebration and this promotion was front row and center. I always support Breast Cancer and other Cancer organizations. My Mom lost her battle to Pancreatic Cancer. We need to support Cancer Research. And of course shopping for a cause is awesome!

  25. Ann at Mundane Magic

    So glad companies are supporting worthwhile causes in these campaigns. I don’t mind the discount either!

  26. Cara

    What a great cause! Thankfully we don’t have a Bloomingdales here or I would probably spend lots of money!

  27. I love this – what an awesome campaign!

  28. Kita

    Not a fan of shopping at all but for a great cause I am all for it. I had a bloomingdales card at one point but i was so scared to use it I cancelled it lol

  29. I don’t like being asked at the register either. Being put on the spot is super uncomfortable! This is a much better way of doing it, and they’ll probably generate more too!

  30. Such a great cause! I love Bloomies 🙂

  31. Oooh, I love when I get something back for supporting great charities. Help fighting for a cure and shopping at Bloomingdales is a perfect combo!

  32. Thank you for sharing this! If I had a Bloomingdale’s nearby I would participate.

  33. What a wonderful campaign and easy way for consumers to give back! LOVE!

  34. another reason to love bloomie’s!! this is a great promotion and who doesn’t want a little extra cash before the holidays?

  35. What a great idea, shopping to fight for a cure. Another reason to love Bloomingdale’s.

  36. I sure do wish we had a Bloomingdales closer! I love the idea of shopping for a cure!

  37. I wish they gave the amount to Breast Cancer research instead of in a gift card back to the same store. I’d rather see it go to the cause.

  38. I love cause marketing. I am sure you know thi!!

  39. I love Bloomies – wish I had one close! What a great cause!

  40. Hi Stacie,

    I completely agree with you, I cannot stand it when they ask for a donation at the cash register – it does make you feel guilty if you say no…

    I love that Bloomingdales will be sending the cards BEFORE Christmas. That’s a win win for everyone!

    Glad to see you participating in promotion of such a great cause,

    Mommy’s Playbook

  41. This is such a great cause! I love that it’s an easy way to give back.

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