5 Black Friday Mistakes That Can Cost You
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5 Black Friday Mistakes That Can Cost You

5 Black Friday Mistakes that Can Cost You

When you are shopping on Black Friday, there are a few mistakes that you want to avoid.  Not committing these mistakes will help you to save time and money.  Now, these are quite common so there is a chance that you have made them in the past.  Just keep these in mind as you make your way up and down the aisles to make your shopping day as smooth as possible.


There really is no need to buy an additional warranty on an item, especially when you are buying the item for someone else.  The majority of all electronics and appliances already come with a warranty and many credit card companies have things in place to protect you too.  Save the extra cash and use it to treat yourself to something you have been wanting.


Layaway is convenient and allows you to get expensive items and make payments on them.  However, you must consider layaway fees because if they are too high, you could actually be paying more for the item that seems like a great deal.  Do the math and ensure that the fees do not significantly raise the amount of money that you are paying.


The significant discounts on things like electronics and appliances are great, but do not forget to look at the smaller items too.  Many of these are priced much lower than usual, but since many people are focused only on big ticket items, they forget to look at these and end up losing out on great deals.  So, when you are out, grab your big items first and then take a little time to check out the smaller ones.


If you see a great deal, see who else is offering one.  The season's hottest toys are going to be on sale and some stores offer better deals than others.  Black Friday is meant to save you money, so be sure to do your homework so that you can be sure that you are getting the best deal possible.


The biggest deals are really hard to get your hands on.  Many people will go and grab the next closest thing when they find out the major deal is gone.  This is a quick way to overspend.  If the store does not have the specific item you want, skip it and check other stores.

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