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Wordless Wednesday – Take a Flying Leap w/Linky

Alternate Title: Mama Got a New Toy

Second Alternate Title: My New DSLR Camera

Third Alternate Title: Who Knew My Kids Could Jump So High

We stayed in a hotel a few weeks ago when our air conditioning broke. I took these with my brand new DSLR (it took me almost a year to save up so I am very excited).

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  1. I love how you titled this one the photos are perfect. How much fun they all had and no fear of water at all. !!
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Link Up =-.

  2. What fun pictures! So cute!


  3. Calgarydaddy

    Great SHots! I just got my DSLR…so fun!

  4. Wow, just wow.

    I have camera envy.

    Great shots!
    .-= Kim @ What’s That Smell?Wow. ´s last blog ..8-2 Breyers Smooth &amp Dreamy Ice Cream GIVEAWAY 2 winners =-.

  5. Jennifer @ J. Leigh Designz

    Very cute! I love the last two!

    Lucky You! I don’t even OWN an AC. I’ve been sweating it out! UGH!

  6. Tenille

    Great shots! My camera would just result in a blur for those action shots! I am jealous! Hoping Santa is good to me this Christmas! 😉

  7. Amazing shots! Love the flying leaps into the pool!
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday- Swim Baby Swim =-.

  8. Looks like they had a lot of fun! Great photos Stacie!

  9. Great pictures! Love the flying leaps into the pool!

  10. Joanna @ FeedingThePrices

    Looks refreshing!
    .-= Joanna @ FeedingThePrices´s last blog ..Care For Some Tofu Nugs =-.

  11. WOW! Awesome shots!!

    Happy WW!
    .-= veronica lee´s last blog ..Oodles of Noodles =-.

  12. Great in air pictures. I bet the kids had a blast and slept good. My son loves to jump into the pool over and over again.

  13. I bet the kids were just a little bit happy that the air conditioner broke. Look at the fun they had.

  14. I love these!! It’s hard to get them in mid-air, so your new camera is awesome..
    .-= Sherri´s last blog ..The Amazing Race =-.

  15. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls

    Those are amazing! And I’m way jealous of the DSLR, lol. 🙂
    .-= Deb – Mom of 3 Girls´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday 153 – Sunset at soccer camp =-.

  16. What brave kiddos you have there. Great shots too. Thanks so much for stopping by and linkin up for WW!

  17. Owen's Mom

    Great job with the camera! I think you captured all the fun in a day at the pool… well, the “ups” at least.

  18. Great pictures, kids always have so much fun. We should take a leap sometimes too, huh?

    .-= Tammi @ My Organized Chaos´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday Beauty In Color =-.

  19. YAY! So happy for you. 🙂
    .-= Dawn Camp´s last blog ..A Few Announcements =-.

  20. Dominique

    The kids really had fun at the pool..great shots!! Happy WW

  21. Faythe

    wow! great pictures! I am envious of the camera, the hotel stay with pool & a home with A/C ! Have fun playing with your new toy!
    .-= Faythe´s last blog ..Burning Rubber =-.

  22. What fun shots!
    .-= Maria @ LSS´s last blog ..RTWW – Birds Of Paradise =-.

  23. Looks like they are having so much fun. Great shots.
    .-= Cafe au lait´s last blog ..RTWW – I find this really cute =-.

  24. Wonderful shots. Happy WW.
    .-= Simply Delicious´s last blog ..WW – Marshmallows =-.

  25. Wow! Those pictures are incredible. You can add me to the jealous list 😉
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Random Silliness -Almost Wordless Wednesday =-.

  26. Great shots of summer fun! Happy WW

  27. Cristi

    Your kids are adorable!! You got some AMAZING photos!! I so can not wait till I can save up to buy my DSLR too!!

  28. Love the way you caught them in the air, great pics
    .-= steve from bethere2day.com´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday 007 – London Life =-.

  29. BK

    That was some great shots! I love the flying leap. It must been very fun for the children. 🙂
    .-= BK´s last blog ..WW- I left my footprint- Summit of Bukit Timah Hill =-.

  30. Awesome action photos and I love the close up shots too. Beautiful!
    .-= Run DMT´s last blog ..Little Boy Blue =-.

  31. Funny how so many people’s shots this week look similar. Summer manifests itself in the same way pretty much everywhere I guess. Great shots.

  32. Great Pictures. Mine would have come out blurry.
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday What Are These Plants =-.

  33. Love the pictures! What kind of Camera did you get?

  34. Beth

    I don’t know how ppl go without AC. I think your plan to make it a treat and go off to a hotel is awesome..very adventurous 🙂

  35. Great photos! What kind of camera did you get?

  36. Congrats on the new camera!! Beautiful pictures! Your kiddos really can jump high!
    .-= Henrietta´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Fourth of July Evening at the Lake =-.

  37. Pamela

    Active days like this lead to restful nights!
    .-= Pamela´s last blog ..Wordless Wordful Wednesday – – Beer Adult Beverage of the Week =-.

  38. Oooooh you got some awesome shots with your new toy! Beautiful kids! And I have a little bit of camera envy… 😉
    .-= Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)´s last blog ..Wordless-Wordful Wednesday – The Hatching of a Dinosaur Egg =-.

  39. I bet the kids wish there was no AC more often. Hope you are having a great time with your new camera. The pictures are wonderful.

  40. Tracy

    This looks like a blast! I hope your air conditioning is fixed btw :O) Happy WW!

  41. Great shots! I love the second one of your son…he looks like Superman about to take off!

    Cute kids!
    .-= Alissabeth´s last blog ..Pinecone Research Accepting Applications =-.

  42. Anjanette

    Wow, they look like they are having fun. What beautiful Babies…

    Happy WW
    .-= Anjanette´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Plumb Tuckered =-.

  43. Serendipity is Sweet

    Great shots! I just got a new DSLR too and I love it! And, we just fixed our broken A/C, aaack!

  44. Alyson LaBarge

    Great pics Stacie! Have not stopped by your blog in a while (I know, shame on me) but it looks great, especially with everything else you have had going on!

  45. those are awesome pics!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Nice Ass! =-.

  46. Dee

    looks like everyone is having a blast! Cute shots!

  47. Wow, those are some VERY impressive jumps. Great photos 🙂
    .-= TheAngelForever´s last blog ..30 years ago today =-.

  48. WOW — your kiddos have gorgeous eyes. Great shots!

  49. Happy WW! LOVE LOVE those pics! I see we have a common theme this weeks WW!
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..Building a Family =-.

  50. Totally jealous of your new SLR! You are a natural with it and caught some awesome shots. I bet it’s nice to have such a fast shutter speed to catch them in action like that. Beautiful shots.
    .-= Tiffany´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Shower Goggles =-.

  51. Liz

    These are seriously awesome pics! Congrats on the camera!
    .-= Liz´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday- Flag Football Weekend =-.

  52. These are GREAT photos! What kind of camera is it? Also, love how you caught the big jumps and your daughter’s huge eyes. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  53. Frugal Fritzie

    Wheeeeeee! Great pictures 🙂
    .-= Frugal Fritzie´s last blog ..Working Mother Free 1-Year Magazine Subscription =-.

  54. Carrie

    Oh, I am so tempted to buy a fancy new camera that requires actual thought when taking a picture! You can get some wonderful images 🙂

    Great pictures! Happy WW. Come on by and link up
    .-= Carrie´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday- The Next Jackson Polluck =-.

  55. Deborah

    Great Shots. I’m so jealous!

  56. What beautiful shots!!
    Happy WW!
    .-= Kasandria´s last blog ..Shortcutscom Now Has Printable Coupons! =-.

  57. Great action photos. Thanks for the linky

  58. dan

    I was so happy when my kids finally began swimming good enough this year to enjoy the deep end and getting to jump in.

  59. What fun!! Your kids are freaking adorable!!
    .-= Carolyn G´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday Afternoons at our House =-.

  60. Must have been fun for the kids. Hope you are in the cool now. I just love pools in the summer. Off I go for some summer fun. Thanks for dropping by.
    .-= Auntie E´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday-Water Birds =-.

  61. WeeMasonMan's Mom

    These are awesome action photos. It looks like they really were having a great time!

  62. Wonderful photos! Looks like they were having a blast!
    .-= Staci A´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday- A Night Out =-.

  63. Christi

    I can certainly sympathize with the a/c going out..I was there last week!! Wonderful action shots!!

  64. It looks like they had a blast, and you got some great shots with your new camera.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Appliances Do Fashion =-.

  65. Such wonderful action shots and portraits. We can really feel the energy and the good times they had. What pretty little faces. 🙂

  66. These pictures are great! So much fun! I am a new follower! Come and visit Mama’s Little Chick. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  67. Jeane

    Don’t you just love how it stop actions without any blurring?! You are going to have fun with that toy!


  68. Your children are beautiful and that’s definitely how you enjoy a pool!


  69. Great shots! Looks like you’ve stomped all over the learning curve.
    .-= Frantic Holly´s last blog ..ProFlowers to Make Your Day =-.

  70. great pics… it was totally worth the wait, wasn’t it?!

  71. Now those are some amazing action shots! Love ’em!
    .-= Emilie´s last blog ..Eucerin Skin First and Everyday Protection Giveaway =-.

  72. Those are GREAT pics!!

    Damn girl, how do you get so many people to link up to you?!

  73. Happy Wordless Wednesday!
    What fabulous photos. I love how they look like super heros with the their arms in motion. The face shots are just priceless. You have some super cute kiddos.
    Thanks for linking up this week and have a fabulous day!
    .-= Miller Racing Family´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday-Waterparks =-.

  74. Amy

    The bottom two pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS!

  75. Love the shots you got with your new DSLR. I too am in the process of saving for one. SO what did you get? I’m probably just going to get the entry level Canon Rebel XS. Sorry to run on… you know how it is, when you’ve got a new camera in your sights it’s all you can think about! LOL But anyway, just dropping by from Entrecard and I love your blog!
    .-= Texan Mama´s last blog ..Dont Skip this Movie =-.

  76. They were putting on quite the show for you with your new camera, weren’t they? Congrats on saving up for it! And, they great shots, too.

  77. Jacqueline

    Amazing pics! Congrats on your new camera mama! I love all the pics even though it makes me green with envy that we don’t have an outdoor pool like that here. Your kids have the most beautiful eyes! 🙂

  78. PT Cam

    Hey guys, this good wook!

  79. Action shots are always neat!
    Happy WW. Feel free to check out my WW and enter the Spa Gift Card Giveaway while you’re there!

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