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Eat Great & Lose Weight During The Holidays

Eat Great & Lose Weight During The Holidays

The holiday season is known as the most difficult time of year to maintain a healthy weight let alone weight loss. Here are some tips on how to Eat Great And Lose Weight During The Holidays. As hard as it may sound it really can be effortless if you simply plan ahead and use the tips below. Don’t fear the holiday season increasing your waist line this year. Show the holidays that you are stronger and healthier this year.


1. Eat What You Really Want

As we learn in a weight loss journey many of us have a tendency to reach for anything we can to satisfy that ultimate craving. During the holidays you may skip all the bad for you desserts and side dishes but end up over indulging on healthier options as a result. (Yes it is possible to overindulge on healthy foods.)

Instead choose to eat what you really are craving only do so in moderation or accounted for in other areas of your menu plan. If it is the creamy pie you can’t stand to go without then skip the starches or the margarine on your roll and have a half a slice at the end of the meal. Rather than depriving yourself the joy of the special foods, eat them in moderation and with control.

2. Don’t Drink Your Calories

Eggnog, cocoa, cider and all the great alcoholic concoctions of the holidays can quickly become calorie zappers. Reach instead for the bottle of water and a few slices of lemon or lime.

3. Don’t Skip Meals

If you think you are “saving calories” by skipping lunch before the big office party, you are wrong. Skipping meals almost always leads to overindulging later on but it most importantly affects your metabolism adversely. When you deny yourself proper fuel when it needs it, your system will automatically begin conserving fat stores to feed upon later. Although you may think a few hours will make no difference, your body doesn’t know it’s only going to be 2-3 hours and thus automatically goes into the tail spin. Once you feed it again, your metabolism is already slowed down and will take longer to adjust thus skipping meals often doesn’t result in weight loss, but actually weight gain.

4. Don’t Get Sauced

Skip the sauces, gravies and creamy dishes and go for the roasted and baked items instead. If one of your cravings is your mom’s mashed potatoes indulge in a small portion but skip the turkey gravy you usually ladle on. Have the slice of pie but skip the ice cream you would normally put on top.

5. Skip Cocktail Hour

If you are going to a party that has both a cocktail hour and a sit down meal skip the cocktail hour and arrive just in time for the meal. Cocktail hour brings appetizers and drinks that will quickly add up to thousands of calories in just a few bites. If this will serve as a temptation simply arrive fashionably late and avoid the cocktail & appetizer hour. Eat a great meal and lose weight instead of snacking pre-meal and gaining weight.

The most important thing you can do to eat great and lose weight during the holidays is to plan ahead and always be aware of what will be offered at the parties you plan to attend. Eating in moderation and avoiding added sauces, beverages high in calories or going back for seconds can help you stay on track and even continue losing weight.

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