25 DIY Halloween Garland Ideas Spooky Skulls Pumpkins

25 DIY Halloween Garland Ideas


25 DIY Halloween Garland Ideas

25 DIY Halloween Garland Ideas

We love Halloween around here but I am sure you know that based on the multitude of posts on the subject. In fact, my kids love it so much that they start planning the next year's costume while they are trick or treating for the current year. That is how into Halloween my family is and everyone single one of us love the holiday. We love to dress up in costumes and sometimes we do family costumes but for the most part we look like a bunch of misfits with everyone in their different costumes. We also love to make all kinds of Halloween goodies to share with friends and family. And we especially love to decorate for Halloween.  We hope that you love these 25 DIY Halloween Garland Ideas.

25 DIY Halloween Garland Ideas

  1. Yarn Ghost Garland
  2. DIY Mini Pumpkin Garland – decoration for fall
  3. Easy Bat Garland DIY
  4. Easy Fabric Scrap Halloween Garland
  5. Skull Bunting Cobweb Wrap
  6. Jack Skellington Halloween String Garland
  7. DIY Halloween Decor Spiderweb Garland
  8. Halloween Decor Garland
  9. DIY Dollar Store Skull Halloween Garland
  10. DIY Halloween Fabric Scrap Garland
  11. Spiderweb Garland made with Cricut
  12. Halloween Garland
  13. Easy Fall Garlands
  14. DIY Halloween Witch Hat Garland
  15. DIY Pumpkin Garland
  16. DIY Easy Halloween Mummy Banner
  17. Halloween Garland with Pumpkin Medallions
  18. DIY Pumpkin Ghost and Black Cat Halloween Garland
  19. Black Cats Friendly Ghosts Garland
  20. Mini Witch Hat Garland Tutorial


Ok so let's say you don't want to make your Halloween garland. You're busy, I get that. I am busy too and sometimes I just want to buy something rather than make it. Thankfully, you can buy everything from a glittery black bat banner or vintage flag Halloween banner to a dangling skeleton banner or a bloody weapons zombie Halloween banner.  We hope that you are inspired by these 25 DIY Halloween Garland Ideas. Happy Halloween!


25 DIY Halloween Garland Ideas


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  1. Oh fun! Adding a few of these could easily enhance the Halloween atmosphere of the rooms you’re hosting in. The web ones could be so fun.

  2. These Halloween garland ideas are so darn cute, they have inspired me to get decorating! I recently saw little ghosts at the dollar store that would be perfect for a garland project! I’m siked!

  3. Amy

    These are all so fun! I love the mini foam pumpkin one the best!

  4. robin rue

    We are ALL about Halloween here, so I have to make at least one of these to decorate my house. So many of these are adorable.

  5. This is amazing,, so many different models of garland all for Halloween. I generally don’t decorate but one of these would be so much fun.

  6. OMG I LOVE the bats! And the spiderwebs! There are such fun ideas for decorating this Halloween …. I’ve never done garlands before but I may just use these suggestions to try this year!

  7. krystal

    Break out the pumpkins – I’m ready to celebrate. A garland is a classic idea to add color for the season!

  8. Sherry

    I haven’t decorated much in the past for Halloween. This year we have moved to a new house and I plan on putting some up. I’ll have to try some of these garlands.

  9. Allison Cooper

    So confession: I’m horrible at decorating. I just don’t have that sweet, home decor touch. But these I can handle and what a wonderful way to get everyone excited about Halloween!

  10. These festive garlands would be so adorable hanging up for the Halloween season! 

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