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7 Things You Should Buy from a Local Business Instead of Online

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7 Things You Should Buy from a Local Business Instead of Online

Local businesses are the backbone of your community. They are owned and run by people you know. They support events and sports teams and, in turn, depend on your support for their livelihood. In fact, almost anything you can purchase online from a large retailer you can find at one of your town’s small businesses.


Your town is probably full of talented artisans creating beautiful pieces of unique art, jewelry, candles, ceramics, and furniture. Rather than finding a mass-produced item online, shop your local stores to find a gift that your recipient will treasure forever.


Have you ever stopped to think how long produce takes to get from the farm to a large chain grocery store? A week may have lapsed by the time it’s harvested, taken to a processing plant for packaging, and then transported to the store where it sits on a shelf. And, during that time, it’s losing its nutritional value. In addition, you are likely consuming genetically modified food that is mass-produced on a vast industrial farm and treated with pesticides. 

Instead, make it a point to go to a farmer’s market or small local grocer and buy produce that someone likely picked that morning. The first time you bite into a tomato grown in a local garden, you will discover how much better homegrown tastes.


Do you remember the days before Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble? You could spend hours at your local bookstore looking through all the latest bestsellers and sitting on the floor looking through your favorite magazines. Those independent booksellers are still there. Why wait for your favorite author’s newest book to be delivered to your house? Take a drive to the closest bookstore and buy it. While you’re there, the owner can also recommend new writers to you that you may have never considered.

Some of those bookstores may even offer coffee and tea and have cozy chairs to curl up on while your mind journeys to another place and time.


One of the worst things about clothes shopping online is never knowing how it will fit. You see the cutest top that looks great on the model. But, when it finally arrives at your home, the top is either too large or too small and is of shoddy quality. If it does fit, the first time you wear it, you see your officemate wearing the same thing.

Small town boutiques offer unique, high-quality pieces of clothing. You can try the article before you buy. Furthermore, the shop’s owner can recommend other items and accessories that complete your outfit and give you a one-of-a-kind look.

Baked Goods

Why would you order cookies, cheesecakes, or other baked goods online? Instead, go to your local bakery. Inhale the sweet scents of powdered sugar and creamy frostings. Look at the delicate flakiness of a fresh-baked pastry. Hand select various cookies baked fresh that morning.


Everyone has heard the phrase “like a kid in a candy store.” Walk into your town’s sweet shop and prepare yourself. Rows upon rows of chocolate creations are waiting for you to indulge. And they don’t have just chocolates. Many candy stores have some old favorites that will remind you of your childhood. No online store can match the experience of visiting your local chocolatier.


If you have ever gone online and tried to purchase a floral arrangement to send to a friend, you know it’s not always easy. There are different sizes, and you worry that what arrives at your friend’s house won’t look like what you see online. Furthermore, most times, these online florists work with your local store. So, why not cut out the middleman? Go directly to the florist and discuss precisely what you’re looking for. They will often design a unique arrangement that you won’t find online.

Wrap Up

Just because small business week is over doesn’t mean you need to go back to shopping online. Rather than helping large corporations improve their bottom line for investors, support the local businesses that support your community. 

And, when someone asks about your outfit or comments about the delicious salad served in your unique ceramic bowl and wonders where you purchased the cake that melts in your mouth, be sure to tell them.

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