20+ Halloween Face Painting Stencils For Kids & How To Make Them

20+ Halloween Face Painting Stencils For Kids & How To Make Them

Halloween Face Painting Stencils For Kids (And How To Make Them)

One fun Halloween activity for the children is a little face painting.  This is great for parties, Trick or Treating or for that one day where you get to dress up at school.  Making the stencils is pretty easy as is using them.  The first thing you will want to do is make sure you have a few supplies.


  • Cardstock and/or cardboard

  • Face paint

  • Marker

  • Scissors/craft knife

  • Medical or Dancers Tape (optional)

Now, when picking a stencil you can always ask your child what they would like to have painted on their face. Unless you are an amazing artist I suggest you going on the simple side.  With it being Halloween stencils like bats, Jack o Lanterns, spiders, witches, and the like are most often used.  You can do face painting year around and finding a theme is always a good idea so that you already have ideas in your head and so you can limit the crazy ideas that kids will come up with.

You can find a set of 10 Halloween stencils that you can print off.  I recommend printing them off on cardstock and cutting them out with scissors or a craft knife.  The cardstock makes it easier to not tear when you are trying to use it as a stencil.  Once it is cut out you can chose to use some tape to hold it in place.  This isn't completely necessary because most stencils are going to be around 2″ in length and not much bigger than that.

Have some fun with your children this Halloween and be creative.   If you are artistic you can bypass the whole printable stencil and just go straight for drawing and cutting out your own unique designs that your child will love because you know what?  You know your child better than anyone else and you know what they will want painted on their face.


10 Great Simple Halloween Stencils

Stencils of all types

Face Painting Stencils for Kids

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