Guide to buying a modern ice maker

Guide to buying a modern ice maker

Guide to buying a modern ice maker

In case your family uses more ice than the freezer can hold, you may want to ask if you should buy an ice block maker. Bftech offers a variety of ice makers to ensure your kitchen has enough ice to meet all your family's needs. This buying guide will help you choose the best ice maker for your home based on key factors.

Guide to buying a modern ice maker

Guide to buying a modern ice maker

Is it worth buying an ice maker?

An ice maker is a smart choice for homes where large amounts of ice are used regularly or where the entertainment area is separate from the kitchen. If your refrigerator or freezer does not have an automatic ice maker, you may need a separate modern solution to get the ice you need quickly. Modern models of ice generators can produce from 3 to 25 kilograms of ice at a time, this indicator depends on the technical characteristics of a specific model. Even if your refrigerator has a built-in freezer, portable models of ice makers that are presented at favorable prices at Bftech can make and store more ice cubes in the shortest possible time. This can be useful if you often host house parties with lots of guests looking for cold drinks.

Freezer vs Ice Maker: What's the Key Difference?

The key difference between using a freezer and making ice with an ice maker is the way the water is frozen. The traditional method of making ice using a freezer is to pour water into molds by hand and wait a long time until the water freezes and the ice becomes solid. Ice generators use innovative methods of freezing water, which make it possible to produce purer ice than conventional freezers, such devices produce ice in a few minutes after starting work. This means that a constant flow of water is directed at the cold surface, causing the ice inside to freeze, after which the finished ice falls into a special container, from where you take it. Modern models of ice generators, which are presented in the wide assortment of Bftech, offer options for preparing ice using Clear Ice technology, which carefully removes air bubbles and impurities that form cloudy ice.

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What are the devices for the production of ice?

Different types of ice makers include portable ice makers, industrial ice makers, and built-in ice makers. Read on to find out which type of ice maker is right for your home. A built-in ice maker that can be installed in your kitchen produces a large amount of ice for 24 hours. Most ice generators of this type have a working depth equal to the height of the surrounding space. Most models have an insulated storage compartment that can hold 25-60 kilograms of ready-made ice. Key benefits of using this type of ice maker include:

  • It can produce 25-60 kilograms of ice per day;
  • Designed to blend in with surrounding kitchen furniture;
  • Most models are equipped with insulated materials (high level of noise insulation);
  • Perfectly provides home needs in the amount of ice needed.

Minor drawbacks include the fact that this type of ice maker requires a water pipe to install, which can limit installation options. For smaller kitchens, such an ice generator can take up more space. Industrial ice generators are connected to a water supply source and those that need to be filled with water independently. These ice makers are similar in size and shape to freezers and can produce the same amount of ice. The ice maker can be placed anywhere, not just in the kitchen.

The production capacity of industrial ice generators ranges from dozens, and sometimes hundreds of kilograms of ice, which they can produce per day to meet the needs of a restaurant, cafe, bar, or large enterprise. Installation requires a water pipe, which may limit installation options. The special layout and large size of industrial ice makers may not be suitable in kitchens with limited space for individual appliances. Portable ice makers are small and easy to clean and store. This makes them ideal if you live in a small apartment or have a small kitchen. Due to the small size of these ice makers, they can make 5-20 kilograms of ice per day. The advantages of a portable ice maker include a compact design and miniature dimensions, this solution is suitable for a kitchen of any size. No water hose is required for installation as the water is poured by hand. Disadvantages of portable ice makers include that such a device produces less ice than larger options.

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What type of ice maker is best?

The type of ice maker that's right for you depends on the current needs of your kitchen. If you regularly host large cocktail parties, portable ice makers with more powerful specs are a good choice because they can make more ice per day than other options. Families with small kitchens, where there is little space for large equipment, can turn to portable models of ice generators with a low power index.

What to pay attention to when buying an ice generator?

When shopping for an ice maker, there are several key factors to consider when choosing the best solution for your home. Making ice: People who use a lot of ice every day should choose devices with a higher production speed. Capacity: If you need an ice maker to fill the entire container, look for an ice maker with a larger capacity.

Installation: Determine if there is enough space in your kitchen to install the ice maker, or if you will need to purchase a freestanding unit. Options for filling the ice maker with water: Certain ice maker models require a stand-alone water connection source, while portable models do not. Water filters: Filters remove sediment from water before the ice hardens to improve the taste and smell of the finished product. Some models have built-in filters, while others can be purchased separately.

Regular cleaning of the ice maker filters helps keep the ice clean and fresh. Style and design. Most ice makers have a design finish similar to other larger appliances, so you can choose one that matches the color scheme of your kitchen. Another important consideration is which form of ice best suits your needs, as ice makers make different forms of ice for different purposes. If you mainly use ice for juices, coffee, cocktails, and other refreshing drinks, you should look for an ice maker that can make ice cubes.

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