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Buying Cars

I have owned several Jeeps during my lifetime. I love Jeeps. My first Jeep, I purchased directly from the Jeep dealer. I picked out the exact car I wanted and got every single feature that I wanted. I was young and really didn’t care much about saving money as long as I got the car that I wanted.

The car ended up having many problems and I actually ended up with a lifetime warranty directly from the manufacturer which really helped when it came to selling the car.

My next Jeep I purchased used directly from the Chrysler dealer. It was used but a certified  pre-owned car and a much better deal. The dealership made sure that everything was in excellent condition and even offered a warranty. Although that warranty was limited, it did offer me a little peace of mind in knowing that at least the dealership stood behind the car that they were selling me. I had absolutely no problems with that car ever.

Every time I buy a car now, I tend to go through a dealer. Although I have purchased several cars from private sellers, I have found that I get much better service when buying through a dealership. I get a better price, however, when buying through an individual seller.

This is always a tough call. For instance, I am in the market for a new car right now and a local Dodge dealer has the perfect car for but it is more than I am willing to spend. So for now, I will just wait until I find the perfect car.

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