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Goodwill Creates Jobs with Your Donations

Goodwill_FB_SpringCleaning_FINAL4.inddThis Sponsored post was made possible through the support of Goodwill. All opinions are my own.

Not that long ago, my house embarrassed me. Not the actual house rather all of the stuff we had inside of it. Three children and two adults = A LOT OF STUFF. Don't get me wrong, we aren't hoarders. It wasn't that bad but it was stressful enough that I worried about people just stopping by. It freaked me out a little.

But then we started working with the fabulous Suzanne of Clutterninja and our lives were transformed. Seriously. Once the clutter and extra stuff started going away (about 90% to Goodwill), everything changed. I am happier. I walk through my house and smile. (If you need to declutter and you live in the Atlanta area, definitely call Suzanne.)

Goodwill Closet Before

When we first started, I immediately felt the need to do everything at once. I mean I would have not slept if I could have just done everything right away but that honestly drove me a little crazy. I had to have more realistic expectations so instead I set goals and I made them achievable.

In fact, Christine Koh, co-author of Minimalist Parenting and author of 5 Ways to Declutter Your Life shared:

“Set reachable goals. A common decluttering trap that leads to overwhelm is setting goals that are too big. Instead of saying you’ll declutter the entire basement, start with a shelf. Or instead of emptying your entire closet onto your bedroom floor (hello, giant mess), start by editing down your pants collection, then shirts, dresses, etc.”

This is very true. Once I set realistic goals WITH my husband, we worked well together and are about at 90% of where we want our house to be. This is after 1 1/2 trucks filled from 1-800 Junk and another full truck going to Goodwill. We were/are serious. We now have a Goodwill bin in our house at all times to make it easy to declutter or get rid of items we no longer need.

I feel good about donating to Goodwill. Donation to places like Goodwill allows you to move items out quickly and easily (versus, say, coordinating a yard sale) plus our donations are helping to create jobs.

We now feel empowered! Just take a look at our closet AFTER:

Goodwill Closet After


This is a great quiz to get you started on your own decluttering journey.

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